Tier 10 Advances Against both YOUJO and -G-

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Source: LemmingRush

Stream Information:

Friday Evenings at 9:00 EST to about 11:00 EST

[ TBA] Stream on 11:00 AM Mountain Time, or 7:00 PM CEST for the Eurofa I mean European viewerbase


Tank Requests
Are 5$, ask before you donate because If im trying to 3 mark a tank or something that requires specific tank play I probably wont play your tank even if you donate.

You definitely don’t need to donate, but if you’d like to you can do so with the link down below 🙂


SuperChat Donators:
Vidar Hook SEK
I_Like_Tuwtles 60$
1110jessee 15 Euro’s
Duncecap64 5$vv


  1. Lemming in yoga pants – im in!

  2. why friendly fire? 16:23 ?

  3. Thanks for the stream Lemming!

  4. Thanks for the stream, that was really good to watch.Enjoyed the banter.

  5. Mohamed Maarouf

    Hey Lemming, you should put MAHOU in the title. I think it help getting more views.

  6. lol nice to see the new keyboard works. me i broke mine already (soda spill go figure) and now have to get it replaced. Cant load my skill now without the spare 😛

  7. The gas joke flew right over me as well lmfao.

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