Tier VIII Premiums – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

and , Need cash fast!!!!


  1. This is great….love the live commentary..anything could happen :D

  2. Eh… the crossguard makes no sense at all. If anything it’s a recipe to
    getting the wielders fingers cut off anytime someone applies enough force
    with a lightsaber on it.

    They could have given them a cortosis weaved crossguard and it would make a
    lot more sense and still look awesome.

  3. Love the show. I always skip intro though!

  4. Nice vid plumb, what made you buy the IS-6 over some of the other tier 8

  5. Thanks for sharing plumb ..can i suggest something?… well since you can’t
    respond i will anyhoo..so..lemme think how to say this….on your super
    pershing vid….you pointed out that u were slower than the is3 on the
    hill…in terms of viewer audience… it would be good to hear why that was
    so…also..one thing i have noticed from jingles and quickbaby vids is that
    they don’t say what the the crew skills are at or what the tank is equipped
    with…these make a huge difference to game play…if i may be so bold to
    suggest….so in the 20 to 30 secs from the start of every video while ur
    tank is motoring to position..tell the audience what ur set up is…nobody
    else does that…subsequent actions of the tank in play based on that set
    up would be a great talking point for viewers and u…i thought of this as
    i watch ur super pershing ‘jousting’ round the castle…is it a
    castle?..on himmelsdorf. Anyway, thanks for the vids, hope i wasn’t too
    pertinent, i would find it helpful to get more data…detail..from the vids
    u share. Take care. John 

  6. Heya Plumb.
    On either side of the gun-mantlet on the T28 Prot. there is a small
    triangel where the armor is flat as a barn-door. It is still strong, but
    it has no slope.
    Where I normally hurt them if I find myself head to head with on of those
    beasts :)

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