TIger 2 HEAT CHALLENGE – So Much GUN So Little Pen (War Thunder)

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TIger 2 HEAT CHALLENGE – So Much GUN So Little Pen (War Thunder)


  1. Play with M19 and A20-G with rockets

  2. Mathias J. McDonald

    69 will never be an old meme thanks to horny teens like me. 6️⃣9️⃣

  3. Congrats for 500.000

  4. What is the best british jet? Pls answer in order 1-5

  5. I challenge you to go in a server that has unlimited ammo and take out the IS-6 and try going over 150 km/h in it

  6. You can pen the charioteer and the fv4005 with 110 mm of pen

  7. How to kill IS-6….by british tank hest now….Hest now rubbish….

  8. to kill one dumb ass aa whipping your ass.

  9. This honestly made my day.

  10. AidanPlaysGamez7 2

    Blast from the past, go back to the good old rank one and get 5 kills or more

  11. I Love your attitude Phly Daily Keep it up

  12. Phly where ur love for T114 of the new update

  13. Challange: Play the RU 251, but you can only drive backwards

  14. Challenge, get an ace in a M2A2

  15. Doesn’t HEAT at that level cover the same role as in Armored Warfare? That it’s only really useful to avoid overpenetrating light AFVs that an APBC/APFSDS would just punch clean through to the other side without significant dmg?

  16. The_JoJo_Reference

    HEAT needs a buff

  17. I lost my shit when he started talking heat explosive mass…..

  18. zis-30 in tier 5

  19. love the goat addition

  20. I cut my finger in 1/2 while watching this video…

  21. get the us m4a2 and try to get an in to enemy being the Americans. try to make the m4a2 look American as you can. try to get 4 kills at least.

  22. Try to kill t95e1 with pt 76 with heatsf

  23. play the Panzer 2 DAK in 8.7 this will be a tough one

  24. underdog combo m22 and f82 please c;

  25. use any german tank with a full load of smoke shells

  26. Now do the SU-100Y with HE

  27. you know what phly? im gonna mess with you, take out the tiger II with HE only. good luck may you’re bullets fly straight.

  28. 500k CONGRATS???

  29. Remember baby, its not the size of turret, its how far you can shoot your round ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)

  30. Thanks fly, this is the sort of video I really enjoy.

  31. The dual Sixes,
    The be-6 and the is-6
    Attempt #1

  32. Russian Spider-Man confirmed

  33. i use the round for spaa

  34. What the fuck was that reload at 17:13 ?!

  35. Виктор Тюрин

    This is like playing T-44, but with no armor.

  36. Plhy LOVING THE UNLOVED !!!!

    Stugg A short barell with the 100mm heat.

  37. Foysal Arifin Warasi

    ur this video was funny 🙂

  38. M48 Patton hesh only

  39. Take out a good old german combo: leopard and the he 111

  40. 17:13 * fires * PENIS XD

  41. My name is philip too lol

  42. still get more pen than the stock uptiered pershing stop complaining. oh idea fly use stock pershing!!!

  43. This was a dumb challenge…
    but oh well, thankyou Calvin Ashlock and every 454 sheeple that liked it.

  44. 6:44 Luke in episode V ^^

  45. get a kill by bouncing the HE from a KV2 under a tank and right into its bottom

  46. The reconnaissance and support challenge. Get number 1 on your team in tank rb without scoring a single kill. Use dedicated scouting vehicles such as armored cars to achieve this. Feel free to cap all of the bases and get all the kill assists you wish.

  47. Try out the toss bombing technique

  48. GSHQ88 Productions

    PHLY u have to do this challenge! Bring the RU251 to 8.7 game and kill at least 3 MBT-70s and/or T-64A using ONLY HESH, it is do-able!!!

  49. I’m tired of commercials every 5 min. Have a downvote.

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