Tier 5s in WoT are basically cheating

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  1. Goes north in medium tank on this map… fail. God dam, south wins this map 99% of the time. Fk Lr for even suggesting people go city on this map in a medium… Also, terrible replay. Enemy team was a bunch of morons. No real skill needed or displayed… For the love of god, please run xvm on your replays so we can see the team skill composition. Near as we can tell the enemy team was entirely red. Not really a challenge…

  2. 59-16 is beautiful

  3. The higher your WN8 is the more snapshots and crits you will get, this is common knowledge XD

  4. Lemming I love the China heavy line. All tanks from the Type 58 to the 5a are worth keeping around. I constantly play them and have 2 marked the 58 and Is2

  5. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Try shooting without fully aimed like you did with a German vehicle and you will lose the shots by miles.

  6. I’m a mediocre player, but a week or two ago I spent a whole night just fucking around in some of my favorite 4s, 5s and 6s. I finished the night with a 70% WR and 3200 WN8. So yeah. Basically cheating.

    • Cheating? Wn8 no-one cares stats no-one cares. You don’t cheat you play the game with t5 t6. You do what you want with the tiers you want to play with. Goal is not to grind t10 and only play them. Goal is to have fun. Got 800 games with pz38t one of my favorite tank in the game and it existed.. So really not cheating! Have fun leave stats to unicums and Stat paddlers play what make you enjoy the game.

  7. hey guys, hey guys

  8. More low tiers gamepla,..so much fun watching. Not playing tho 🙂

  9. The AMX 40 is even more fun to play…


  11. Reported cheating

  12. Please Lemming, upload your stream of type 58 because i just can’t get the hang of that tank.

  13. For the first time I see your face and I can say that you do not look like I thought 😀 That lough don’t suits you at all xD

  14. I’ve been playing chinese tank destroyers as my first tank tree, and i honestly think it was a mistake.

  15. Hey ! Let me answer you. But as I don’t know how much knowledge of the game mechanics you have, it’s gonna be long !
    1- The mods. Of course he isn’t using any mods to make him more accurate, even more since that doesn’t exist. Aimbot center your reticle on weakspots of enemies and/or give lead. But they cannot directly improve accuracy. Why ? Because each time you fire, where the shell goes is decided by the server, not your computer. So no cheating possible. But an aimbot can indirectly help by setting the reticle on the best position to optimize your chances of hitting the target, even more since there is a bit higher chance of your shell going in the center of your vehicle (not true for all classes/gun I think). But of course not the case here, people would see an aimbot on Youtube, and he doesn’t need that.
    2- The mechanics of RNG. From the garage you have some gun statistics : dispersion, aim time. But there are more, hidden, and which play an important role. You can see them on third-party websites like tanks(dot)gg. These are the gun dispersion values, which provide the gun handling feeling. 3 types : while driving, while turning the turret, and after firing. The higher the number, the bigger your reticle go after doing that action (over time up to a maximum for driving and turning the turret). It is those number that make some tank amazing at shooting on the move while some will pretty much never hit, regardless of aim time.
    3- Mitigating the previous point. You can make your gun handling better. Firstly, through crew/equipment : being 100% improves all stats, including those gun dispersion stats. The vertical stabilizer equipment improves by 20% the gun dispersion values I mentionned before, and on most tanks it is preferable to use this one instead of the gun laying drive which improves aim time by 10%. You aim slower, but your reticle doesn’t bloom as much when you drive, turn the turret or shoot, so 90% of the time. For the crew, the skill smooth ride improve your gun dispersion on the move, while snap shot improve your gun dispersion during turret rotation. Some tanks can use both though, so equipment must be decided upon case to case basis. Food consumable and Brother in Arms perk do improve your crew percentage over 100%, furhtering what is mentionned before, but also improve the effect of crew perks/skills, mainly the two I just mentionned.
    4- Strategies : Combine the previous skills/equipment. A fully equiped tank with good crew feels completly different than unequipped tank with 75% crew. The difference is like night and day, without exagerating. So keep your crew from tank to tank. I transfer a crew only if it has reached the point where it started its first skill, then it is woth transferring it to the next tank, and retraining it to 90% for 20 000 credits.
    But there are some more advanced strategies :
    First, don’t hesitate to take snap shots : RNG might be with you, this happened to Lemming here (and he got quite lucky often). But be careful, shells have a cost, and shooting dramatically lowers your camouflage (by 80% I think), so doing it is situation dependant.
    Secondly, when you poke, it can be worth going slowly, by pressing R only once, or with small press on the W key. By moving slowly the gun dispersion on the move debuff doesn’t full apply, so your reticle doesn’t go as big.
    Thirdly, lock your turret with right mouse click or pre-turn it on the correct dispersion to mitigate the effect on the gun dispersion while turning the turret debuff, for the same reason as the previous point. For example the T49 has horrendous bloom when turning the turret with the big gun, so it is really worth turning it as little as possible.
    Lastly, learn your tank characteristics, so that you can develop the best gameplay for it (see my T49 example).

    So if you combine all my advices, and can afford the equipment and snap shooting costs, you can truly get better results.

    I hope I wan’t to confused in my explanations, and that this will help you !

  16. Every single tank in the Chinese line was good

  17. +Fyreworld Thanks so much for the detailed reply!
    I run a vanilla setup re mods, thus avoiding the whole aimbot/legality of mods argument. I really appreciate you explaining the nuances of how the different equipment setups and crew skills work.
    I guess it still falls back to playing lots of games and grinding the crews up to a usable skill level. I have done as you suggested re moving my crews up, but I’m one of those dreaded ‘collectors’ and really struggle to let a lot of my tanks go once I’ve unlocked the next one. I guess this is where I get ‘penalised’ by having a lower skilled crew at the new level.
    I also need to start taking those snap shots and hoping RNG will be my friend…. it never is haha! Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with a very old noob…. this is why I continue to play the game. There are a lot more positive players in the game than the trolling and negative comments in YouTube etc would have us believe. GLHF!

  18. franz luigi espartero

    I will make it legal!

  19. Nice vid, thanks for sharing your ideas. I really liked the Type 34, but despised the Type 58. I am glad that I have the IS2 now. I would really appreciate your opinion on the Type 58 and some gameplay. Maybe it was me who didnt know how to handle the tank or maybe it is some more general problem. I had the impression that the gun was one of the worst ones on tier 6, additionally the Type 58 is not very mobile nor does it have extraordinary armor.
    So, please make a video. Thank you!

  20. Really enjoy your videos, thank you.

  21. I think the two 430 tanks are pretty good in the right hands. I’ve seen them do some serious damage in battles. The 430u in particular.

  22. +Richard Dyson Pleasure’s mine, mate ! It’s always the most grumpy ones that you hear the most, even if I sometimes I get grumpy as well (rarely though :P). But a long time ago, some guy helped me to really understand the game and progress, so I’m glad to return the favor ! GL HF

  23. Why is it that the titles have almost no relevance to the video’s contents? Love your channel anyway, lol

  24. WarGaming Devs while watching this video “BLASPHEMY!! Russian medium tenks are stronkest tenks ever. Uri pull out plans for 5 more objects for Tier 6 premium mediums! Increase hull and turret armor to be 50mm thicker than Defender! 100m gun with 500 pen! Pass vodka comrade!”
    _Thanks so much_ lemming no really

  25. U should of had +500 or so dmg in the first game as a Unicum u dont know that u can still shot thanks which were drowned ? u had the time to shoot the T50-2 for at least +500 dmg

  26. Warcrimes incarnate

    There’s like 100 comments so you won’t see this, but the M5 stuart’s top gun has like 58 AP pen and 78 APCR pen. One month I decided to get the best DPG in it and it was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced.

    The Chinese stuart is great though, it has a gun kinda like the T-34 but with bad pen.

  27. Please do a comment about how you detect enemy is looking towards you or not even though third person cannot camera see that tanks position. How do you know how their turrets aim?

    • Steve Mc. Gregory

      See if your friendlies around you are moving forward. If they do, enemy is watching you, if not, you can risk to poke.

  28. Hey lem- Hey lemmingrush, good video. Thanks for putting out good consistent content. I always make sure to watch your content.

  29. Tbh ur voice matches the face perfectly

  30. James The Archaic One

    Russian tanks, especially mediums are really bad right now. :

  31. I don’t really see the point of clickbait title… I think playing Type 5 heavy or arty is way more dirty than this, and even that isn’t cheating, just dirty. And at least type 5 heavy can stand couple of shots and low tiers can’t so yeah…

  32. I would only think the Matilda or the KV-1 could have howitzers mounted out of that enemy line up in the opening game.

  33. Derp guns are popular -in the low tiers.-

  34. What’s up with that ping? Third world country?

  35. You didn’t go for tracking shots?

  36. It’s rare to see a 140 or 62A these days, but 430U is still a top pick for the game.

  37. Fatboy Dan Tractor Man

    At first, I thought of you as informative in other videos. Well, a few of them. Now I’m convinced you are a crybaby quasi-unicum wanna be.

  38. Im grinding too but with a tier six stock light…

  39. Most of the time you dont get hit by arty in tier 5

  40. You didn’t have the Chinese tech tree!?

  41. i hate your face -_-

  42. Richard McConnachie

    Hey Lemming nice to finally SEE you hahaha are you gonna take theParis Job?

  43. shishx the animal

    Hey guys, Hey guys!

  44. Doesn’t platoon with T1 and KV85 at the end of game… You dont know how to play low tiers…

  45. ” A Tier ten player” Eight years in even muppets have tier tens now. Just having them and playing with them is not proof that a player is any good. Ipso facto playing tier 5 can hardly be considered cheating.

  46. Bartolomew Chevalier

    Lemming: Russian mediums are really bad.
    Obj. 430U: Am I a joke to you?

  47. remove tier 5 of the game !!!

  48. Looking forward to your videos on Type 58, T-34-1 and T-34-2. They all seem awful to me, especially Type 58.

  49. Barely legal…

  50. That is a fun little tank. Some terrible tanks come after it.

  51. Martin Bjerg Nielsen

    slow down, you talk so fast its stresses me, you do have many good points, but non english misses half course your speed talking

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