TIGERS WORST NIGHTMARE – Jumbo Sherman (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Joaquim Ayrton Gancia

    1 heat shell from my tiger’s 88mm is enough to kill your jumbo fly. trust me i’ve done it before?

  2. you can easily kill the jumbo, by shooting the tracks close to the front from whatever angle, the shot should just go through the shitty under plates. just try it sometime

  3. This was the “Fury” tank fyi everyone that didnt know

  4. Don’t click on this link if you don’t want to help me.. just saying.

  5. to kill M4A3E2 just shoot the horizontal drive..

  6. Professor Yakkington

    Do you really have to yell that loud in your intros? New subscriber here, whose eardrums have just about enough

  7. I gotta thank you PhlyDaily. If this video wasn’t posted , I would have quit War Thunder. But all your skills and teachings are just another good thing about you!

  8. German big guns. Only take out tanks with 100mm cannons and up

  9. whats the intro song

  10. Attempt #1 Do the M4A1 76 w

  11. Phly, the reason you can fire well on the move is because a lot of the US tanks got Gyro-stabilizers put on them in the last update. All the shermans have it, and a few light tanks as well, eg. M24 Chaffee. Keeps the gun almost perfectly steady, so long as you don’t go to crazy. To fast and the uneven terrain will toss the tank around more than the stab. can compensate for, and even slow, to sudden a movement will mess up the aim, eg. hard track brake turning, or sudden defalade.

  12. prashantmakemerich

    how to kill a jumbo?

  13. happy ? anzac day all 🙂

  14. Frederik Claeyssens

    That stinkin’ HEAT-FS ain’t got no place in those dang BR’s…

  15. What does RnG mean?

  16. The Jumbo is the best American tank in War Thunder.

  17. Tamás Kerecsényi

    The short barreled 75mm tier3 jumbo is the op one. in RB it’s just steamrolls everything.

  18. TheAmazingDoge Gamer


  19. in the Netherlands we have a store called Jumbo

  20. I made a mistake and got the premium one.

  21. unbelievable. you play so well phly. but you show on all other vids how easy it is to kill shermans. basically anyone who is an avid viewer is basically playing like you….I kill better thanks to you K.I.L.L.! LOL

  22. I love the jumbo’s side armour

  23. I one shot the jumbo in a T34 85 up close

  24. Fly out the F80 it needs a BR reduction to 7.5 IMO.

  25. ce skill omg !! gg

  26. Beneteus der graue Wolf

    Take out the Pz. 38 t. Show them some Tzeck love Attempt #02

  27. Rice Combo: Take out the Chi-Ha Kai and the KI-43-I. Defend the Rice of the Glorious Empire

  28. Kenneth Fenris Lund

    Time for you to take out the Tiger 1E and the Bf-109F4! for the love of sauerkraut and the fatherland! Or ze punishment will be severe…May the schnapps be with you!

  29. ” Tiger’s worst nightmare ” but ingame the frotal plate can be penetrated by everything, even the russian 85mm. Bug report sent three years ago, shit hasn’t be done yet. Sigh.

  30. *Opened YouTube*
    *Looking at the first video*

    Me: “Oh, Phly just uploaded a video, let’s just watch it, i’m bored right now.”

  31. Phly u should use the PE-8 with the IT-1 as a combo.

  32. killermacandchhese

    Actually the transmission was the tigers worst nightmare. Just saying

  33. 1:24 seeing all the tanks he unlocked put me to shame

  34. i thought tiger nightmare is m4 firefly

  35. New stabilizer for Shermans are nice.

  36. M3 leeeeeeeeee please ölmezsin oynasan okuz

  37. 8:27 RNG? I thought there is no RNG in Warthunder

  38. T20 and P-51D-20 NA

  39. What is the op tank in this game

  40. GSHQ88 Productions

    Is this why I see so many jumbos at tier 3??

  41. you destroy my beuty panzer VI Tiger 🙂

  42. I would really love it if you could play the Churchill Mk VII. maybe with the Typhoon fighter/bomber as your plane?

  43. like ur vids phly..

  44. Concentrated Clorox

    How do you view the tank in X-ray view in battle on PS4?

  45. more Battleground!!!

  46. Hey Phly, you might have noticed you fire well on the move. since the last patch all shermans are outfitted with vertical stabilizers.
    Especially the jumbo’s profit from this since they are so buffed up front.

  47. there are no russian tanks in war thunder u idiot!

  48. “Let’s just fuck that pussy up”-Phly 2017

  49. for the loving the unloved series try the m2 that has 5 rotating 7.92s

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