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  1. Hans: why do I hear ruski hardbass
    Zimmer: chill Hans, it’s just der amerikans

    The ASU-57 crew in their TD behind the germans’ tank: SuRpRiSe, друг

  2. Love the opening sense

  3. NoYouAreNotDreaming

    maaan i cant play warthunder…:( i have great stats on germans…planes tanks..i love the game..but my pc died,im on road most of the time..had a good laptop on which i played then replaced it with this one and it overheats only on warthunder…overheats and shuts down…green screen and off…:( and i play wildlands on this laptop and far cry 5

  4. Илија Јовановић

    When new update came, whenever i click on War Thunder shortcut wt crashes and fatal error tab pop up. Can someone help me?

  5. The jumbo is the perfect height for those concrete barricades on Sweden – no need to ram into the barrier itself, you can just face your hull sideways and enjoy being mostly invulnerable from 2 directions!

  6. Gee you shoot well.

  7. Way the tiger h was moved down , when they face 4.3 its op as all hell especially vs Soviets.

  8. ASU-51, the “Oddjob” of Warthunder.

  9. grzehu the player

    4:46 i would be so dead by now…

  10. grzehu the player

    7:30 yea? try fight at 6.7 with tiger e shit no armor just enough to kill ur all crew one shoot mobility just enough to shoot ur engine before u get to cover gun u got like 2 specific spots to pen ur enemy but ur enemy can pen u anywhere he shoots he can shoot third person no aim

  11. i think its because you just bought the round cause everytime you got a new round it would make you have full rounds cause of it

  12. What faction is the ASU

  13. Iph you epher encounter an ASU-57 in urban combat my experience tells me that pressing them to a wall and crushing them in a Tiger is the best way to solphe the problem. Iph they are close. But I don’t know mph it always works.

  14. SupercanaryGaming

    What is the name of the intro music?

  15. ILikeThemThiccc —

    Community J out

  16. 12:05 nobody: ___
    Phlydaily (about to be married, imagines himself as an adult): We might go for a little phlankiphlank!

  17. Tiger crew: we are in strong moving fortress of steel, nothing can kill us

    ASU-57: *hold my vodka Komrade*

  18. Hi phly! I wanted to ask how many shells you usually put in the tiger when you play it?

  19. Combo : Maus tank, and Blohm and Voss plane

  20. Saint Militarist

    Epic Thunder is now obsolete *This comment is sponsered by Fury Thunder sound mod*

  21. How to play the tiger 1 step: ANGLE YOUR FUC****ARMOR step 2: dont get killed by is 2 👍🏼

  22. Can you play the Type 75 HE-AP (High Explosive)

    Try #1

  23. Gabriel Martín alvar

    0:10 every gup fan be like: happiness noises

  24. “I couldn’t see him! He’s too little!”

    Phly, telling the world about his d!@#

  25. nice idea putting BFV last tiger campaign music in the background lol

  26. I don’t really want to j out, if I get the tortoise in a downtier, I’m staying there

  27. This is the reason why I watch these videos: -Its much more fun to watch Phly shoot others, than me getting shot even before I hit ‘W’.

  28. Phlee: the tiger is such a Balanced tank
    Meanwhile in world of warships:
    Soviet warships:PeRPHectlY BaLANSeD

  29. What the hell was that I-15 doing at that br?

  30. Unerklärlich bin ich

    me favorite tank is the Corona, because everone wants kill u, but it’s not possible!

  31. now play asu-57

  32. 21:28 Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin

  33. Phly, have you tried the realistic optics packs you can find on the warthunder community skins page?
    It’s pretty cool to see the authentic german sights, and they work for quick ranging too with the trianges!

  34. Someone see the is2??

  35. Jonathan Hodgson

    Bo AND Phly come out with Tiger videos on the same day? What a treat.

  36. Phly can you tryout it Arado 234 B-2 now, it can barely take off on any airfield after its engine nerf (reason for movement to 6.3)

  37. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    I disliked the Tiger H1, i suffered so muchinto it that i lost my mind when i started doing good when i got the Tiger E.

  38. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    I remember when I first got the tiger was a long long time ago, was looking foward to it ever since I made my account in 2014

  39. hey phly, doubt you’ll read this, but why is it you don’t phly low teir more often? you always say its more phun.

  40. Funny how M22 and Asu-57 is the scariest tank i could think of when I’m playing my Tiger H1 and E

  41. war thunder should just fix the game finding BR problem all together cause im tired of facing my tigers and panthers against 6.0 BR cold war thanks

  42. that title is just pure 10/10

  43. i hate Tigers, along with panthers they too often just need brain dead player to make some heavy blow to enemy team while sine Allies forces have tank which need so low skill to contribute to team

  44. hey phly look at the STRV 101 or centurion Mk 10 are they a a good br at 7.7 they have only APDS when the others 7.7 as HEATFS at 400mm of pen at any range

  45. Im pretty sure the object 279 has the exact same engine sound as the tiger

  46. Asu 57 is bs

  47. Giovanni Di Spirito

    I just started playing WT after following your channel….I’m at the stage where the German mediums like the Pz III J are against the T-34 and I can’t do nothing but die lol. Trying to work my way to the Tiger

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