Tiger Rampage

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  1. Notification SQUAAAAAAD

  2. wow im finally in the top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Because im not a fucking idiot”

    Crashes into a swedish td.

  4. Matti Meikäläinen

    For some reason I like Tiger 1 more than T29. Also my wr is like 10% more in Tiger

  5. *Knock knock*
    – Who is it?
    – Ben.
    – Ben wh-omfg noooo
    – BEN D. KNEE

  6. That was impressive, the call on what would happen if the T71 dies , so early on in the game.

  7. Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth

    Xvm needs to be banned…. Seriously.

  8. What happend to HF15?

  9. I miss Highflyer15, he and Jingles are the ones who got me interested in your channel, Circon. I know he got burnt out, but I still go back to his channel to reminisce from time to time. And when he was on Circon’s dream Team, it was comedy gold.

  10. Is Circon a murican citizen?

  11. “The real feeling of playing Tiger 1”

  12. outspotting enemys in a heavy tank is so damn dirty

  13. And your reload is 2x faster than my tiger p’s

  14. So does circon like the tiger 1?

  15. Ah, the irony of mcInvisible (T34-85M) being killed while he’s invisible…LOL.

  16. well unless everyone wants you dead for no odd reason like me

  17. Circon of house tagaryen first of his name king of the tiger protector of the ap

  18. ¸i ve got 100% marks on my tiger 1 easy peasy 🙂

  19. Circon takes a corner and gets the most casual high calibre ever. GG.

  20. I love that the medium tank you camo sniped (in your Tiger, no less) was named mcInvisible.

  21. you make a pretty good Deanarys

  22. WTF RNG of this gun is amazing! 80% of time goes where it is aimed at!

  23. Circon now play T29 and show us unicum’s RNG (I get only 60% hit rate even in CQC)

  24. It was like a Michael Whittmann reenactment in the Villers Bocage.

  25. Circon, does this make all of us, using xvm f idiots?

  26. Wrecking t34s, matildas ,kv1s, m4s and such in a tiger…so…fucking…good…

  27. I absolutely love this tank on console. I was riping people apart with the VK and everyone said enjoy it the tiger sucks. I 3 marked the barrel before I even finished unlocking the king tiger and just played it like I did the VK with the konish. The name of the game is getting atleast 2 for one in your trades. I have the DMP maxed with equipment and crew skills. This thing is surgical at laying down pain. I rekt a full health E75 while only on half health. Pinned that bitches tracks so fast he went thru 2 repair kits before he even got close to getting his barrel on me and by then it was auto aim the sides, keep turning left, stop to hit the tracks every third shot. Mono to mono this is the best tier 7 heavy.

  28. Why does he never buy consumables when they are 50% off?

  29. Came for the game play stayed for the memes.

  30. who is highflyer15?is it a meme?

  31. How the fuck did you get top tier? EVERY game in my Tiger I is bottom tier. =

  32. 5k credits is what circon makes in a single stream

  33. tiger 1 my fav tank

  34. “you calling QB an idiot” I mean when you’re nickname is QuickyRage and gold ammo gets called QuickyBaby rounds… You know you reached an all time level of Douche

  35. Man how I miss the dream team. I Still go back and just listen to those vids. Some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard

  36. silly Circon , u only set fire to German tenks from front.

  37. QuickyBaby confirmed idiot 2017. Now if only he could realize it himself without sucking down WG jizz everyday.

  38. Panzer Knee ja!

  39. “Why don’t I use XVM? Because I’m not a fucking Idiot”
    *T-bones the shit out of rolling Ikea for the memes as he says it*

  40. “The new rating will be integrated in the XVM mod and its services. If you like it, you can trust it to deliver the latest data using these enhanced algorithms. Please, don’t forget to update the mod.” Anybody still has hope they will get rid off xvm?

  41. Tiger 1 OP, please nerf.

  42. I got the tiger at 88.3% of the mark worth going for 3 marks and buying it back? http://www.wotstats.org/stats/eu/lumberjack500/

  43. Somebody was watching game of thrones recently lol

  44. That’s what happens when a top tier tank throws his tank away. A T71 in that match-up could have wreaked havoc.

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