Tier 8.5 Tank Tier 11 Result… World of Tanks!

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Today Pletschi01 is going show you why in there’s already a Tier 8.5 tank and they’re going have a Tier 11 result!



  1. Skipped most of the video. I do not want to see a player that buys his wins. Shame.

  2. watercannons collaboration

    The bourrasque’s autoloader basically means it’s a double barrel tank that can only shoot doubles

  3. Oh no he ran out of gold in his OP tank, he should take more, he could have 6 more…
    I’m sarcastic but his vision and decision making are great + teamwork with the K-91 but I can’t stand anymore this “balanced” tank…

  4. Each time i see the license plate of the Bourrasque, it makes me laugh : 1998 ZZ 10……1998 for the first FIFA world cup won by France, ZZ for Zinedine Zidane (who scored two goals in the final) and 10, his number on the France shirt….they have a sense of humor in WG….

  5. Jakub Stolarski

    Great player but I fckin hate this bullshit of a tank so much I can’t enjoy it fully

  6. That was a really enjoyable watch. Well played and a good display of a good situational awareness. Only issue with that replay is the chat, once again. I stopped playing the game because of the toxicity, so it is reassuring to see people being toxic even if they are being carried this hard.

  7. louis winterhoff

    RNG at its finest… or worst, depending on your point of view.

  8. MajesticRaithier

    this thing needs a serious rework. Blatantly over powered.

  9. Wow… Broken OP premium with bond equipment and firing gold ammo…

    Is this supposed to be impressive because it’s just enforcing how stupidly broken that tank is.

  10. Christian Alboroto

    But the title says something about tier 8.5 and 11

  11. full bond equipment and a directive yet a small repair kit and small medkit, sure thing

  12. This tank is cancer for the game. LT mobility, camo and view range, TD firepower. Trying to grind tech tree LTs or MTs with this infesting the matchmaker has really ruined tier 8, more so than any other premium imo.

  13. I love to see epic games where you are low tier. The majority is when you have total dominance by tier… not saying that is easy nonetheless

  14. I always like the replays you show us, but this one really isn’t for me. The bourrasque uses full gold, regardless of the enemy, in the end just decides to yolo. The enemies played it almost perfectly, got unlucky with one or two shots, and this dude just bombs around the corner, instead of maybe trying to flank around or anything. I do believe that most of his plays were really well thought through and nicely done, but in no way a good example for how to play World of Tanks. You may see this differently but I really didn’t enjoy this one

  15. Why is this idiot yanking his crosshair up on firing like the gun would have recoil? F*cking annoying… Otherwise, pay to win show off… Gold spam in an OP tank, nothing to see here… Also, saved by a low roll. That’s not skill. That’s blind luck. Sorry, but that is all works out a downvote for me…

  16. An art of WarGaming creats an over powerful tank to slaughter other players, makes the game become harder for new players to join. How come WG deleted the Waffenträger auf E100 because it’s too powerful but creates more monsters in the game!?

  17. Why on earth does he activates recoil. It’s so freaking annoying.

  18. Gytis Pranskunas

    I think Tiers no longer exist in this state of the game. Its all about having good mobility and good gun. Armor dont exist because of gold anyway.

    • Strangely true a lot of the time. Only time it is not is when you are in a tank in a situation where you have to trade with a higher tier higher alpha damage opponent. Then the tier 8 magic runs dry.

  19. I love balancing Bourasques and EBRs in my Conehead.

  20. I know it may be stupid, but seeing players preload gold on an (almost) full gold loadout just makes me not want to watch the replay / video. Congratz to the dude in the video but I just can’t ever root for you.

  21. Bour is a tier 9 light tank

  22. Stephen Johnson

    Yeah that Concept was calling others idiot as well. I actually didn’t know that the Bor had bad bloom on the move, they seem to be able to pop two shells into me while zooming past at full speed on a regular basis.

  23. I’m pretty new to world of tanks what is the best credit making tank that is available

  24. mario97 krištić

    Every time i see some replays of unicums i wonder how cann they have so good rng and bad enemys i just do not understand…

  25. I don’t think he’s that good of a player, actually. He keeps snatching his mouse and missing shots or he’d be better.

  26. Good players just have good luck, thats a fact

  27. Bond optics instead of bounty improved aiming… MY EYES… IT HURTS

    • Both bond optics and bounty IAU can be superior to the other. Changing between them depending on map and matchmaking is the optimal imo.

  28. T28 prot side hull armor is paper armor. Comparable to panther 1 or 2. If you got a good high explosives penetration, just send it.

  29. i think you should of given us like a fun fact about this tank haha, you know its has better dispersion when the gun is damaged haha

  30. if the tank in the corner wasn’t there the game would of been a lost.

  31. I WISH I could play my bourrasque like this. I can NEVER think about moving back and forth between fronts. It never works for me.

    • Knowing when to relocate is one of the hardest parts of the game. But you can predict when one of your flanks will be lost and you should learn some defensive positions and support team mates as long as possible (if possible) instead of instantly rushing map corner just to die last. Still, I’m a light tank player and I have like 1700dpg and 1000spot average in bourrasque which is enough for like 72% moe in that tank. When it was new, it was hard to get first mark of excellence.
      I have more problems playing slow tanks like heavies and watch my close surroundings 🙁 it’s harder than minimap for me.
      Only way how to learn it is to play 10-20 games a day for several months, until it becomes intuition.

  32. 1:05 “to really make some credits, thats exactly what pletschi will do here” – *Starts leading gold”

  33. Ready for daily dose of skeeeeeeel.

  34. social3ngin33rin

    pay2win with every advantage

  35. I love how he plays so meticulously…great game

  36. Lovely synergy with K91

  37. The T28 should have killed him in that ram in reverse because the Bourrasque had no life left in it. RNG favoured the Bourrasque because it was “paying customer” while the T28 was a grind tech tree player. Very biased RNG.

  38. Why not shoot tracks there at the end against the T28p though? Also why not veer more to the right in that situation? Could have probably avoided at least one of the T28p shots, maybe even both.
    But maybe just a bit stressed I guess.

  39. Jullian J. Weskier

    Clickbait. Didnt mention a thing about tier 8.5 or tier 11

  40. 8:00 lmaoo

  41. Loading gold after realizing you need some more powerful stuff when encountering a heavily armored vehicle, sure.
    Predominantly loading gold and then switching to it first thing after you loaded up? Not interested.
    Also decent carry but wouldn’t have ever happened without allies being in useful positions (getting bumrushed by the Somua prevented by teammate, tactical position on hill only useful because of the K-91 etc)

    Idk just feels like you lose all sense of what a carry actually is when a powercreeped tier 8 fully loaded with premium shit does well. Of course it does well, only a donkey can’t capitalize on such a situation.

    PS shall we mention what would’ve happened if the T28 didn’t fluff his shot on the initial approach?

  42. Thats a lot of gold

  43. Uk guy playing a belarusian game….

  44. 3 tanks did nearly 19k damage between them in a tier 10 game and none of them were tier 10s.

  45. Tokyo Craftsman

    OP tank with ALL the play to win advantages…
    Us cannon fodder players who don’t spend money on the game anymore have to come up against these guys, that’s why I will never spend another penny on this game.
    Just the same, well played, sucks the T28 got screwed by RNG he did everything correct, but when you are up against that totally OP tank maxed out with the credit card it’s a now win situation.

  46. RNG in your face enemy team!

  47. Ofc is a full gold spam

  48. @QB
    Why vert stab is better than improved aiming? With IA even without aiming the aiming circle will be smaller, and at the end of the aiming more -8-10% smaller. I think that is better to use that.
    winner setup could be: Vents + IA + VertStab

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