TIER 9 IN FRONTLINE! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is bringing back Frontline in 2021 with HUGE CHANGES including TIER 9 TANKS! Here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. There’s gonna be a lot of T95s in some annoying map points 0.0

  2. A “FREE” to play game Bah ha ha “Free to play” players are the poodles to the pack of pitbulls premium players at a dog fight. Rock on Tankers.

  3. It’s all our fault for having too much fun without spamming gold like there’s no tomorrow.

  4. quickybaby sus face thumbnail?!!!??

  5. Honestly, while mines are a good addition and smoke screen kind of needed upgrade, the new solution really doesn’t help with already fleeing realism of wot. Enemy mines would be cool with only those red flags on poles, so you actually have to pay attention instead of just braking and turning away on red triangles. Similarly for smoke screen, smoke that one party can see through and other can’t? How does that work? I would somewhat understand if spotted enemy outlines would be visible normally while inside your smoke screen (eg radio/spotting/coordinate relay type of deal), but just no effect for you seems unfair and unrealistic. Which brings me back to my original point, wot seems to be moving away (rather fast) from its roots and turning into even more arcade/numbers/UI game as it is right now. Pity.

  6. I already hated front line, all it was was ebrs and auto loaders…. wheeeeee. Also, QB, sitting around the the premium ebr while scouting t9 tanks that are getting farmed will be sorta good, so please do not act like all t8 premiums are useless in there. I mean, don’t get me wrong, WG is making even more of a crap fiesta out of frontline, but it sorta already was a crap fiesta as it favored fast tanks far more than anything else.

  7. Increasing the diversity in matches. Hmm, sounds awfully close like +2 matchmaking.

  8. This tier 9 is not why i want to play frontline. Let it stay on tier 8 only.

  9. dogelie het beest

    I only have tier 8s so rip

  10. I dont even play wot bit i Stilo watch you and it feels like im on the chestnut once again peeping in others people Windows 10

  11. This is just outright bad all in all, some ideas are interesting but while it’s cool to see them dare change things up, they are changing the core of what made it special and fun.

  12. Silvressa Aynth (Ry)

    When Hear About Tier 9 Added On Front line…
    Yeah… Tier 9 will OP.
    Hope The cooldown On the Tier 9 Only… Incredible Increase 2 or 3 times.

    Or maybe… 1 Tier 9 Only (like a boss Mode only single Use)

  13. Wargaming, please stop “testing” this mixed tiers sh*t the rest of 2021. One week should be enough. Then give us t8 only back. Nobody asked for your “improvements”. FL was good the way it was. Add more maps to the mode and stop preventing us to play our tanks in the way we like.

  14. Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs

    I will play it anyway, even with tier nein. I haven’t played wot since forever, basically turned off my pc after New year’s boosts ended. Gotta blow dust off my pc tho xD

  15. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Just why include tier 9…that’s absolutely stupid. It was fine as tier 8, now we are going to have tons of T-54s spamming HEAT left, right and center, Concept Bs, Phase 1s…gg WG, you just nuked your best game mode.

  16. Yeah test tier 9s in FL. Even if the community hates it and feeds it brakes this game mode, they won’t care. They will probably just start selling more tier 9 gold tanks.
    This will ruin this for all of us

  17. How did Armored Warfare die and this survive?

  18. hmmm i think i gonna have trouble setting up my crews here. U see, i only have one set of crews per tech tree

  19. More unbalanced BS reward crap that ill never aspire to and have no interest in. Makes me glad I stopped spending money on this shit ages ago.

  20. It will be another Absolutely disgusing match filled with bloody bargette wheeled light tanks.

  21. Eeeewwwwhhhh! ebr 90s in frontline. FUCK NO

  22. well they can make it that tier 9 cost as much as 2 tanks so u will have to choose the chance of staing out of combat for a few min or going in a tier 8

  23. Man, the only event I was looking forward to, wrecked by ludicrous changes. Congrats to Wargaming, they figured out how to ruin Frontline too!

  24. I don’t think there’s anything else left for them to destroy . 😩 I was actualy about to install it again when they bring back FL.. luckily that video came out as a reminder… no more fun. WG💩💩

  25. 8:01 …. I think they just slapped a tank icon on the picture and left it as that lmao

  26. I now counting my tier 9 tank, one, two and three. And i can reach one more in time, does a obj430 stcck will work? I only tried my Cenn 7/1 for 4 battles and it wasnt fun. Now i should use them. It will be seal clubbing at tier 9. Noob dont have 3 perk crew and tank at elite in tier 9. seal clubbing is coming.

  27. Lol, there were almost no stock tier 8 tanks in frontline. It was EBRs and premium Auto loaders. I’m all for the tier 9 tanks, no more EBR wolf packs killing you on spawn in the back now.

  28. Tier 8 tanks are gonna take a bigger L in frontline than the English did at Wembley…

  29. GG WG destroy this game nice for this game only F4. 9 Tier to Frontline and mines wtf this

  30. Btw are you going to make a video about the game’s current problem? The unbalanced goldspammer premium tank meta?

  31. Just tier 8 would be much better. I will try this, but in this case it is better to play random battles because to farm credit effectively is not an option anymore.

  32. More power creep even in frontline now

  33. No one asked for T9’s in frontline…wtf
    oh and credit wise its going to be a mess we going to do less credits and probably lose some credits even with bonus

  34. And what will tier 8 do against concept,Phase1 or chare future??? In this game mode they are ussles

  35. when is frontline coming


  37. Flatout bad changes.

    • I mean, i admit, changes are never easy for me.
      That said, “never change a working system”.
      Ofc, unless, you wanne push sales in some spots and prevent people from playing high income premtanks all the time.

  38. Stage two of a complete bugger up. The first was wheeled vehicles that ruined front line – it’s why I stopped playing front line. Now with this additional BS – addition of tier 9, wheeled vehicles will still be able to run amuck plus the aggravation of all the additional controversial crap. No thanks WG.

  39. this is wg fuck all good think in this game

  40. Kristijan Vrtarić

    I’m lovet and Cand weit 😆
    For duing 10000 of dmg

  41. Frontline is dead… 🙁

  42. Trash update skewed towards the elite players and more confusion for newer players thus more blowouts which seem to be what wg wants any more. Tier 9s on average are way better than tier 8s leading to unbalanced battles!

  43. 18:40 I believe it’s actually read as: “WG made the players’ final choice”

  44. I really like to watch your Videos. The only thing that bothers me is that you often use ”pay-to-win” wrong. It’s not pay to win when you use Consumables e.g. Chocolate. It would be pay to win, if you have to buy these with real money. Per definition, pay-to-win means, that you pay sth with real money to have an advantage in the game. I know what you want to say with it but technically it is wrong. If I have any mistakes in my comment, i apologize but i am from Germany and my english is not the best

  45. Is WG going on an anti-fun campaign?
    The only other fun game mode I have in this game beside random battles is now gone too. If I want to play against T9, I could have just play the random battles WG!

  46. Tier 9 in FL is BS

  47. Players are doing too many credits? WG: “Oh fuc*ing no way…. Lets add Tier IXs! Players need premium accounts to make decent credits god damn!”
    Btw … Those players with no Tier IX tanks: WG “Screw you!”

  48. The only reason I have an IS-6 is gone?

  49. Luukas Saarelainen

    Frontline 2019:Being one of the best game modes of all the time
    Frontline 2021:Getting ruined like all other WoT game modes
    Frontline 2023?:Still propably being as bad as every other Wot game mode or gets improved?

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