TIGER-MAUS 120T – First Look in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Tiger-Maus 120T is currently being tested in World of Tanks! Here's all we know about a T9 German heavy that has some big shoes to fill!



  1. Lmaoo i dig the idea

  2. QB please do a reaction to the WOT 2.0 persiflage.

  3. So a premium or reward E75.

  4. Better than the Wall-breaker at least.

  5. Looking sweet

  6. The best turret on IX tier so far is on obj 705 i guess?

  7. Wot Addict Global

    I want to see a premium Tier 1 tank. Like this comment if you agree!!!

  8. Next EBR-Maus.

  9. I cant wait to see Type 5 Elc

  10. 300mm armour – have fun tier 7s

  11. The hull is kind of a hybrid between the E100 and E75, Its sides are just different (yes de sideskirts) but also the armor itself if you look at the upper part of the side armor and the corner in the front. Fun to see this kind of tank coming to the came, probable completely made up but still kind of realistic which i think is cool for so now and then.

  12. WG would better buff VK45.02 (P) to similiar level like E75

  13. Take my Money WG 🙂

  14. Quyck, that is tiger 2 hull and maus turrer those side skirts are on tiger 2
    Sory to say it but its tiger 2 hull whit rear mouted maus turet

  15. Obviously it is just like a turreted JgPzE100

  16. It may look made up, but it’s based on a project. Watch Tank Encyclopedia’s video about Tiger-Maus.
    To sum up, Krupp was the german company that made guns and turrets. They went on making their own tank combining parts of the Maus and E-100, Tiger, and Panther components (As the name Tiger-Maus suggests).
    They made a rear turreted tank that went from 150 to 170 to 130 tons, it packed the Mauschen turret and they worked on the E-100’s hull. It was canceled in favour of helping the Maus project. They burned the drawings.

  17. Nahh bro, this is too much 💀

  18. What in the name of Kaizer of Adolf is this?

  19. Isn’t it funny that i once had that idea of an e-100 without sideskirts and a smaller/weaker turret for T9 in my head and also wrote it down in some comments ?

  20. WG has been not so creative recently, just copy-pasting parts of random vehicles and creating “new” ones just for money! Thankfully i left the game.

  21. Interesting. It looks like it might be a tier 9 premium. Would need more details, especially armor model, but based on these characteristics I’d probably want to get one.

  22. I think the 300mm frontal turret is dumb. Why is it thicker than the Maus? It isnt even useful. Because gold will still go through it. And while it could angle, the side is even thinner than the Mauschen, allowing for an easier pen in the side. Gold will destroy it’s turret

  23. The maus that roared… 😂😂

  24. This tank looks meh.

  25. WG should introduce tier 11-12 with early cold war tank to mid cold war instead with apds or apfsds new and new tank now a day is like primary school work. and for balance sake WG don’t need to care much about physic of above shell cause is arcade anyway

  26. Finally looks like an actually competitive tier 9 premium. I’m expecting ppl to angle the turret so that the enemy can only see the front of the turret.

  27. This should be a barrel of laughs to go up against in my turbo kv5 😮

  28. I’m waiting for Bourrasque-Maus M44

  29. Republic of Texas

    So basically flat out better than the mauchen? Definitely going to be a premium.

  30. So… when is Ratte coming to the game? An exp. piñata to higher tiers would be nice.

  31. Just making shit up now

  32. bro i saw the thumbnail and started laughing wtf is this

  33. What in the godamn is this

  34. There’s those church bells again.

  35. Wooo! Mausiness knows no limits!

  36. Tiger Maus… so the tiger mouse? Is that a mouse with tiger stripes? Or a tiger with mouse behavior? Or a forbidden cross between tiger and mouse?

  37. bruh it does more dmg per shot than the actual maus

  38. Not a fan of the 300mm frontal turret armor. Combine it with the seemingly removed cupola and you got another hulldown tank which forces you to fire gold (unless they turn the turret to the side a bit). This is apparently just a better tier 9 VK. There is no point in adding this tank except the money grab

  39. WG really reaching aint it?

  40. It looks like the hull of the Tiger 2 with that double periscope on the roof of the hull, and the turret of the mix of Maus and Mauschen. I guess that’s where the name came from.

  41. I honestly think its a jagtiger hull

  42. WG just cant put the Origional E-100 in the game? Even Gaijin managed to do it years ago

  43. Finally gave up on the game. Had 8 people on my team who did zero damage and this was the 6th game in a row with people obviously just sitting there and getting shot.
    Contacted wg snd they said “people of all skill levels are in matchmaking” yeah like they are not aware of the issue thst several youtubers and people like me have reported. They can get bent.,,game will die even faster as people lost interest in a competitive game that is half populated by bots/cheaters.

  44. That’s it folks, they ran out of all ideas. We’re doomed.

  45. Can’t wait for the Föchentragger B100

  46. Today i saw an Udes 03 3, what is that?

  47. E100 turret?? I think it’s e75 turret

  48. Ninja Plays Games

    WG: let’s just make up new tanks!

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