TIGER HEAVY TANK COMBO | Tiger H1 & Fw190 F-8 (War Thunder) PHPH Ep.3

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  1. @Little Child I know? I just literally aim at the middle either way since most of the time shrapnel gets most of the crew either way, easier than aiming at turret corners at the risk of get gaijined by weird angles

  2. How are you able to direct your plane while looking behind you?

  3. When I see phlydaily looking up high when he is playing I realise how massive his computer screen must be.

  4. Great video Stephen! How about japanese 5.7 lineup for the next video?
    Pls showcase the new spaa SUB-I-II and suggest some planes because I struggle what to choose

  5. Is Phly Daily transforming into Phat Daily?

    Also I think that facecam obstructs too much of the gameplay.
    EDIT: The smug look during ASU-57 crushing was pretty damn good 😀

  6. Do m728, the new derp tank with bull dozers, its armor is epic

  7. leopard 2a6 & tiger heli

  8. give some love to the mirage or kfir!

  9. I want to see you play any mid-tier Japanese vehicle. This would be nice cuz I’m stuck with what to take besides M24 Chaffee(4.7 btw). Could you give me some advice pls?

  10. Next PhPh: Sneaking with the Eland 90

  11. so im just thinking, when custom load outs finally reach this plane will it mean you could take the 30mms and the big boy bomb?????

  12. how big is this mans monitor

  13. BTW you can jettison empty rocket tubes.

  14. i knew you wouldn’t just shoot that asu-57 😀

  15. You should move your face cam to the top-right corner of the screen and either move the cam to the other side of your monitor (so you’re facing inward) or just mirror the image. Right now, it’s blocking some battle scenes (enemy tanks/planes/battlefield) and other game elements.

  16. It’s still so weird to see the phacecam, I keep reminding myself that phloppy whoppy isn’t the actual tank talking to us.

  17. Put your face at the top right of the screen.

  18. Phly u should use the other APHE shell the tiger gets, u lose some pen but u get enough explosive mass to overpressure everything

  19. please get rid of the facecam
    dont wanna see ur fat face

  20. Play without the hud, NO HUD CHALLENGE

  21. well i do like my landships and unessarilly large aircraft or derp guns

    any combination of the three would be nice

    like the bv-238

  22. I want to see French 7.7 ground forces setup.

  23. Spj fm/43-44 and B-239 combo plz

  24. Request: the amx 50 surbaisse because chonky

  25. dat smirk when he rammed kill the ASU.. xD had me rolling !!

  26. By the way: The first t34 in the first match you killed with the Fw190 was the Yak3 chasing you before. That guy’s gotta be so pissed

  27. Bucaneer S1 with the Bulpubs 🙂

  28. Челсия-Элиз Майн

    Tempest(5.7) and Firefly (3.7) in ground rb are insane ground pounders with their 20mm ground belts. And the Firefly can get a couple good turns in with its combat flaps

  29. dat moustace tho.. well merry christmas phly. good you are back

  30. look at that mustache mf waltuh get your dick away waltuh

  31. Horatio Scale Models

    How about the Cent Mk.1 and Hornet Mk.III both 6.0, loads of russian dn german heavies to slap around with 17pdr apds, and the hornet is surprisingly good at speed with it’s quartet of 20mms

  32. Can you next play the new Viggen on Sweden, show us if it is any good or not.

  33. Merry Christmas, Steve and Phly community!

  34. I love the f6f-5n and it can hold its own at higher br’s in either ground striking or dog fighting so with that I’m asking for a Hellcat combo f6f-5n and m-18.

  35. Poland in winter looks cool

  36. Could you play Tutel in combination with the b 29( heared the repaircost is cheap)

  37. Done, got my year of premium for $40!!

  38. 8:40 oh my dude , i love your style ! perfect times , the best cinematic movie is not better than your movie ! the music is perfect starting after 8:40 , everything is perfect , and i realy enjoyed , it was nice running 😀

  39. I’m not a person to judge but hasn’t someone noticed that he has gotten…a little chubby?

  40. Do Strv 122B PLSS and AJ37

  41. Pretty face but rather just watch full size gameplay

  42. Hi phyly can you make a video on the I-16 type 28 fighter?

  43. M24 with P51 C PLEASE!

  44. please take out the f7f-3 and the 76mm king sherman

  45. Παναγιωτης Κατσαπαρας

    could you play with m-18 and ad-4 (skyraider)

  46. I want to see a STuH 42G and german IL2 combo video.

  47. No one in the comments making a phly zero pullout joke…. disappointed.

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