“TIER 9” PREMIUMS in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 274a. Today I’m talking about a T8 Premium that might as well be T9!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Wargaming is not in a tricky situation, they are exactly where they want to be, milking as much money from players as possible by releasing premium tanks that are better than tech tree tanks. This is a pay-to-win game, simple as that. Of course, if you suck, you’ll suck in OP tanks too.

  2. 3:12 all apologies, but you are a pro, and your pay to win is WAY more complex then the rest of us muppets. Thank you for pointing that out. Happy new year.

  3. More O P Russian tanks.

  4. Just came back after a year away. Game has changed a lot and the balance and MM seems worse than ever. You have to play in a very different way now.

  5. 2:26 if balancing 600 tanks is difficult than they should have stopped making them long time ago, few people asked for new tanks but freaking majority asked for fixing known issues…

  6. Honestly quickybaby, i think wargaming went the wrong way… wows (world of warships) allready sold tier X premium ships for 100 bucks…. they gave them a overpriced yamato which is allready a tech tree ship in the game

  7. For me this tank is piece of s…., much worse than CS LIS, Bourrasque and Progetto 46

  8. Except this tank is not that amazing. It is very good, but the gun handling is bad and the mobility sucks.
    It’s one of the better premiums, sure, but in many ways I’d rather play the Lansen or Lis, be it because of speed of the former or better gun handling and mobility of the latter. Hell even the old T-44-100 has many advantages over 274a.
    274a is good but also very clunky and surprisingly easily killed. Great, sure, but not that great.

  9. 10:04 poor this 3 marks conqueror

  10. when will quickybaby evolve into speedykid then into boltteenager then evolve into flashadult then evolve into lightspeedelder

  11. Do a video on a new italian thanks

  12. Ralphy’s Replays

    i honestly theorise that the Aufkurlangz Panzer Panther will be the next mission marathon tank

  13. HardworkingSlacker

    This thing is still inferior to the Bourrasque though in my humble opinion

  14. Ralphy’s Replays

    everytime i play tier 8 on the ANZ server everyone uses gold as standard

  15. evrything is designrd for russian tanks….RNG…maps….hiden statistics that magicly makes you miss or bounce last hit on a russian tank enableing him to turn around and magicly hit you anywhere and pen you….and kill you by ammorack…..Russian tanks had one nemesis few patches ago…Japanise heavies, they shot HE ammo and they where doing dmg eaven with non penetrating shots, so naturally they had to nerf and ruin that pixel of hope for all other players that despise russian bias. STOP LYING QUICKY BABY….There is only russian bias in this game….And NOTHING BUT, russian bias….

  16. This must be a training battle or something, no arties? There isn’t a single game I play without an arty, mostly getting 3 on each team!

  17. Hi QB any idea on mission marathons for 2021? Great video keep it up 🙂

  18. Yes you are right…where is the end?!?!?!?

  19. Min 8 30

  20. WOT becomes more and more p2w. I can see why so many stop playing

  21. Bla bla bla poor WG. Are u their fucking advocate? And yes is another soviet bias shit trend that is coming from WoWs…

  22. Kristoffer Johansson

    Regarding map design: 95% of ridges slope up more than the rest of the slope at the top, rendering gun depression useless. You still need to get over it and expose your hull though you got good depression. Shooting down slopes exposes more of your tank than what is exposed of your target below.
    So yes, maps are designed with Russian tanks in mind.

  23. Wait. PC WoT never had tier 9 premium tanks until now or something

  24. imo, there are some T8 prems which feels like T9, the Obj 274 is closer to T7 then to T9…

  25. - WidecrowGaming -

    11:02 Did QB just say ‘tier 8 meme-ium tanks’?


  27. Tier 10 premium Bourrasque

  28. i love the 274a but i can’t make it work, i have a 41%wnr in the tank witch is my worst by far but i am averaging 2k damage so is it me that’s the problem or is it the team?


  30. Permanently Disappointed

    Russian tanks are stupid proof and drunk proof and the rest of the game accommodates them. Totally not intended, honest.

  31. I agree with QuickyBaby opinion because Obj. 274a could be on tier IX (its stats matches to the typical IX tier tank).

  32. i mean the recent mediums are a lot less pay2winny than say a defender or skorpion, also why even bother comparing 274 to the long out of meta t54mod1 ?!

    t44-100, Lis etc all are better than some random ass tank that is out of meta for a long time.

  33. Add in small maps and corridors and a tier 6 can’t even keep its distance or flank… I’m not saying go AFK but….

  34. I’ve got a solution to tier 8 tanks seeming underpowered. Don’t let them see tier ten tanks. Simple.

  35. I like tech tree tanks and i do not think premium tanks must get bether an bether

  36. “Tier 8 techtree tanks can feel awkward for players to try and play” QB please stop beating around the bush, and say it: tier 8 is a festival of premium tanks, that have completely fcked up the meta of the game. Now tier 8 skirmishes are strictly about bringing premium autoloaders and waiting for the unfortunate opponents that did not have the money for it. Progettos, Bourrasques and such are so so out of the league for tech tree tanks, that they seem like aliens on the battlefield. It’s like in Age Of Empires, when you brought in the cobra car (the blue with white stripes) and went to town on the poor peasants. So please please QB stop the BS ans say it out loud: tier8 is for players with big wallets, that feel the need to compensate for the lack of equipment in the underpants department…

  37. Can you made a video where this game is going? Haven’t played in a few years lol

  38. I saw the missiles go through the tanks , with zeroo damage!! This game is not fun anymore! Ilove this game but i will uninstall. Too toxic:

  39. That’s why this tank meets tier X tanks in 80% of the time, that’s why MM is powerful.
    Match maker actually keeps all the OP premium tanks in balance and around 50 win ratio.
    Take Defender as an example, in the beginning you have a huge amount of battles where you are the top tier tank, nowadays you mostly end up as a low tier fighting vs tiers IX and X, that’s bcs Defender hits that win ratio limit too fast and MM keeps it in balance.
    But not just Defender, MM works like that for every single tank in this game.
    So, from my point of view I don’t see the problem.
    And btw, STB 1 will be nerfed after top of the tree special. I’m sure you all know why.

  40. I dare everyone to play AMX CDC nowadays in WOT….

  41. Dear quickybaby. I’ve been playing my FV4005 without prem HE for a day now to prove it can do good without 230 pen. Wish me lucm

  42. There are plenty of tanks like this, this one is the worst, with its low 1200hp

  43. I just receive 1 mark of excellence badge what is that?

  44. fixing the Meta could be so easy, just remove that +2 MM !!!

  45. Please stop insulting our intelligence by telling us that balancing 600 tanks is tricky. Thats misleading as hell: Sure, having to tinker with excel spreadsheets of 600 vehicles to balance the values is a nightmare, but the game fails in so many higher level concepts that such fine balance is not even the issue (corridor maps, matchmaking, gold ammo economy, etc). Further, introducing a new vehicle into the existing ecosystem is a much more straight forward job. You craft the thing to fit a playstile and balance it against the comparable, existing ones. They just dump power creeped god tier 8s to force people to pay. Free players are just cannon fodder for the ones paying.

  46. This tank is bad.

  47. Have they fixed their crap MM yet sick of getting hammered 2 15 or 3 15 no fun anymore.

  48. Laughs in Bourrasque.

  49. QB try play the Mobile version (WoT Blitz) XD

  50. Oh when you say that a Russian game seems to have designed maps where Russian tanks have the best matches.

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