TIER 10 Chinese Monsters in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Chinese may lack finesse, but they make up it in raw power! Here’s the 121 and 113!


World of is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Another cheating XVM video….top tier….what is special about this??? Grow up QB!!

  2. I think when thers no team damadge the artillery should stil do damage so they dont have a big advantage

  3. 2 nice battle. GG

  4. Rathbone fan account

    My take on Chinese tech tree is that it’s kinda like Russian, but slightly worse… so still pretty solid, right?

    • Some tanks are indeed quite solid, but there’s just those gaps inbetween:
      The Light tanks up to tier 9 are all fun. The tier 10 is just not … good enough. – I kept tier 7-10
      The medium line is a single long gap 😀 I only liked the WZ-120 … and only occasionally.
      The heavy line is ok and you get to the great 5A, but their armor is just not heavy-tank-worth. It works in very particular situations, but try to push and you realize that enemies always find big weak spots to shoot. Currently there’s no need for a 113 in the game.

  5. the 113 even got solar panels on top of the engine… s

  6. #QuickBaby hi, in console world of tanks, e100 TD is still on ?

  7. I have got to transition over to an EU account. Whenever I play a tier X game, 80% of the time the enemy team is full of blue and purple players on the NA server. QB’s opponents are all tomato except the IS7

  8. Arty does not dmg anymore, they just stun friendlies.

  9. In this replay you can see/hear QB being a self-centered douche he is and what he is trying to hide so hardly. You are not famous, you have a lot of dumb people “following” you, that’s it. You probably sent this replay to WG to get that E3 banned because you think you are above everyone and everything and that you deserve a special treatment.

  10. Maybe the E3 was playing Hunt the Sheriff!…………nah, just being a dic!

  11. Buff my 121 pls.
    430u is OP and don’t deserve my attention. The real unicum don’t play Russian tanks 😉 if u know what i mean.
    Buff 113 too pls wg 🙂

  12. Fuck that T110E3 life xD some kid playing on his dads account… Just fuck that dude he must be bullyed at school +Rep QB

  13. 430 u is better than those two combined.

  14. On console there’s never been team damage, but aiming is a lot different so I don’t know if it’s better on PC. When I played on PC on lower tier I got team damaged so often and it was hard sometimes if a tank drove in front of you while aiming. I’d say I prefer the lack of team damage.

  15. Please do an episode on tanks that need buffs!
    – Many German vehicles (I’m looking at you, Tiger II)
    – British lights and some heavies
    – French TD’s
    – Japanese mediums
    – Some American vehicles
    There’s a lot to choose from

  16. yoinoraka aryakrisna

    I’m still waiting for the world of tanks blitz reaction vid

  17. The 121 has never been one of the great tier X tanks, but now its been powercrept to being obsolete.

  18. No, this is what bad mm does. (First battle)

  19. I feel like after around 3-5 shots into an ally you should still turn blue then you can be damaged by your teammates because after that many shots into your team you’re clearly not aiming

  20. The words “Chinese tank” and “monster” don’t go well together. I do like them, but they are worse at everything compared to Soviet fictional Bobjects.

  21. only takes five years to get a tier 10 if your lucky. pointless vid for us noobs

  22. These tanks are filthy!

  23. Yes I agree, the 121 was my 1st X medium and the 113 was my 2nd X heavy.
    Would like to know your preferred load out on equipment and crew skill choices.

  24. Hope that T110E3 get cancer

  25. Well that T110E3’s peace of mind is gone, he’ll be ignoring angry messages for the remainder of his life.

  26. Russian and chinese mediums= easy mode on this game.
    Leopard hard mode. Too much planning and have to be so careful about your surroundings. Paper armor

  27. Too bad the Chinese light is utterly eclipsed by most other lights except the brit at tier 10. The medium is mediocre, at best. The only, current, decent tier 10 Chinkeeze is the 5A.

  28. I thought there should be some game mechanic that people who shoot teammates get blue or can get damaged with no penalty for the others.
    Good would be if they don’t dmg you but pay you the credits they would have when they dealt dmg.

  29. 1st game… really, you had to show us that seal clubbing? That was just sad 🙁
    2nd game, E3 in such situations I tell them “Is that all, try gold” 🙂 so they waste even more credits.

  30. Is it me or is it just not fun watching Quicky Play anymore? It’s like being on the wrong end of a 15-1 game every time.

  31. assholes they are everywhere yup stopped playing team damage no team damage it was making me tilt

  32. Hello there reason why i take the time and it is not to say how great you are on the oposite i have been playing over 10,000 battles and trust me i find myself frustrated when i am kicking some paid player like yourself the f…. ing server drops like a rock …. what a coincidence … the way i see paid players there was no auto aim in the 1940s or 1950s … to me i am getting riped off of some serious wins over your a… ho…es paid players campers … even the playing field … see you on the battlefield

  33. Good news, WG is adding an anonymiser to WoT so people in battle won’t be able to see your real username or stats if you turn it on.

  34. Guess Wargamings new Feature “the Anonymizer” will be very welcomed by QuickyBaby since this feature will allow him to play battles unrecognized.

  35. The T110E3 player needs to be permanently banned. A zero tolerance policy is the only way to stop degenerates like him.

  36. QB do not forget that the object 430U has the miracles of russian bias

  37. Yep, idiots can’t shoot you anymore, but they can block you from moving back into safety or just push you out of your position and you can’t reward this assholes with a “present” into their back… On the other hand i can fire my Leopard (tier 5) and don’t have to worry about a player driving into my autocannon shots and get blue or banned for 30 mins anymore…

  38. Congrats, nice play QB !!!

  39. Did you just call it’s pimped .33 dispersion “ok”…wow not cool, that’s very fucking good quicky (.33 for a 122mm)”. the reload is damn good too, 7.7-7.9 from what I remember. 121 has a different play style then the 430U. I think the 121 is the better in my opinion, but that’s just me lol (a paper maché man)

  40. Branko Dimitrijevic

    so quickybaby is calling skill4ltu out. Skill I wouldn’t tolerate that.

  41. you are joking right >>>???
    you are playing againts all red and yellow players pathetic !

  42. Kinda want to see if that T110E3 player left a comment

  43. 277 and 5A are also competition for the 121, and wayy better than it. About 121 having better firepower than 430U… well, 121 cannot really use the dpm and accuracy advantages since it´s aiming time and gun handling are quite worse.

    This tank has literally no purpose nowadays since is way worse than any of these tanks. There is just no room for it right now, needs some buffs.

  44. Coifi Of the [SALI] clan… what a tonk, has no friends in real life, & if he does; they secretly hate him & use him for laughs & free drinks, they go over his house & his mum makes them sandwiches & she secretly wishes he could be more like them & not such a loser. His mum calls their mums & asks the other boys mums to encourage them to visit her Coifi, because he’s a sad child & needs all the friends he can find, she says she’s happy to pay them to visit him.

  45. Cool QB.

  46. Please show everytime when there are such player like that ally shooting you . I still get very angry when this happen, but you seem so calm about it. Dwell more about this important topic upcoming.

  47. that 1st game in 121, perfect MM, one-sided in favor for QB,

  48. ‘If you dont make mistakes’ You mean if…
    RNG doesnt make your shots miss for no reason.
    RNG doesnt make your shots bounce because you low-rolled on penetration or normalization said ‘sod off’.
    RNG doesnt make the first shot to hit you light your engine on fire and damage your ammo rack.

  49. It would be nice if in game reports were working. Sadly, reporting a player is useless for WG.I sent a replay with someone killing me just for fun, did nothing.

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