Tier 9 MBTs in Armored Warfare: Challenger 2, T-90MS, M1A2 Abrams, Leopard 2A6

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Source: Armored Talk

Tier 9 stats: http://armoredtalk.com/2015/11/06/tier-9-vehicle-specs-and-upgrade-screenshots-from-armored-warfare-0-11-update/

While stats may change a bit before the 0.11 patch is deployed to the live servers, the overall characteristics of the tanks probably won’t be altered all that much. Challenger II a beast from the front, 2A6 is well rounded with great protection and good handling/mobility, the T-90MS has great alpha and mobility but is squishy (compared to the other tier 9 MBTs), and the pulls up the rear with my play style at least. The graphics are set to high in the videos. played on a slower PC than usual so I had to lower my graphic settings some.


  1. Thank you for the preview.

  2. *hi5 for the preview of the tier 9s spooky :)

  3. tszki yan (紙皮)

    After seeing this video, i guess i will fall in love with the Challenger 2

  4. How do you display in game damage panel? : )

  5. Google made me do it

    Gun is broken on M1A2… complains about gun handling… wat

  6. looks like high tier MBTs are played really aggressively

  7. jesus, this gun depression is totally broken, how could this happen..

  8. challenger 2 looks amazing

  9. yeah… your ping in RU PTS is still half of what I normally play in NA….

    and white skirt M1A2?

  10. It seems we have the same opinion about the Chief. It’s too slow, while
    being bigger than it actually is. I can live with the armor weakspots but
    the mobility needs a slight buff. Especially when it just slows down almost
    to a stop when crossing rivers. I’m looking forward to 0.11 as I’m
    currently on the Challenger.

  11. From what I recall regarding effective frontal armor in modern MBTs, the
    Challenger 2 is supposed to be at the top. It’s a beast in regards to armor
    but not as quick as others.

  12. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Did they fix reload time?

  13. As it stands M1A1 is better then the M1A2. I don’t know how it gets -5 for
    “balance” as if it performs better then the other T9 MBTs in certain areas
    and its loss of gun depression is actually bringing it on par with the
    rest.(The M1A2 is about to suffer I dare say the fate of the T110E5 post
    buff in WOT< average at everything excels at nothing.) I would have much rather liked western MBTs getting their historical gun depression and medium alpha damage while RU MBTs get the High alpha dmg guns and poor/okay gun depression.(excluding the Armata) At least then there would be more of a distinction that reflects the strategic thinking behind how the west and east thought about tank warfare and its effect on tank development.(Its a game I know but I can wish for things lol) The M8 Thunderbolt in its current state is meh. Where has the applique armor from the XM8 gone?(It is the same vehicle but one has a 120mm) Hopefully some changes are made before the patch goes live. Gonna save my token for the next wave of tanks though. Who knows, Merkava, Leclrec and K2. Might be next.(Oh yeaah.)

  14. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I hope they give us a PTS on the NA/EU server, with all the Tier 9 vehicles
    already unlocked, like they did at the end of EA5, so that they can get
    better results.
    Also, what Mac do you use?

  15. These look tasty.

    …but I want CRABs. Gimmeh! :)

  16. Hi Spooky I think the reason they removed the PTS for the US and EU it was
    only getting 10-30 players on it at open times

  17. What are you using for gameplay recording and video montage.

  18. Thx for the info.
    ArmoredTalk is N1 resource fot he AW nes and analitics.
    Hope you will get PTS in the NA region soon. That should happen no mather
    what )
    And btw Russian PTS are pretty stable.
    Have fun or Cyka Blyat ) I hope you get it right…

  19. well I guess i wasted my time on Abrams line… 1 thing that i dont like
    about T series tanks that they get best pen, dmg and dpm, I think that’s
    too much to give for 1 mbt line. I would like to see Leopard line getting
    best dmp with low alpha but good reaload time, abrams should be the middle
    ground in between T-series and Leo while Challanger being the one with best
    armor and health.

  20. The higher this game goes in tiers, the more gamification that will be
    needed. Newer versions of NATO tanks are not designed for a tank vs tank
    battle at less than 1000 meters. The additional armor packages are also not
    for dealing with other tanks, but to deal with the current conflicts of
    deploying tanks into urban environments. In real life, the adaptations are
    to negate the use of infantry anti-tank weapons at close range. (And IED

    It will be interesting to see if / when Israelis tanks are brought into the
    game, how they end up translating the designs they use. Israel has been
    reacting to the need of their forces needing to enter urban areas with a
    mix of ground units for a very long time. (They are way ahead of what other
    countries have done to their armored forces)

  21. omfg the stats of the tier 9’s make me scared of the stats of the future
    tier 10’s

  22. Can you take a look at the CRAB? I’d like to see what I get after the

  23. Ludzie to Pasożyty które trzeba wybić

    what a shitty desing od this leo 2a6 back of turret looks totaly shitty

  24. going by how long it’s taken me to get past the lav 300 ill never get to
    these tanks in my lifetime they need to increase the rep earned per battle

  25. tier 9 will not have APS?

  26. Are you saying the M1A2 has bad armor? I don’t find that realistic

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