Tier 10 Light tank overview!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. pls don’t let us wait so long again until the next video…it’s a pain in the ass to check YouTube everyday and get disappointed by no upload

  2. Thanks for confirming what I already suspected: F tier 10 LTs…

    On another note: ALSO thanks WG for f-ing up the lower tier’d LTs (RU 251, Bulldog, and especially the ELC) – LTs were kinda fun to play… now you’ve taken a lot of the fun out of them.Good job, well done looking out for the player base’s interests.

  3. Can We have salty foch back? if polite foch is because of the shit with wargaming, just so you know, the community would spartan kick WG into the shadow realm if they even looked at you funny…

  4. They need to fix the lights. They made it through sandbox and were actually competitive and the RU common test tomatoes ruined them. Haven’t seen a single one in 25 tier ten games.

  5. I had every Tier 10 in the game until these came out… And Honestly… I don’t want to grind them at all… The nerf of all lights has made them no fun to play anymore

  6. Completely agree! I love playing lights but there is no reason to bother with any of the tier X lights. When I see one as one of my team’s three tier X tanks I groan.

  7. Yay foch , still telling it like it is , keep it up bro .

  8. don’t have one and propobly never bother to do so, they where ok before they nerf them but they could be op if they didn’t, who knows…

  9. martynas samsonas

    well the very reason why tier 10 lights are garbage is because wg decided to listen to all that crying that light can fight a medium on right circumstances 1v1 so they nerfed them so badly that they had to nerf lower tier lights because they where better then tier 10 and still are

  10. Levente Domonkos

    if I already have WZ-132 should I get the WZ-132-1? or even then it doesn’t worth it?

  11. I remember Sir Foch saying on his stream “Lights are in great position now after the nerf”

  12. I Still believe that T9 light are better than old T8 but the T10 are in a bad spot with the MM and the crap gun stats

  13. Wow – I must be pretty good in light tanks as that is exactly my conclusion. Thanks SirFoch!

  14. Heeeeeey!
    Thats a copypaste of the Leopard 1 SOFTSTATS!
    (Completely fucking terrible as always)
    Yeah its stupid to aim at those bitches weakpoints when they can turn the turret and magically snapshot you.

  15. Proves that WG hates Germans: the Leopard 1 and rhm panzerwagen are tanks that are clearly built around their guns… but nope, sadly those tanks are from Germany not Russia, so they must have abysmal gun disperion because balance.

  16. I had great expectations of rhienmetal, but… Im not even in mood to grind any of them anymore. There is one good thing tho, i could use all exp from t49 on bulldog and switch to t57 line while selling t49 and keeping girls from it. And now its probably time for that leopard…


  18. SirFoch is taking his meds nowadays before sitting down to record a video 😀

  19. These are only useful for personal missions

  20. Wait the AMX 13 105 is a smoohbore, full fat T-62 incoming.

  21. Nice vid, Foch. Glad the AMX 105 isn’t dead last at least.

  22. I must say that I quit playing WoT because some game mechanics are too stupid.
    1. Aim time… makes no sense for me. It exist only for WG to make more money
    2. Hitpoints… Serious…?
    3. SPG RNG and direct fire hitting nothing 20 meters away… lol
    4. Tanks vanishing after spotting them bc they stopped moving (and using a camouflage net…)

    and so on….

  23. Imo, there is only 1failure in LTs. It is obviously view range. I don’t think LTs should kick asses like MTs do, but provide spotting. But when LT has worse basic view range than a medium tank on the same tier…
    The problem is more complex. I see 3 factors making LTs pieces of shit now. First is the new MM. It doesn’t take into account amount of LTs in battles, which results battles flooded with LTs dying in vain in local carnages. Those which survive don’t have anoyone for whom to spot, since almost half of team consisting of light tanks died or pushed the lines far away.
    The second one is global rebalance of SPG resulting destroying them as a class. Previously, huge spotting damage was dealt by artillery pieces shooting tanks on camp sites, behing obstacles or driving in the open. Now, spotting for arty is fuckin’ useless, because once mighty T92 can hit target directly and do less than 300dmg.
    I will not start my rant about how retarded the stun mechanics is, so I will go to the 3rd reason why LTs suck. Maps. They are basically corridors with plenty of obstacles in the most retarded places and huge parts being inaccessible. The most famous example was this huge mountain on Hidden Village. We have such dumb areas on Mountain Pass, Sacred Valley, Hills etc. Once there was a map called Northwest with lots of ways to push, some sniping positions, ramps for hulldown tanks, slow and fast ones. You could have gone almost everywhere without exploiting physics or game design errors. Even such basic element as access to cap zones had several ways to reach it to reset or capture. But retards, who just push ‘w’ key on the keyboard, weren’t able to use brain and manouver, cried how unbalanced and difficult this map was. Port, Komarin after rework, Pearl River, Dragon’s Ridge (with only one flaw – too deep hole where all the HTs were fighting mostly) provided many oportunities for both the attack and defence. And this was too much for retards, who also cried how accurate and powerful arty is. Damn, I hate these imbeciles.

  24. I just played the team’s front liner scout on Fiery Salient in WHAT I THOUGHT was my WZ 132-A.
    After battle it turns out I was sitting in my T-62A (and I wondered why it is so sluggish) – 6k damage 3k spotting … rarely got spotted, because a medium behind a bush has better camo than a light tank behind a bush – and it has on par view range.
    So if you want a good T10 scout get a T10 med.

  25. btw in wot blitz the aim time is. shown with the real numbers for example my RU has an aming​ time of 3.2 sec.

  26. new foch is impressive

  27. Yeah not much point in grinding anything in WOT, its all jus designed to siphon money from the few willing to pay.  Nothing like getting a tier 10 tank that turns out to be a POS, or you just get it and they Nerf it.

  28. Got 105, T100 LT, Sheridan and WZ 132-1, enjoy WZ 132-1 the most, fun little tank! And T100 second.
    Agree with your list

  29. the sheridan pisses me off – its a fucking battle tested tank used in real life how the fuck can you make it such a shit vehicle? like wtf like yeah its supposed to use the fucking 152 but its garbage bc reasons and the experimental 105 is basically a modified m48 gun so how the fuck is it such garbage???

  30. it’s hard to tell what WG is thinking sometimes. they can’t even be considered a WW2 era tank game anymore because most of the tanks featured are post WW2. the premium tanks to buy are now way better than equal tier and type when fully​ upgraded. the economy is completely broken and you WILL lose credits unless you have a very good game and/or buy premium time in anything higher than tier 6. the Russian number generator is completely broken and seems far from random at times especially when fighting against Russian tanks. The false advertising of tanks premium or not is completely unethical and having to use 3rd party to get actual stats for tanks is a complete shit show and also proves WG is attempting to hide actual values of tank characteristics (again false advertising). most players that are left sling premium ammo and since they made premium ammo able to pen pretty much any tank at any angle and any armor value getting a massive heavy armor slow tank is a moot point now because everything will pen you (premium ammo doing at least 50% more penetration and often more damage).
    it’s hard to see what war gaming is thinking at times. it’s like they are actively attempting to kill there own product.
    it becomes clear once you realize that they are only interested in separating you from you cash hence all there apparent decision making is based on pure short term profits and no long term planning.
    good review sirfoch
    I am curious have you ever tried warthunder tanks?
    that game is growing fast and is an actual tank game and not a pay to win either.

  31. Wargaming has zero clue, they focus on short term profits and don’t seem to give a f*** how bad they screw themselves over long term.

  32. I am close to Chinese tier 10 cause of the Discount and Mission only, The German costs an arm and a leg for what? Just like the leopard move the turret the tiniest bit, an u is ferkin ferk’t

  33. FWIW, the key to the P-Wagon is learning to love the high penetration HE ammo and abusing the gun depression. 440 alpha against LTs and the flanks of MTs is the bomb, and hull down this tank exposes almost nothing to return fire.

  34. West Coast Warriors Archive

    Cool wargaming took my favorite tank class and nerfed them all into the ground.

  35. lets see..
    Fill the Aim circle with 90%…STILL not aimed, FIRE and MISS???
    AIM and still need 1 sec to get a Good chance of hit??
    MOVE TURRET, even if its the same range and line, and have to RE-AIM???(sorry arty)
    SUPPOSED TO BE…Small and light…AND you are as large as a medium??
    REVERSE and DIE?? because someone figured you go FORWARD MORE then reverse??
    AUTO LOADER that you cant LOAD while shooting??

    What would you think, IF you were in an area ABOUT 1/2 mile big..(1.6 km is 1 mile) And you could Fix the range and line you were shooting at, and couldnt shoot and HIT something over 50% of the time?? At least 30%..

  36. I liked the grind, because playing the tier 9 is fun. Did the french, chinese and russian already. Grind but don’t buy the tier 10 lights …

  37. thanks Foch, I do enjoy the mobility of lights and what you can do with their speed, but the cost of higher tier lights just seems way too high so will not bother with them until they fix that.

  38. Try War Thunder!

  39. WG likes to lie and fuck people over. Softstats, RNG and rigged matchmaking are their key selling points.

  40. But it’s fine. After all you play light tanks to be an underdog, obviously everyone loves that.

  41. Personally i dont think they would need to change much to make them work and not be shit. Sheridan has its nice play style that it can take from the t49 and up it 1 tier with some little tweaks to make it better. The french thing could get a usable 90mm with 6 shots and a 30 second reload (old 13-90 but faster) considering its 4 shot little sister has 20 seconds on the reload anyway (5 sec reload/shot), the german again 90mm i dont know why WG thought it was a good idea to give “light tanks” the same caliber of guns as medium tanks. Smaller vehicle smaller gun unless its intentionally going to be that way (T49, 54 light). Most of these problems stem from the fact they think they need to have the same caliber of guns as mediums to be competitive when they dont, just make the guns usable. For making them “scouts” its going to be more on map design and getting rid of corridors, cause unless there is an open field between the corridors (live oaks, Highway, Malinovka, Prohorovka/Salient) it just wont work out anyway.

  42. He’s back to reviewing tanks for Wargaming…wow they made up quick

  43. I have 10k battles. 1600 overall wn8, 2.7k recent, 51% winrate. Within my first 4 battles with the T100 LT I got 2 top gun medals (6 kills on my first game and 3k damage) a Radley Walters (8 kills on my fourth battle and 5.4k damage) and 3 high caliber medals. The small size and absolute monstrous mobility of it makes the tank a beast for me, to the point I don’t mind the shitty gun. Currently at around 60 battles with it and 65% winrate. Love it.

  44. Hans_von_Twitchy

    The good news is that WG screwed the pooch so badly with LTs that surely some buffs must be coming in a few months.

  45. Holy shit look at that Blum on the German tank…omg

    I decided that I’m just gonna give up lights for the time being. Other than the French tier 8 because I need to grind the two tier 9 mediums and also the T-54 LTW is a menace when it’s top tier but the others….I can’t see any point until some fixes come thru

  46. Hamid Richárd Allili

    Where are you ph3lan? You need to censure this (also)! #sarcasm

  47. 327th, streaming Sundays 3-5 PM EST, see you on the battlefield!

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