Tier 10 with a Tier 5 DPM, Is it Still TRASH? ⛔ | World of Tanks Rinoceronte

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World of Tanks Rinoceronte, Tier X Italian Autoreloading Heavy Tank Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks Italian Heavy Tanks, Italian Heavy Tank Tech Tree. Is it the Worst Heavy Tank in World of Tanks?

Today I am going to play with a Italian autoreloading heavy tank Rinoceronte, which has a DPM of a tier 5 tank in a tier 10 matchmaking… But what is good about it? Is it still TRASH? Let’s play couple battles and let’s find out!

What do you think?


  1. Well would you look at what kind of tank ends up on our channel today… What do you think about that, still trash? Never been Trash? Love it?
    Let me know and as always, stay classy!

  2. Everyone says its useless and trash but i gotta say i fckin love that tank

  3. Please play with udes 03

  4. I have the Prog 54 and Prog 66. Like them a lot. Not tempted in the slightest by the Rhino

  5. I love this tank… then I shoot my clip and then I hate it.

  6. Fucking cheatr game nothing more fucking hate this shitshow

  7. No red arrow again..

  8. The Rhino is easily my least popular tank in the game. I despise the sodding thing.

  9. I miss my rino lol bought it on day 1 when it was released with free xp I saved up then sold it for the black market event. Gonna have to buy it back soon lol

  10. Jose made a great shot & yep he had ages to get zeroed in to do it whilst you sat there.

  11. I haven’t started down the italian line at all, and I’m very close the the vz55 so I feel no need to get the rhino but you made it look really fun to play in this gameplay.


  12. It’s beyond trash

  13. I got the prog 66 And I love that tank will not buy the rino till they buff it!

  14. Well at least Progetto 66 tier 9 is quite solid tank tier for tier.But i expect Wg i going to buff rinos dpm in the future,maybe adding 2 extra seconds to all 3 shells reload would make it much better.I am not going to grind this thing if its not going to get buff

  15. Rinoceronte has worse gun dispersion soft stats than a KV-2 !!!!!!!! This is utterly unacceptable!!!!

  16. I do better in this than the Vz55 lmao, this tank is pretty relaxing to play. a slight buff would go miles

  17. The aftermath of Progghetto disaster keeps Italian tanks below decent.

  18. I love it but i feel it’s a power house in certain times though I understand why people hate it though couldn’t blame them if they choose something still getting is7 and couple British teir 10 by Friday

  19. To answer the title and save you 19 minutes, Yes it’s trash.

  20. Just got the new 3d style for rino from the lootboxes so now im grinding for it, im at tier 7 so far and boy does that tank make me want to dump all my free xp into it

  21. This video was way too good for this tank

  22. I want this tank i Know its not good tank but its sexy ❤️🤣✌️👑

  23. That is why this tank has such a poor dpm, to not make it OP. Even dropping down to the last shell and continue firing that way gets you a 5k+ damage battle. Also the unique bonus reload mechanic saves alot of time as well when you shoot in the middle of the clip. This is my second highest DPG tank in the game (topped by vz55, which is just simply OP). I never expected much from this tank (as I didn’t really like the t9 and struggled with it a lot), but this one got me by suprise and I fell in love with Rino.

    • {PrinsOfM} Don’t be daft: the so-called unique reload mechanic’s a gimmick. Each bar only reduces a sixth of your reload. And in the current state of the game, only the 50% reduction’s useful. However, you’re only 2 seconds away from a single shell reload when your 3 bars are filled. So, it’s just a scam aimed at pleasing the illiterate masses.

    • @A. Melanoleuca Does this gimmick lower your shell reload if you have to shoot during a reload? Yes. So what exectly is your problem here? Or is this just another complain of one of those people that are never pleased?

    • {PrinsOfM} In practice, the mechanic is not useful. Even if you think otherwise, your memory is probably exaggerated. If it were really that good, we should be seeing more people play it. But we do not.

  24. All of the italien heavys need buff for gun and the protection

  25. Buts its the same than Char-Futur, i mean, 38s clip reload, 4s interclip, so i could say char futur is worst, the battle is finishing and im loading still my 3rd clip..
    There map so small that you can literally go from your base to enemy base and still having 10s left to reload the first magazine…..

  26. I don’t know why, but I’m in love with Rino. I’m on 90% of the moE with it, and i’m planning to get it up to 95. Altho I’m using completely different loadout. On the first place I have vents, turbo and stabs, on the second, I have improoved hardening, vents, and stabs

  27. Fucking good tank if it between good hands, as all tanks 😂 in my hands it’s 3k minimum on each games, so not unicum but good plays 🤗

  28. Aleksa Milosavljević


  29. It’s okay, I mean the extra shells clip is a nice touch to the tank but the armor less reliable, DPM is kinda a problem but with the right plays you can definitely make an impact inside the game.

    Server: NA
    Username: COOL_GUY_destroyer

  30. I tried this with full HE to complete HT-4 for the obj 260 but i was thoroughly disappointed, even when i did 5k damage with full HE i only damaged 2 modules out of the 6 needed.

    Im just going to assume i need to get the deadeye perk but it’s still sad that after penning multiple 640 HE shells only 2 internal modules were destroyed. The other matches were absolutely terrible since 127mm of HE pen is useless 80% of the time.

  31. Seems for balanced tank. Not shit, not OP.

  32. Actually dez my T1 heavy has more dpm lmao

  33. I agree with your analysis of the Rinoceronte.
    Thank you for the insight and advice.

  34. Personally, I’d say the Rinoceronte should definitely get a DPM buff. For the most part it’s just a bad version of the Kranvagn. The Kran has a whopping 1,061 more DPM. It can reload its entire 3-round magazine in 21.5 seconds, while just the first round of the Rino takes 20 seconds. Granted, the Kran is a beast (second highest DPM of all Tier 10 heavies, plus an impenetrable turret when hulldown), but the Rino being the absolute worst DPM of all Tier 10 heavies is silly.

    Another thing I’d like to get rid of is that utterly stupid weakspot on top of the barrel. Rangefingers should not be weakspots. It’s like how the “ears” on the T29 used to be part of the hitbox years ago. Instead, I’d give the Rino frontal weakspots that you can actually cover up with skilled play, by adding cupolas to the commander and gunner hatches.

    Username: Babelfisher
    Server: NA

  35. you have nice team 3 times.. imagine, if you have fail team(end game less than 3mins) with this tank what can you do something with 1900 DPM.

  36. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I had a guy accuse me of aim botting because i was penetrating his Rhino tanks cheecks everytime lol. He was hull down like 40 meters away so it was close and i loaded gold to remove him quickly. He couldn’t believe i could pen his turret

  37. considering the new caliban in the game i think rino is not reloading that long anymore xD

  38. This tank would be great of battles actually lasted the full duration.

    In a steam roll/carry situation you just don’t have the dpm.

    Shame because this tank looks soo cool 😎

  39. The Rhino is honestly not a great tank, you’re a good player, so you show a better representation, but… I versed one who fired its last round, and I could reload my Kran before he would get 1 round.

    Server: NA
    Username: thederp_iron

  40. I’m currently grinding torwards that tank, but I plan on keeping the Tier 9 one as well. Seems like fun.

  41. You make good contant, Dez. But it’s so sad to hear all CC’s downtalk this tank – “DPM is so bad” etc. Still you pull off a 6k damage game. Obviously it’s not the best tier 10 out there – I’m not argueing there. But it’s still a very fun tank to play. The only thing this trash talk will achieve is to dissuade new players to play this otherwise fun techtree. Only super fluffy unicums care this much about DPM. Us avarge joes will most likley enjoy this tank alot.

  42. Rhino has never been a trash. Compared to mentioned T57 — if T57 can take only one or two shots before forced to drive back behind cover an to reload, then the dpm would be … not so good. While half of the players do less than 1500 HP dmg in battle, Rhino would do better than average by unloading just one clip. At the end its all up to RNG — if you keep hitting, every tank is good. If RNG keeps saying NO … bad luck 🙂

  43. Can be nice compare 8 tier Rhino to new Boringwagen what tank is worst:)

  44. Wargaming Destroyer

    Heavy skoda has worse dpm..

  45. You can’t carry a game with this bad DPM. If your team is rubbish you have no chance.

  46. 25 box (mig35red) eu

  47. No it’s NOT situational ! it’s simply a BAD tank NOT competitive at all.
    But why to be surprised. It’s NOT russian!

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