Tier X Jet Boosted Heavy with 1,600 ALPHA! | World of Tanks BZ-75, Update 1.19+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks BZ-75, Tier 10 Jet Booster Heavy Tank. World of Tanks BZ-176, New Heavy Tank with Jet Booster. World of Tanks New Chinese Jet Booster heavy tank branch. World of Tanks Update 1.19+ Patch News.

Today it is time to at the brand new tier 10 jet booster heavy tank, BZ-75, which features absolute MEME firepower in the new Chinese heavy tank branch:
Tier VII: BZ-58
Tier VIII: BZ-166
TIer IX: BZ-68
Tier X: BZ-75

What do you think?


  1. Thank You, Legends… Thank you!

  2. Happy 11th Anniversary Dez!
    Server EU:
    Playername: Kurt_Kettenfett

  3. This games getting more broken in every new update in every new tank…

  4. Congratulations on 11 years hope for another 11!

    7th_Brigade (EU)

  5. Lukáš Bartakovič

    Congrats for 11 years on the WoT scene! Hope you’ll stick around for 11 more 🙂
    LukeBart – EU

  6. Happy anniversary!

    bojoing, eu

  7. Congrats Dez! Thanks for all those update videos, you really put all that info in an easily digestable and entertaining form.
    lord_gervasius | EU

  8. Hello Dez! Well done 11 years and we want to see you keep going! Jet booster tank we have to see them in battle and then we can say if they op or not.
    Server – EU
    Nickname – SmyDOGG

  9. Tomas Lukoševičius

    tomukas13333 EU, i think wg is making the game into a circus. And i always watch your new videos, they are the fastest and the clearest. happy anniversary!

  10. And somehow we still can’t use second gun on Maus….

  11. Maaaan, all the love for you, Dez! Happy 11th Anniversary! I have always watched your vids years ago since I started playing WoT. Stay being a good dude in the center of this (toxic) game!

    Asia server

  12. Aloha; congratulations Dez – great accomplishment! Keep up the great work! Mahalo

  13. think the jet tanks are kinda funny, not sure how good they’ll be

    i get all my wot news from you dez, probably the only reason i know what is going on

    ic3dcoffee; NA

  14. EU
    Congrats Dez,I love your channel,my favourite series is I play what kills me,and I would like you to continue it,the new tanks are kinda sick,but like the italian TDs,I will not be grinding those

  15. Congratulations dez.. about jet tank i have to see it in game.
    Eu server

  16. What would happen if you track a booster tank during its boost, does it go round in circles, would be fun to see.
    congrats on 11 years Dez, love your news episodes. — Schmetzzzige — EU

  17. I actually feel like the new JetBoosters tanks wont be much as pain in the ass as the Minotauro and they could be fun, ofc they wont be fun when you got shot for 1600 by a heavy tank in one shot but they could be an interesting line.

    Server: EU
    Nick: koso_fighter

  18. congrats for 11 years dez
    CreazyxCZ , EU i am playing from closed beta the game changed a lot in the times some stuff in game went wrong way and some are good

  19. Thank you for all the great years!
    JOKER777777 Na

  20. Congrats on 11year, hopefully that new jet tank will change up game play. I think your best videos are the news and funky build vids. Thank for your hard work.
    Sosebee NA

  21. Jeez youre doing YouTube almost longer than i play WoT.
    Love the update series lol, very informative

  22. Congratulations on the achievements. I simply can watch any sort of video you upload. I take a coffe, myb some food and simply relax watching some of your content. Just keep us entertained.

  23. Love you Dez!!!! Marun_ EU

  24. NA, A11AS – many thanks for the rapid news updates!

  25. You are absolute legend Dez, i dont have any opinion about China HT yet, as i never touch them.
    EU server

  26. Happy anniversary, 11 years that huge, my favorite is these videos where you inform its huge. Server na ign Backseatfreestyle

  27. Congratulations Dez. I’m glad you have been with this game for that long. All of your videos have been wonderful and helpful. Out of all the games I’ve played this one has been the longest. Beta tester and still rolling. I always look forward to watching videos from you. I even go back and watch older videos just to see if I missed something. JC Primevil gamertag NA Central server

  28. Happy Anniversary Dez, Hope all is well with you and family. I’m a longtime Fan , it seems forever. I started new free to play account. NA server…. game name: tmannofear1

  29. Happy Anniversary Dez, i foind ur channel 2 years ago when i was serching if kv 2 is better the o i. Still love the content today. Keep it up.

  30. Hi Dez Happy anniversary. i like the news videos the most they are nice to watch. i think the turbo will be very OP same with the gun.

    server: NA

    Username: joshnelson

  31. I loved your videos on crazy equipment combinations when equipment 2.0 came out.
    Username: Tankfudge
    Server: EU

  32. Congratz Dez! Never missed your video.. At_Strasnomlat EU

  33. Congrats on 11 years Dez! I’m a new viewer (joined only this year) but you’ve been such a great world of tanks youtuber to watch! I love hearing the news and game updates from you and you often have takes and opinions I agree with. I feel like you’re unafraid to speak your mind and say what the community is thinking!

    NA ign multidrago11

  34. love all of your vids! keep up the good work! Benii1 EU

  35. Grats on 11th year Dez.-

  36. Congrats on the 11 years Dez! I just got back in to this game after 5 or 6 years by watching all those silly equipment setup videos you have. I have been really enjoying those!
    Also I can’t believe you have more than 200k subscribers now, I can remember watching your videos when you had like 20/30k susbs. You have been growing a lot in the time I was gone. Congrats on this as well!
    Koenisbaas123 EU server

  37. Enki & Lorien Lamouche

    GG for the 11 years , i think you are the best wot CB .You do cool and accurate stuff . I’m really hype of this new branch derp HT with a new mechanics . arco0-EU

  38. NA: IQisthicc

    Honestly its the news updates, I love the information and speculation, never not loving the high tier content!

  39. Congrats on 11 years Dez! I havent been watching the whole time, but you’ve been my favorite content creator since I came across your vids. While I like to see new lines added to the game, I would rather see the rocket booster tanks have regular guns. But what I would really like, is for WG to continue to fix maps, and add new ones to the game. Not one or two maps a year, but like double the number we already have. Then I would be a bit more excited to play.

  40. congrats Dez thank you so much for the news from WorldOfTanks and stay positive for many more years
    Username: biliora
    Server: EU

  41. 11 years! Congrats! Well deserved success.
    Server: Asia/APAC
    Name: Matterbeast

  42. Congrats on anniversary Dez! All vidoes are entertaining! Retelu, EU.

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