Tiger E vs IS-2 — Tank Versus #7

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Welcome to the weekly show on War channel! In “Tank Versus” a variety of vehicles will face each other in order to finally find out who’s the best. Today’s battle is between Tiger E and IS-2.



  1. Tommaso Dalla Serra

    bro the is2 is 20 times better than the tiger

  2. I think a fairer versus with the IS-2 would be the Pz.Bef.Wg VI (p), even against the 1944 variant of the IS-2 I think it’ll be a fair fight


  4. Panzer 4 will win

  5. Ya that Tiger 1 player is a noob

  6. Thank for the good content

  7. i wish the is2 wasant 6.3, my favorite tank was just moved to a unplayable br


  9. The only tiger 1 you can actually enjoy in game is the japanese one, once you face the germans youre gonna know what im pointing out. doesnt know how to kill their own tanks.

  10. What if you guys add the B-36j to war thunder?

  11. That whole fad of reversing IS-1s and 2s vs tigers and panthers makes me cringe, it does nothing to protect it from the one place you actually aim to kill them (turret cheek). PZgr (285g of HE filler) round straight through IS-1/2 turret cheek = instant death (regardless of what way they face their hull)….

  12. This show is just pure garbage … you are again comparing tanks that are not on the same BR ffs …
    Oh wow i wonder who will win between a broken soviet heavy who got all his armpit buffed (cheeks and upper plate are now impenetrable for some reason) and a brain dead 5.7 tiger who’s only armour is the upper mantlet …
    « Gotta use every tool at your disposal » sure but not smokes I guess because smoking kills ?

  13. You made this video and yet the IS2 is 6.0 for some idiotic reason while the tiger is 5.7

  14. getting less fun and trashy game, they keeps changing the goalpost. everytime some players good at something they nerfed it.


  16. These videos just rove they don’t play their own game nobody plays like they do in these videos

  17. It’s all fun and games being a soviet tank crew until you hear “ perkele “ in the snow

  18. WT:[SGvPL] MarcinSiwyPL

    Make sure to use german shell with 200g TNT on 🐅

  19. Day #2 of asking war thunder to implement a artillery system and new artillery implements in every tech tree

  20. That video-series is absolute bullshite.
    Dont even want to go into details on how lobotomized those “players” are, except when its needed for dramatic purposes.
    Its a joke. Stop wasting resources on this garbage and fix some Battle-ratings or something.

    Why cant we just get a nice breakdown of weakpoints, how to exploit them…ya know…something USEFUL.
    “gunner is on this side” “the ammoracks get filled from the bottom, so dont shoot the ammorack in the turret”
    or even very specific “versus” style breakdowns. What can the tiger E penetrate without resorting to ridicolous stuff like “aiming at the canopy of a moving target.” WHILE THE TARGET IS SHOWING ITS FUCKIN SIDEARMOR!!!

    For example did a friend take out a KV1-S with a Bosvark once.
    Who even knew the turret ring was like…40mm thick and you can squeeze a 23mm AP through it?

  21. Now let’s compare IS-2 1944 with Tiger II(H).

  22. Yeah this pretty much sums it up; the only chance the tiger has is if the IS-2 driver misses. lol

  23. They should call it how to get one shotted

  24. Is 3 vs tiger 2

  25. Should be about tanks capabilities not crews IQ levels 🤡

  26. Stupid the Tiger is way better you just gave the is to the better Player

  27. Эта херня даже на английском вышла…


    Its a little bit unfair the the is 2 was in the engine in front .

  29. Russell D. hammond Jr

    Ayo is there a way to be one of the tankers in this show?

  30. This is the issue. They only compared these 2 nations. And when one loses to the other it gets buffed. HENCE WHY ALL OTHER NATIONS STAND NO CHANCE

  31. Better battle is IS-1 vs Tiger 1

  32. IS-2 vs Tiger II?

  33. major basic skill issue for the TIger E smh{

  34. Overpressure for the Tiger, yeah, right. More like it will just yellow the loader. Only thing that gets over pressure is the 122.

  35. Q: Are shots actually affected in cold/hot maps? (ground)

  36. round 1 my favorite tank map:)

  37. Disgraceful😔

  38. ソビエトバイアス

  39. Noah’s awesome vids

    Cool do t26e1 vs tiger 2 P

  40. Didn’t you already do that?

  41. In round 2, the tiger should have moved backwards to let the 122 fall short or at least against the hull front.

  42. The last round especially was bullshit lol

  43. yeah i dont think a tiger would be straight upping an IS at range, theyd be shooting and moving to cover, likley not even dealing with that at that range, or atleast angling appropriate to the incoming round

  44. the first round the is 2 was using his tank wrong your supposed to have it front always

  45. Most staged bullshit i have ever seen,the tiger backed out on the worst position to back out,what the hell are these players doing?!

  46. 𝙊𝙂𝘼𝙈𝙄

    Can i play tiger 4th round i will make this 100% times better <3

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