Tier IX Medium and a Tier V Premium – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Back in the saddle for some Live gameplay with Plumb. Figured the thumbnail was nice enough not to need any text…


  1. “Good morning” – Watches at 1:40 AM West NA time…

  2. The first battle – as you went passed the Jagdtiger your AMX that fired the
    kill shot missed your butt by the skin of your teeth wow =0)

  3. You may make the same mistakes that we all make, but the difference between
    you and some of those other WoT YouTubers that I have dropped, is you have
    the courage to show those game. Guys like me do appreciate that. It gives
    us confidence that we too can be as good as you someday (in my dreams

  4. I don’t mind at all that they have nerfed the accuracy over distance if not
    fully aimed in, but I just wish that they made the inaccuracy consistent so
    that corrections can be made.

    That is, when a shot misses by a certain amount of line and/or elevation,
    the right correction should allow a hit with the second round.
    Unfortunately, the inaccuracies are also random and inconsistant. 

  5. Plumb, could u put the mods u are using in the description of the videos??

  6. Good games! Even though i only listened this time i still find this
    enjoyable. ;)

  7. The Ram 2’s reload is around 3 seconds. Nope it’s almost 2 seconds…hmmm
    that may be why I can never seem to stop being hit by one when in my KV-1.
    The Ram also makes short work of hellcats trust me I know… I have been on
    the receiving end lol 

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