TIGER KILLER – Centurion Mk.1 Gameplay – War Thunder Realistic Battle

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Source: ThunderKing

The aka one hell of a in my opinion. Let’s see how it holds up!

I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching!


  1. Why would you research the smoke grenades before the APDS shell??

  2. That first clip…
    Happened the same thing to me against a Tiger II (H) when i was using the Caernarvon,weird.

  3. i think there is a glitch where when anything hits the mg port of the tiger, it is set on fire. happened to me too many times got sick n tired of it

  4. play chaffe light tank

  5. “Tiger Killer ” my T-50 can kill a shitty Tiger.

  6. That is a bug with atleast Tiger I, Tiger II and Ferdinand. And its wery anoying.

  7. the smoke animation is really cool

  8. “What the fuck is going on?”

    The diff had a hairline crack in it from a previous battle and when your round hit the front of the tank, the driver dropped his cigarette into the pooled oil?

  9. British ammo does no damage

  10. Hey thunder!
    Do you agree if warthunder add the rocket penetration.I mean how much penetration that rockets give?

  11. Thunder King Your intro was very nice. I have that situation also . I got killed by und machine gun, wich shot at a 150mm front plate ….. thanks gajin

  12. U should get more sub! great video and i like your speech #nohomo ,anyway keep making WT video bro!

  13. The centurion looks amazing but on grinding this tank is the utter shits and no fun at all.Try it in rb battles its pathetic.

  14. Ariz Dhex Celestino

    wow you’re really good at CAS but for me I struggle to even find where the enemy is

  15. That fire bug thing happened to me today too. I shot a Ferdinand from long range with the STRV 81 and the damage cam showed it bounce off near the gun but it set him on fire and he died. I was thinking the same thing you were…wtf just happened.

  16. Atm ground forces seem really confused. (I don’t like to say broken)
    Far too much RNG-effects.
    I play for over a year now, but it never was so luck-dependant as it is these days.
    That makes it really frustrating to play sometimes. You learned about shells, tanks, maps, all that stuff for…nothing.

  17. BlackBurn Gaming News Radio

    What’s the music at the end pls ?

  18. Love the videos Thunder! been with you since ps4 no mic and 500 subs and im still here hope to see the channel progress 🙂 because im strapped in for the ride-sidenote lovvvvve the intros.

  19. Mycroft Beaufighter

    this game is buggy as hell now, yesterday the side of a tiger 1 at 90° bounced a shell of my M26E1. had to take another shot to kill him

  20. Prabaditya Rahman

    the title of your vid hurts me xD

  21. Prabaditya Rahman

    Thunder king, can you play the panther 2 for your next video please??

  22. Vovan4ikMIX Mezen

    если ThunderKing мне ответит я с ем свой USB!!!

  23. British bias, catches tank outside on fire and kills them

  24. The Gaming Fascist

    Had to dislike

  25. so i tried to play the T29 today because y’know it’s cheap now. and it’s impossible to win a game atm with the IS-cancers driving around.

  26. The tiger H1 SUCKS soooooooo much. It’s just a trash tank. Not a heavy it’s a uparmored TD with a turret. It’s just sad

  27. how come you’re still on ps4 man? didn’t you make the transition to pc master race?

  28. One time on Kursk in a panic, I shot the upper front plate of the Tiger II H with the stock shell on the M36 and it didn’t pen but he burned down lol

  29. Just saying… I hate the living shit out of US and British CAS, especially the Wyvern and Sabres.

    At least you didn’t pull a OrangeDoom where he uploads a video of him getting 4 kills with 8 RP-3s in less than a minute on targets that were scattered and on his following video claims that CAS is the hardest role in tank RB. And on a Napalmratte video he “professionally criticized” that rockets are useless because of whiners. I had a very high respect for him way back but I didn’t notice that he only has that efficiency rating because he just pulls out a aircraft with at least 8 rockets even if he has to bail out of his tank for it. He is way better in Air RB than me, but even I can pull 4 tank kills out of my ass on a strike fighter on tank battles.

    Would love to see him play Japan more often where he has shit for CAS.

  30. Why did Americans elect this guy

    Lol, right now, with the state of Germany, every tank is a tiger killer

  31. Do you play on PS4 ?

  32. gold up in my, gold up in my teeth
    You know it tastes like money when i speak

  33. Hey thunder king love your vids you should check out my channel and tell me what you think

  34. nice. cheers

  35. Do you think the game feels better on the PC compared to the PS4 version and feel like PS4 players are at a disadvantage v PC players and the PC version of War Thunder?

  36. This game is getting so depressing. Great tanks in WW2 are shit and facing postwar tanks. I did have one really good thing happen 10 games ago. I got a 1000000 credit battle trophy in one game. That was a shock.

  37. do you play on ps4 or pc.

  38. What do you expect from a Russian game,they reduced the armor on the German tanks and penning ability.

  39. your hispano aim gave me aids

  40. Good old tank killer…..that came from the future to kill mid/late ww2 german tanks.

  41. Solid Shot a bias set him on fire

  42. You’re my favorite War Thunder Youtuber. Very high quality, loving the commentaries, the zooms on enemy tanks and the occasional cheeki breeki memes ?.

    I’m a die hard Germany player, but I’m struggling a lot at BR 7.0 ATM. Grinding for my first leopard.

  43. i startet playing the british tanks but on low tier they are a horrific disaster …. i need 5-6 shells to kill an oponent while beeing one shottet every time from any angle … is that normal? and does it get bether? if yes when(tier/Battlerating)?

  44. could you make a video with the cromwell mk V?
    it does pretty good for me

    btw love your vids, keep up the great work

  45. whats the outro music i want to find it but i cant there is to much muisc on ApproachingNirvana

  46. You shame wyvern players..

  47. 1:37 stop look and listen

  48. Dominic Ashburner

    Subscribed after seeing your cine intro. Sold

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