Tier 10 with 3.34 Second Reload 🔥 | World of Tanks Fastest Reload Tier 10 Tank

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World of Tanks Fastest Reloading Tank K-91, STB-1 and 103B Gameplay. World of Tanks with +-75% Alpha Damage RNG and Buffed Reload with Engine Power. World of Tanks Arcade Cabinet Game Mode with Crazy Tank Buffs.

Official Arcade Cabinet article: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/arcade_cabinet/

Last time I featured Foch 155 with +-75% RNG, but this time let's focus more on the reload speed , which is boosted by 25%, so now some tanks are simply MAD with DPM and reload speed.

Let's test this madness out!

What do you think?


  1. CseszyDani [BHBP]

    That T57 has to buy a new keyboard for sure

  2. I’m Here !

  3. The Sanity Assassin

    Shout Out to the Twitch Beasts

  4. WC time and Dez uploaded video, nice timing xD

  5. i’m the 4th

  6. Dez flexing with being first lol classic

  7. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    You should play with autoloaders too, like 50B and T57

  8. Bruh your rng is god like with stb

  9. Wattanachai Krasaesom

    The next video is double barrel tank pls

  10. The k-91 could potentially have 13230 dpm inside the arcade gamemode. 3,34 second reload is 18 rate of fire. A max roll is 735 with HE shells. 18 x 735 = 13230 damage per minute, if every shot fired would be a max high roll

    Edit: it would be 14433,93 damage if the adrenaline rush perk is activated, which shortens the reload time by 9,1%

  11. Alexander Schmidt

    badger? could be epic dmg wise

  12. Epic clutch with stb

  13. K91 was one of the 1st tanks I tried and all that happened was I missed all my shots much quicker than normal lol

  14. This mode just means my skorpion will potato even more

  15. Tort with about 1.5 sec reload should of been epic

  16. marquitoescort2011

    This arcade cabinet interaction sucked. I preferred the first one with laser accuracy

  17. after this we totally need a badger sesion

  18. Check FV215-183
    I one-shooted 4x Tier X yesterday xD

    Auto-loaders are insane too, specially Progettos
    Are like old waffletrager but with better mobility

  19. 140 get 4.06 sec relod

  20. Deiras Jankauskas

    Do foch b

  21. Play the AT15 and Caernarvon!

  22. Does fall damage go by the 75% rng rules? That damage he took seemed excessive.

    • Nope since fall damage isn’t random.
      The damage was completely legitimate because he landed on the side of the tank where the track can’t absorb the impact that well.

  23. Motionless Productions

    The k91 is heaven with this game mode.

    First game in the random queue I did with the k91 after grinding the arcade missions I did 8.1k dmg.

    That tank is H E A V E N for me

  24. Alfa the Polish Gopnik

    I recommend play with Kpz 07 rh on this mode his reload is awesome

  25. Should also try the Kpz 07rh, with the HE shells and nearly 2 seconds reload its pretty crazy

  26. Badger?

  27. Dez can you upload vids in 4K? The 1080p res can’t keep up anymore. Thanks.

  28. great battle and video!

  29. Du f t57 fired HE

  30. Prefer obj 907 would achieve same

  31. Roland Yancy Dorol

    Dez is on the edge of his ass on that stb-1

  32. He sounds like vorobey

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