Tiger II Finally Getting Buffs! | World of Tanks King Tiger Gameplay

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Tiger II aka King Tiger one of the most famous tanks in The World, but in WoT… One of the least exciting ones.
WG is finally thinking about tuning it, improving it, so let’s talk about this tank! 😉

Have a good one!


  1. Jay Albert Castigador

    Me: A Tiger II main
    “I’ve done my waiting. 8 YEARS OF IT”

  2. Turret +80 mm side armor turret + 40mm
    Side hull +20mm
    Front hull, lower and upper glacis plate + 30 mm.

    I think that would be balanced.
    Turret front +80 mm would only be 265mm

  3. not going to play this game until they buff Tiger 2

  4. I’ll be buying mine back then. I liked it, but it doesn’t do well right now! 380 alpha sounds good to me 🙂

  5. Just waiting on the tiger p buff.

  6. Oh the Caravan got buffed? I remember throwing my Caravan away in anger years ago. I dont have it anymore.

  7. Meanwhile tiger 2: *_laughs in wot blitz_*

  8. They are buffing Tiger 2 and all the German super heavy. E75, E100 because they are quite pathetic.

  9. 7:50 Look at that… THIS is the worst problem with the Tiger. Its the heaviest REAL tank in all of WW2. The tank museum in England says nothing in the actual war could penetrate it frontally… But in the game EVERYTHING pens it always. It has never bounced a single shot.

  10. Did you just say that the caenarvon is the best tier 8 heavy? lol

  11. Give tiger 2 the current e75 turret

  12. So basically the King Tigers problem is that its armor model is real. They have copied the real tank from a tank museum. And because of its shape and flat surfaces, its an easy pen from any angle by the new FICTIONAL super tanks introduced to the game.

  13. That Homer dude in the game was epic! His tiger 2 doesn’t need a buff!

  14. Still not as bad as the AMX 65 T…

  15. Finally Long DUES. I had unlocked and bought the tank but due to it was not good, I haven’t played it.

  16. 360 alpha became so popular lately

  17. Pls WG make tiger 2 great again! Even if you prefer making premium tanks more competitive!

  18. If I was wg I would buff both tiger 1 and tiger 2, in ww2 they were beasts that every tank would fear to face, and the vast majority struggled to pen, give it amazing armour, slower (irl it was a fairly slow tank) and a higher alpha

  19. cant believe they are buffing the armor of a light tank
    oh wait…

  20. Hey dez i saw an article where i saw that tiger 2 hull is getting buffed from 150 to 160mm and the front turret armour is going to 245 mm of armour dont know about the side turret armour. But i am a tiger fan and i am waiting for its buff from last 7 years and hope they now make it as good as a carnavon….

  21. When I read King Tiger on the thumbnail I thought of a Tiger C. Oh well, this is good too.
    Also, I did the maths for the 88mm gun, the DPM got up by a whole 4 points of damage. WOW

  22. Finally!! I love the Tiger II, that’s the only one vehicle, that I have 3 marks on. But for me and for many other people the Tiger I is the favourite tank, but in the game it’s not that good, so I think Tiger I needs buffing as well.

  23. In WoTblitz they already buffed if, but they kinda overbuffed it 😀 It’s lower plate is stronger than on E-100 and upper plate is pennable with cca 280+ mm of pen. It is super strong (or more likely OP) and extremely hard to ace.

  24. 360 alpha makes it like e75 ts

  25. Lowe should have 360 alfa aswell change my mind

  26. That entire line is getting a much needed buff


  28. Numbskull Numismatist

    WoT is dead

  29. The 360 alpha are gonna be the same as on the 105 mm from the E75TS and I love that Alpha damage to be honest

  30. Dude where are you from? I’m trying to figure out your accent. Is it Baltics?Estonia? Or maybe Finland?

  31. It will power creep the Is3 if they try to make it 390 and quite frankly IS-3 back in day used to be amazing but now its powercreeped by its wired hybrid which wargaming introduced……so IS 3 needs some love too cuz it’s looking very bleak for that vehicle right now.
    They can start by giving us option to mount IS-3 autoloader canon and buffing its frontal armour with some tweaks to DPM.

  32. Fck yeah finally man, so fcking long to get bufft, that tank deserved love you k ow❤

  33. this tank is meme wagen, I have boosted it’s reload spead to 9,8 and in frontline it can be played us heavy and medium tanks counter

  34. Yes, my Tiger II is collecting dust in garage.
    Server EU FryTheFly

  35. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    360 alpha is more than enough imho, on par with the newly introduced 105mm boomsticks (E75 transsexual and Renegayde) they have a hefty punch and the reload rate doesn’t suffer.
    380 is a bit much as it’s too close to the stalinwood firing russian 122mms for way less caliber (I know the ravioli slaps you for 390 with a 105 but that’s basically a top tier medium 105 nerfed to oblivion)

    Disclaimer, I like the E75TS and Renegade a lot, just the names are funnier.

  36. Des what about the tier 6 tiger 131 it rely needs some loving to. They wood sell a hell of a lot if the tank was any good. peace.

  37. I have two marks on this beast since forewer. I have not played it regulary for like 3 years. I hope they make it decent at least.

  38. at last ….

  39. Chi Rho † Freedom through blood

    The place style of the king tiger needs to change. It doesnt trade effectivey, it has a nice hp pool but it means nothing if it has to poke out to engage every 6-8 seconds. I wouldnt even mind if WG lowered the rate of fire to a 10-12 second reload but it has a 390-410 dmg. It allows its hp to go a lot further. The upper plate needs a serious buff, same tier medium tanks auto-aim at the tank frontally and pen it with ease. The lower plate can stay weak because a good player (and every player should look to improve their gameplay) will know how to angle the lower plate to bait shots. The small cheeks of the turrent need to be impenetrable for same tier vehicles which will make them need to either flank the big barn or aim for the weak spots. We dont want to make it harder for other players, only to create an environment that harbours competitiveness.

  40. Jesper Askov Bonde Petersen

    Tiger II is a WW2 tank at tier 8, IS-3 is a post-war tank… well I know that WG doesn’t care about historical facts anymore, but those two tanks should never have been at the same tier with the current specs. Preferably Tiger II and IS should have been at the same tier, historically speaking – and the specs would match. IS-3 and M103 would have been balanced. Not only in firepower but especially concerning a more modern armor layout and design. I really think that World of Tanks is one of the most unbalanced games at the moment. Get the job done WG.
    One more thing about Russian tanks: The quality of the tanks was so very bad. The so very famous strong and bouncing armor of the Russian medium tanks in world of tanks – not in real life. Over and over again I have experienced Leopard 1 penetrating T-62 and T-72 turrets like butter on shooting ranges; lost of problems and weak points in the casting process… and the thing is too, that those tanks’ effective range of their guns was at least 400 meters lower than the Leopard 1 – so the NATO Leopards could just camp in the rear of the battlefield and farm some points. The real problem in this was the number of shells: NATO tactical dynamics are fire and agility/movement – USSR the same but they added the MASS effect to the equation during WW2: the more tanks they could bring to the battlefield the better – that is why the quality of the tank wasn’t really an issue if they had produced enough to enter the scene. Just like the T-34 in WW2 – people and materials are spendable…

  41. Dez. Wrong title. Again.
    *HAIL TO THE KING* (Tiger) *BABY!*
    *Duke Nukem voice*

  42. 3:12 Caern?? 171pen150dmg stock
    Awful. 100% useless unless you spent XP

  43. tiger (p) buff next ?

  44. You could always call if fucKING awful.

  45. If “heavily armored” heavy tanks need an armor buff, and a lot of them do, instead of buffing the thickness of the armor, they should rework shell mechanics. No AP shell of the era should be able to go through amor at 65 degrees with any meaningful thickness, that sh*t would just bounce off. and the 3x caliber rule? stupid. should be something more like 5x. armor feels less like steel and more like peanut butter. This would keep trademark weaknesses, while giving value to angling armor

  46. Well, this is a refresh. A good player playing with Tiger? I’ve only seen bright red tomatoes playing with Tiger I, Tiger II and Tiger P. I mean, it doesn’t surprise me, a decent player knows they are utter shit and don’t wanna struggle with it. And me, being an idiot, I grinded Tiger P for almost half a million XP to unlock all four vehicles that it leads to. I almost cried when I finished with it.

  47. In real war it was a beast a really king tiger but at game is like a kity and i would love to see some buffs to it cuz i love it and i want this game to show the real power of KING TIGER !! 🤜🤜

  48. Funny thing. 5 years ago, when playing Tiger II, it felt just on point. Both, this tank and IS3 had some weakpoints which were designed so they could easily be penned by each other. Both had some weaknesses and strong points. But in current meta Tiger II just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t reload as fast as best DPM tanks now but it also doesn’t have alpha as many of tier VIII tanks. So you neither cannot use its rof nor alpha damage. After increasing alpha damage to 360, it’s not going to change much in this regard. So yeah… Increase it’s alpha to 390 and increase reload time (make it a bit slower).
    And TBH, turret front, sides at the front and top should be buffed and hull upper plate. Nothing more.

    That should actually bring that tank back into the meta. Good turret, not that bad mobility, good accuracy, nice alpha. But it would have some weakpoints, like IS-3 and Caravan have. It wouldn’t be OP but it would be competitive.

  49. Doesnt the KV-4 get a buff too?

  50. If they do not change the imbecil RNG and MM a all around 350 armour is usless

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