Tiger II goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. nice, maybe you’re not a faggot after all

  2. Tiger II PogChamp

  3. Alight buddy enough videos for the year pls my body can take only so much

  4. Tiger 2 (H) and Tiger 2 105 are beasts in war thunder. Meta means nothing to it.
    Lmao. Wot makes the best heavy tank worst then paper and fantasy tank.

  5. Load the Skill rounds

    The tiger 2 is a great tank it just shows how ridiculous the newer tech trees and premiums have gotten. I remember going up against it in my t32 ages ago and dreading it. Man the game was different then….

  6. “…that T-62A gonna be more useful dead than it would be alive…” Soooo original, un-copyable SirFoch 😀 😀 😀

  7. Tomáš Chochola

    I bat WG will say because of this one battle tiger II is balanced and it is doing well even against tier 10

  8. I would have load gold (I have to play whole week in my VK 30.02M to do so but I would still do it) in that brawl with obj705 and mauschen, but on my standard account Tiger II even though it says 225mm of penetration too its not I can pen mauschen lower plate like 1 time in 5 shots not every shot like in this video.

    It’s a shame that the only heavy tank at tier VIII that actually was in battle in WWII is probably the worst one. Shame on you dumbgaming and your cartoon oupee pay to win premium tanks.

  9. Stealthy Icytail

    Good gun Wg pls nerf /s

  10. but after all tiger 2 is so beautiful tank that gotta roll out & and get stunned atleast once a year

  11. Finally Sb who’s talkin about the most under powerred tier 8 heavy

  12. Well, you should know better by now, right…. It is a Russian game… Russian don’t like Germans so… they do not seem to get that much love from WG, what so ever.

  13. Russian mediums have better armour than German superheavy.

  14. *Wargaming sees Foch having a good game in the Tiger II*

    “Syka blyat Victor, guess we don’t have to rebalance the Tiger II, everything looks just fine”

    *Hyper buffs the Obj 277 before release of patch 1.0.2*

  15. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Thanks for making tiger 2 video that wg will intepret as being op and leave tiger 2 buffless for another 5 years

  16. The tiger 2 could use a 2 second or so chop off of its reload to give it some great DPM like the tiger had tier for tier, and tiger 1 deserves an armor buff to 150 on the front to make its armor not a joke to even tier 5s

  17. When i see a Tiger I or II in my Borsig I always think ” snack time ” 🙂

  18. Tiger Boo

  19. All German tech trees need a revision to be honest, they keep on buffing the Russian tanks left right and center and they keep the Germans unchanged very retarded 🙁

  20. Oh no, you just gave WG more reason to buff Russian tanks and nerf the German tanks

  21. Tiger II OP confirmed. WG plz nerf.

  22. Dem Skodas were obviously bobs.

  23. One dislike? Must be that Skoda T50 xD

  24. Yes aiming….aiming in general in any tank with any gun. Super effective right ? So many new things every patch to get pissed off about with this game but the one that stays with me is how I can fully aim three or four shots in a row into the dirt with my German gun but my last ditch snap shot as the guy is disappearing catches a pixel and I get a pen…..yeah you all know what I’m saying

  25. Dragan Crnogorac

    Tiger ll is still in game?

  26. Glad I can take a break from Quickybaby’s gold spamming videos and watch some non-gold gameplay from Foch

  27. Lol, i thought it is an old video re posted !

  28. go to 5:41 to cum

  29. Aiming lowers you DPM remember that Sir Foch.

  30. CosmicGamingCrew

    I like that the tiger II has a really good gun and the upper plate isn’t terrible if angled

  31. Drop KT to tier 7, set the long 88 as the top gun. Drop Tiger to tier 6, set short 88 as top gun (this works, we already have the premiums that do it like 131).
    There is no way to make the KT competitive at tier 8, so drop it to tier 7.

  32. GG Well played in a tank that desperately needs some ” LOVE ” !!

  33. Tiger 2 is op

  34. GG Foch. Incredible.

  35. Foch and Kellerman spot-on – Dez & Mark too, most of the time. I’ve quit watching QB – too much of a woose. Lemminrush’s voice pisses me off – he needs to mature first. They are all good players, though. I suck – oh well.

  36. Thats why 3-5-7 sucks, a top tier dies like a retard and your chances to win goes down 20%….

  37. Too bad those Pref MM tanks are messing up the MM so power-crept tanks like the Tiger II have to be bottom tier so much. (joking)

  38. The Tiger II feels and looks like it should be a good T8 heavy, but sadly it is not.

  39. Same old story.
    On other hand, you know WG. If they buff, they always overbuff.

  40. OK GUN??? bro, if i had that gun on is3 or ANY tier 8 tank…

  41. Trevor Renkevens

    @ TheFochYou Heavies that need buffs….
    Tiger 2/VK A
    AMX 50 100
    The 110 (its so bad)
    Every British heavy from tier 5 to tier 7

    Btw, what is your stance on the new bullshit premium pref tank rebalance?

  42. IMO, all the Tiger II needs is E75-caliber upper hull armor and 2k DPM base. 2k is good and if the upper plate was maybe 240-250+, then it would be a good choice. Superb APCR, and non-autoaimable armor would help this succeed in t8+ games

  43. Tiger 2 can rekt the 268 4 in a 1 vs 1 any day of the fucking week

  44. WG ll take this video as a proof that the tiger II is too good and need nerfing

  45. Great vid, Foch. Loved the humour but also a lot of useful advice in that one.

  46. Had a tiger 2 Game with about 5 k dmg but i was to tier and have no idea how the fuck it was possible

  47. Give us your opinion on the perfecting preferential tanks.

  48. Guy want to sleep now. Lmao

  49. I think tvp was just mad of how many shots you put into him lol

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