Tier X Version 5 of Object 268 Sold in China! | World of Tanks 2021 Update 1.12+ Patch News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Object 268 Version 5 Preview, Tier 10 Destroyer. World of Skoda T45, First Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Black Market 2021. World of Tanks 2021, Update 1.11+ Patch News.

00:00 | Introduction
00:50 | Skoda T45 Buffed Stats and Pictures
03:35 | Object 268 Version 5 Information
07:55 | Object 268 Version 5 Pictures
09:25 | 3D Armor Profile
10:20 | Characteristics on .gg
14:10 | Conclusion

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I do not really believe that, The Object 268 Version 5, which is actually a tier 10 tank destroyer.
Also, talking about little buff to the Skoda T45 and maybe some free gold as well? 🙂

What do you think?


  1. Wait, a Russian premium tank that isn’t op? What’s going on here
    Username: dutchdestroyer5000
    server: EU

  2. Username: Daedrolis
    Server: EU

    I loved my T-10 so hopefully it’s like that but with a boomstick, not many fast tanks with 750 alpha.

  3. as long as it’s not released as the firts t10 premium it’s ok
    MrZezol14 // EU

  4. Username: vaclav_101

    Another soviet TD…

  5. with those stats they can almost move it down to tier 9 and make it a frontline/steel hunter reward tank
    Nickname: Nullingeri
    Server: EU

  6. We got this on Console wot with Our New season but its kinda trash

  7. I’m interested to see how they update it to modern standards. As it is it’s just a status symbol.

    Username: TOther
    Server: EU

  8. I would want to see it in the Bond Shop or in the Black Market. They should buff it a little, seems weak.
    Username: Bushcamper
    Server: Asia

  9. That’s what I saw two years ago in the armor inspector app..

  10. IGN : hairyassedhippy
    Server : EU

    Looks like a load of rubbish to me 🙂

  11. Борислав Златанов

    in all years i never get luck in this game
    Username: Sneakykid
    Server: EU

  12. Its just WG running out of ideas 🤣
    Username : TheMLGoctopus
    Server :EU

  13. Would like it to be a reward vehicle.
    Username: lamkahlok
    Server : Asia

  14. Now we only need to find where the Objects 268 version 2 and 3 are!

    Server: EU
    Nickname: henerum

  15. I dont like it let’s hope ther are not going to sell tier 10 premium s
    Username MRHANDY_2

  16. Username: Remov8
    Server: EU

  17. Knowing WG this will be new tier 8 premium
    Username: Orlovar
    Server: EU

  18. will be buffed to be an OP tank
    EU server

  19. New tanks are always nice, but only as long as they are not OP premium tanks. WG should really not release anymore OP premium tanks to the game or they risk losing players just because of that.

  20. I don’t really know, it looks a little weak in the current meta so they will probably buff it. Looks like a obj. 277 with a really big gun.
    Server: EU
    Username: aceace12

  21. Maybe would be a nice addition the the bond store. Its been a while they added anything at all and a tier X would be nice

    Username: ToastWizard
    Server: EU

  22. Dont care
    goss41 grom eu

  23. dedo99

  24. not goood, 300dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I don’t want to see it anywhere
    Username: d3v
    Server: EU

  26. i’ll quite for a while in World of Tanks because of the internet connection here on the Shop that i used to play still lagging because it only connects to public wifi..

    SERVER: World of Tanks Asia/HK server

  27. Bruh


  28. If this tank doesnt get buffed…it will be shit hahaha

  29. Why so suprised, the Obj. 268 v.5 is always on console. We have not enough russian tanks in wot, hahaha.

  30. I guess it will be updated to match the brother tank = borderline OP.

  31. Maybe new soviet TD line, soviet TDs with turret 🙂
    Username: ultimatercz1

    Server: EU

  32. Yo Dez🔥
    Try to play with pz.sfl.1c with highest possible camo! Lol
    I tried,it can get over 60%..
    Thats mindblowing for T4

  33. Totaly trash tank XD omf save us from that

  34. Username: hasnainrakha57
    This tank should be added in tech tree.

  35. Pretty sure they will buff the hell out of it and throw it into the game in any overpowered status …
    Da_Poerk on EU Server

  36. Yeah, it won’t come out with those caracteristics. It was already buffed.
    Username: Enover5
    Server: EU

  37. I want to see this vehicle in the scope of my Jg.Pz. E100…and, most likely, miss it.

  38. I think it is a bad tank for the meta. xiaopcz NA

  39. My honest opinion is that this tank belongs in chinese server, let it stay there.
    Username Slind
    Server EU

  40. so it’s a T-10 with a bigger gun at Tier X

  41. Yay. The one thing the world needed. Another Soviet Tier X.

  42. John Brian Anderson

    Bondshop for the tank collectors


  43. Got this on ps4, ok tank not overpowered tho

  44. Another russian tonk nice
    Name: assassin680
    Server: EU

  45. Yet another russian tank? Couldn’t care less.
    Username: Waff
    Server: EU

  46. NA CipherFusion – to me, it looks like a CW reward tank. Not sure I want to see yet another RU tank as there is so much more opportunity elsewhere.

  47. That’s quite……piece of garbage.
    IGN : Isuzu_Hana
    server : asia

  48. looked a little like a soft version of the ST-I turret on a heavium hull given the armour stats. with that kind of armour and cammo you’re going to evaporate whenever you get spotted. with the power creep going on the only reasonable RASHHA TD is the bobject but I suppose if they made this v5 a highly accurate low/no armour extreme range sniper it might have a niche in the game but knowing WG it’s anyone’s guess really.

    Username: Teedles
    Server: EU

  49. Server: EU
    Name: cippc123
    I want it in the black market

  50. I am mot really interested by this tank…
    Username: Nikopol
    Server: EU

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