Time To Talk – Channel Shake Up

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But several conversations with people, whoÙs opinion I care about, finally made me realize this needed to be done sooner, rather than later.


  1. I will still be watching. Ark my not be the game for me, but I’m not going
    anywhere. Look forward to your future content and good luck.

  2. I came to wot and I stayed for your personality :)

  3. Another tank game world of Armored Warfare http://aw.my.com/us/about


  5. If you are playing a game and you aren’t enjoying it, the better decision
    is to leave it. So if you aren’t enjoying and having fun with WoT you take
    the right decision! Wondering why a lot of players (I mean famous players
    like streamers and youtubers) are complaining about WG games the last

  6. Christian, are you friendzoning us? We can change! Is it butt stuff? Is
    that what you want? Okay, we’ll do butt stuff!

    JK, you have to do what’s best for Christian. Just know that your fans
    support you. I, for one, have never heard of Ark. I like what I saw, and
    I’m looking forward to your videos.

  7. Ah, I watch your videos because I want to watch you, not because I like
    WoT. You’re the guy making the vids funny. Anyway, I’ll always check out
    your video if you’ve uploaded a new one, you sexy bum.

  8. You know, the ending team should be jeopardy theme (I think its called)..
    Other then that, cya around HF15:))

  9. Slipgator guy on Ark sounds like he is sitting on the toilet pushing some
    out. I know what you mean.

  10. That torpedo dodge tho

  11. an0ther@World of Tanks

    When it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on. No need to feel bad about
    it whatsoever. Keep posting good content and I’ll continue to watch :)

  12. I understand the frustration of wot and youtube. I know it is hard.
    Especially you make these guide-type videos which a lot of effort is needed
    to make and very little video time. Although I do not really like HF must
    die series and i do not watch it, I still leave my account subscribed to
    you to show my support for whatever you will do

  13. you should sell tee shirts that say “stay awesome” lolthanks for tank

  14. If you want to see how your channel will develop – just look at SideStrafe.
    You’ll end up being a “jack of all trades” – and master of non. We are
    looking for “master” content – not a game-buffet. Think about it – I hardly
    watch SideStrafe – he is more boring now – than when he was WoT mainly. I’m
    still subbed to SideStrafe – but that’s out of pity. If you cant generate
    great content using WoT – then why would the same not happen with other
    games? Could it be the game is not the problem – but you? You’re just sick
    of playing with noobs – perhaps?

  15. You’re making a mistake; WoT is what made you man; Jingles and QB know this
    – that’s why they’ll stick with it – as long as they can. As and when the
    game finally dies – then it’s the time to move on. But this game is not yet
    reaching its peak…you’re leaving it – out of boredom or perhaps
    frustration – which is very understandable – but you’re bailing out – and
    leaving all the fun to Jingles and QB.

  16. Like said, this is your channel. Thanks for the WoT videos you made, they
    were absolutely one of the best Wot videos ever made, at least most of them
    the funniest ones :). Take care of yourself and your girlfriend and stay

  17. I stopped playing WoT September of last year and stayed subscribed to the
    channel. Post whatever you like man, it’s your channel.

  18. arty is fucked up

  19. thank you. enjoyed your work. cheers

  20. Well i’ll miss ya highflyer. I have enjoyed it all. So much help and advice
    has made me
    a better player. But as i don’t play anything but World of Tanks the
    channel will not have
    anything i am interested in. I will however stay subbed in case you do a
    reunion or special.

  21. Highflyer, do what you have to do as long as your happy and
    comfortable with your decision. Your true Subs/Friends will follow and
    support you in your next adventure. Remember one thing, it is not just the
    game it is also the Host’s personality. Be true to yourself and things
    will work out. Cannot wait for your new series of videos and don’t forget
    Stay Awesome….

  22. hey msn it’s fine everyone gets bored when games eventually abd ark is
    really fun can’t wait for your tips and tricks in that game.

  23. You do you Highflyer! Carry on my friend. :)

  24. Honestly this is your channel and its your hobby. You should be the one
    decided what to be doing

  25. I’m looking forward for some ARK tutorials and just game play.

  26. I’ll have you know, your wot tips videos are the reason I improved in the
    game. Thankyou

  27. waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaaa, “unsubscribe.” I have played 22K games and WOT’s
    is awesome. I could only stomach 4 mins of this shit on times 2 speed.

  28. Going to miss your wot uploads Christian

  29. Ark looks pretty kick ass. Definitely staying subscribed.

  30. HF, I’ve said it before…. actually I was the first on this vid, You have
    been grea,t respect. But to put it into context, I’ve not played WoT for 6
    months. Purely because the teams have got too frustrating. Everyone needs a
    break, Well miss you in WoT but look forward to exciting new times, Take
    care. See you at Tankfest 2016

  31. I certainly do not blame you…WoT has changed a lot (and overall not for
    the better) and if it is not fun to play, it can’t be fun to make videos of
    it. I appreciate your vids on WoT, they helped me a lot and I am a better
    player for it. I don’t play WoT liked I used to and we all change and move
    on. I look forward to your future vids, whatever games they cover! =D

  32. monkeystandoffsucks

    We just wanted to make sure that you were alive. Stay awesome!

  33. Thanks for all the videos, I owe you big time for all that WoT knowlege 🙂
    Do what makes you happy and stay awesome, greetings from Poland :)

  34. Well Im happy your back & gonna make more videos. I had so many WoT
    questions I wanted to ask but oh well.

  35. I see no need to unsubscribe. Gonna miss the WoT videos, but I do
    understand. Only played the game 5 times this year, which is a shame. But
    sometimes one needs a change once in a while. Anyway, I wish you luck and
    looking forward to see your new content. :)

  36. I love your videos highflyer and ill keep watching, but please don’t start
    using super click bait titles, they are annoying, keep the titles

  37. completely understand your decision. i hope you will make some world of
    warships videos. i think wows is a great upcoming game that im going to
    enjoy. hopefully you enjoy it aswell.

  38. I don’t generally subscribe to a channel because of the game the person is
    playing, I subscribe because they enjoy what they’re doing and it shows.
    Sure, I found your channel because of WoT, but I would (and have) watched
    for pretty much anything else. The important thing is that you enjoy what
    you’re playing. I’ve seen people who let their channels continue on for far
    too long. You know they don’t enjoy it anymore, but they do it anyway
    because it’s what’s expected, and the quality of the videos sucks. Good for
    you for actually coming to terms with it and moving on. I’ve been mostly
    out of WoT for a while now, but still watch, so if you’re moving on to
    things like Ark, (Which I also play) I’m sure I’ll enjoy that also.

  39. Two Nine Alpha Romeo

    Mate Its been a good ride, I wish you the best with what ever you do, Ill
    still be here coz we luves ya. Thanks for the great WOT films, Thanks for
    showing my SU76i 10 kills in 3min, you made my day. All the best to ya Ape

  40. Relax. Fresh content is always welcome. And you can always revisit WoT from
    time to time if you ever get nostalgic. Having passion for what you do is
    FAR more important than sticking to WoT. Enjoy your new direction.

  41. Thanks for all the entertainment you provided, Highflyer. With your tip
    guides, I grew into a competent wot player and had a lot of fun playing
    this game during my early college days. Just to prove the effectiveness of
    your videos, I’m Barrel_Roll, from the NA server.

    I the end, as time goes by, you have to face the increased tighter schedule
    available to play anything, at all, and between real life stuff and that
    available time… you must become more selective of what you play,
    especially after years of playing a f2p grinding game like WoT is. I for
    one, took a break as well and just play it sporadically.

    As a suggestion, I support that you continue playing those horror games
    from time to time, especially if there’s mp involved. Also, I think it’s
    plausible to consider that you appreciate the WWII theme behind war games,
    so what would you think about playing some RTS in that genre, providing
    tips and stuff?
    Games like Men of War Assault Squad 2 and Company of Heroes are pretty
    decent, and have a nice learning curve.

    Regardless of what you may do, keep up the work man, and remember that, at
    least for me, what made your channel special was the care you had for your
    videos, especially the early ones, being through and making your point!

  42. Oh this is bit sad. You are silent for 4 months and now you come back only
    to say you are not gonna do WoT anymore (honestly I figured that out on you
    not coming with anything new). When I saw a new video by you I was excited
    to hear you again but this is not what I wanted to hear.

    Anyway – honestly Im probably not interested in games you are going to
    cover so I might unsub after some time just to keep subscribes focused on
    videos I want to see but gl in those games anyway and gl in real life !

    Enjoyed your WoT Tips videos that helped me to learn the game and rly
    enjoyed the Quickies.

  43. That was a very frank, open and the most emotional clip that I have ever
    endured. I could feel your pain and have to admit to tearing up a little.

    I have enjoyed sharing the journey with you so far and will be forever
    grateful for your contribution, entertainment, advice and assistance. I
    wish you all the very best in your future endeavors, wherever the next
    phase of your life may take you.

    I will not unsubscribe but I can’t guarantee how much content I will be
    viewing. I hope that out paths will cross in the future.


  44. Well dude, I understand how you feel. I jump between games just to keep
    things interesting as well. Would like to see some Armored Warfare and Star
    Citizen as well. Thanks for all the videos.

  45. I’m definitely still going to watch your videos, and I think this channel
    can grow bigger, even without World of Tanks. Stay awesome as you always
    were! :)

  46. Armored Warfare! Play it and have some fun.

  47. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    Made me tear up a bit, HF. Love you, man, and I’m sticking around. <3

  48. I always knew this day was coming. play enough matches with witless fucking
    scumbag artys and moron lemming trains will drain the fun out of this game
    for anyone. I myself took a break because I was sick of being instakilled
    from behind cover by some 45% clown in his Whack-a-Mole wagon from the
    other end of the map. I support you doing this because you said it
    yourself…your not having any fun IN A GAME. All I ask is that you
    remember the Golden Rule….That the M3 Lee is garbage.

  49. Your true subs don’t care what you post on your channel. They only care
    that you post videos doing what you enjoy.

  50. I`ll stay. I subscribed 2-3 years ago, you belong to my inventory 🙂 I will
    even watch that Dino-Bullshit – lol

  51. Looking forward to seeing your new content!

  52. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    High do what you need to do to enjoy gaming again the guys which are your
    subscribers will either stay or go its their choice just as it yours to
    change the content on this channel i’m here as i like you as personality
    much as i’m subscribed to others like jingles foch PHJ circon just to name
    a few so whatever you play upload if i like i watch it and like you i am
    super addicted to ark and AW at moment and WoWs as fellow WoT player in
    recent times i felt rather burned out and at odds with game to the point
    where i dont enjoy it no more so i stopped playing it. whatever you do and
    upload i will still be here

  53. Just play what you like to play. It is about having FUN man!!!

  54. Dude, we will watch what ever you post. It is you, not the content, that
    brings us here. You might even convince some of us to try games besides
    WOT. And thank you, thank you so much for all the WOT videos you have
    made. They make us better players.

  55. You should try dark souls/bloodborne, there is plenty of content for guides
    and other thing plus its a really good game. Been over a year now since I
    last properly played wot and dark souls is what I moved on to. Your videos
    were some of the first ones that helped me get better, and were always
    enjoyable to watch. Thanks

  56. I like wot but I came a lot for your personality

  57. keep at it HF,im not going anywhere.

  58. Finaly got some signal after such a time not hearing anything. I am also
    kind of done with WoT after 3years playing it, seems like a common thing to
    WoT players, many friends also stopped playing lately. Pls just keep going
    with other games, I really look forward to that dino game, and maybe I’ll
    start playing it as well. Cya around HighFlyer

  59. Omg he’s alive

  60. I feel pretty much the same, after playing for 3 yrs. I will still follow
    your videos though.

  61. Ever thought of playing the total war franchises games?

  62. highflyer dont worry,we all still love you! just make sure that you feel
    good or we couldnt really enjoy the content. And tbf who isnt getting fed
    up with wot? :p


  64. Just do whatever you want to do. Some people will leave, some other will
    stay and some new will appear. As long as you keep doing quality stuff,
    it’ll be fine.


  66. I have not played WoT for nearly a year so I know how you feel about this
    game, but in the beginning I watched & shared your videos you helped me
    become a better player as a result. As long as you make videos I will
    watch, time marches on & people move on so don’t feel bad. I am currently
    off grid at the moment having just moved from Southern England to South
    Wales & I only have a 5 year old laptop to access the Interweb so I can
    only watch not play at the moment :’-(

  67. I’ve always watched for your commentary. I’ve been sick of the game for a
    long time, but I appreciate your contribution.

  68. ZadziwiajacyFranek

    I watched your videos for such a long time, man. Then I just got pissed off
    at WoT for obvious reasons and stopped playing. But that meant that I
    drifted away from watching your channel. And just a few months ago I got
    over being angry at WoT, started enjoying WoT videos again and I was
    immensely sad when I saw that you don’t upload content anymore. I was just
    a passive watcher and I was surprised how much I missed you and your great
    work (no homo tho bro). On top of that I’ll just say that I’ll happily
    watch any game you upload that isn’t WoT because I got pissed off again.

  69. i feel the same way you do, don’t blame you at all for stepping back from
    WOT. Maybe you could get into AW, i’m sure lots of new players need tips on
    that game when it opens on the 8th, plus there is PvE so you can play
    without all the stupid aspects of WOT. good luck, thanks for all the tips
    and advice

  70. just continue like that ! Whatever game you play, we’ll stay ;-)

  71. TheBurningsteppes

    +TheRiisigSun Thanks for your effort, and sharing your knowledge. I FULLY
    get your decision. there are times I can’t even force myself to log into
    WoT for pretty much every reason you listed… and a few you didn’t. Keep
    calm, carry on, and ARK looks very cool. Looking forward to what comes
    next. o7

  72. I remember way back prior the physic patch in wot prior 7.x yeeears ago
    where you even could’t drive down over cliffs. I saw this game called wot
    and triet it out because it remembered me to my childhood when i played
    with littel tanks xD it was fun in tier 1-3 but difficult. I suffered in
    the A20 and didn’t know how to scout and then i found your videos. You were
    different from the other guys who did make videos on wot. There were a few
    childs…too young with high annoying voices. You couldn’t take them
    seriously. You were serious but funny too. I liked your “journey” seeing
    the scout videos, weakspot guides, how to improve, HighFlyer must die, the
    friendship with dorjan, i loved the dream team xD and looked at a few of
    the other channels, but sticked to yours too. Seeing you get your
    girlfriend through wot was funny. The Quickys of the week where cool and
    entertaining and you sounded like a american wrestling commentator xD nice!
    I don’t mind you making other content, i’ll stick to the channel. it
    does’nt bite me or something. Do whatever you like, even if it means
    stopping youtube content completely. THANKS a lot for the tipps and
    entertainment HighFlyer and STAY AWESOME! 🙂 PS: don’t forget the
    Waffleträger song with Dorjans voice xD Awesome.

  73. well you were the first wot youtuber i watched, and you helped me a lot of
    the basics. but i know well how you can lose interest in a game, happened
    To me on a few occasions, but do whatever you like, godspeed for you

  74. The only thing I heard is that you’re breaking up with me. Sorry HF…we
    can make this work! ; ) We’re behind you bro.

  75. Totally respect and agree with your decision. I also quit wot for a half a
    year. Gonna miss your quickies but i hope you will grow as person and very
    looking forward to next stream or video you upload.
    Keep positive HF 🙂 (highfive) :)

  76. Hey HighFlyer/Chris, very glad to see you’re alive and okay! I completely
    understand you’ve grown bored with Tenks, it does get boring after a bit.
    Well, I’ll be sticking around, and when you stream I’ll be around to keep
    the trolls away when I can.

    If you ever wanna play GTA V (and make tips for it), perhaps some Skyrim
    multiplayer, or perhaps even some Payday, hit me up! By the way, it had to
    be said that you had me in tears when you did your Pewdiepie impression.
    Looking forward to ARK videos, I love dinos but I can’t really get the hang
    of that game. That was the case with Tanks too before I saw your videos so
    I guess history will repeat itself.

  77. I´ve started to feel the same about WoT so I welcome the change and are
    really looking forward to the Ark videos :)

  78. Whatever you gona upload i will gladly wach it. I just hate waching
    youtubers that upload wot, wows etc. gameplay. You are the only one that i
    subscribe and wait for next video. So i dont care in what gamei will still
    be here on your chanel. Take care and have fun. I wish we could meet online
    in future. Greetings from Poland !!

  79. what a nice way to say good bye:)

  80. Thanx highflyer for all the great content u made me watch. Your
    futurevideo’s will detirmine if i stay or not, so keep on the good work and
    thanx for coming back!!

  81. Nice to hear from you, and glad you can now do what you what, this is your
    channel after all 🙂 definately staying around and watching new stuff,
    interests change and maybe I’ll get a spark to play ark. But you made
    awesome tank videos, you were the first youtuber I started to watch, and
    learned a lot! STAY AWESOME and bring us more videos ;)

  82. Will continue to watch your channel mate.

  83. I would love to see you in some other games. Actually there was a time I
    removed all ,,WoT” channels like” from my subbox (and in some wondrous I
    didn’t noticed you at that time ) because I’m no longer interested in WoT
    videos from the same reasons as you and also that this game become staple
    (i was playing since early beta). So keep on going with new stuff. Cheers
    from Poland :)

  84. Holly Shit!!! Finally, I was worried you were dead or something!
    And hey if you play other games its fine, I mean some we will probably
    watch and some we may not like, we’ll see. Hell, happen before that I
    started playing the game I never heard about till i saw a vid on youtube.
    Show us some stuf about those dinos, it looks interesting.

  85. It’s your channel, you should do what you want and not according to what
    others want. Can’t be said enough times as other game channels goes through
    the same phase.

  86. Nothing but best wishes. Your decision is understandable, and sad at the
    same time. I enjoy your videos, and WOT, too. I’m not good at it, but you
    have helped me learn. I’ll not go away from the channel. Staying
    subscribed. And if you do more WOT, I’ll watch. You may show me new things
    to get involved in.

    Best wishes! Have always loved your voice, BTW.

  87. You were the first wot player I ever watched, I watched all your tips and
    quickies, and they helped me get so much better, and around now, I
    rewatched them again, and I have to say, I miss the old wot….great times,
    great memories…thanks very much for everything…gl with the Dinos LEL

  88. Thank you for all i learned from your videos when i started WoT. You do
    what you think is fun! I’ll still subscribe. My son started a
    Youtube-channel of hos own because i was always watching you and the other
    guys. He is 7-years old so the future is covered! Tack från ett Svenskt fan
    och hans son.

  89. Good to know you’re still alive! lol

    Kidding aside you should always do what you need to do in order to enjoy
    and have your heart as well as your head in your videos. I don’t think I’ve
    ever subbed to a channel purely for whatever game they were doing at the
    moment. Views? Sure. But subs are about presentation and personality. So
    have fun and enjoy making vids of whatever.

  90. Kommer til at savne dine WOT videoer. See you ?

  91. Sam “Hyponija” Evans

    I almost started crying at the end…so many memories. Can’t wait to see
    your new content!

  92. SU-122-44 Radley Walters with no damage taken! Man… you rock even under
    hard times, because yeah, I have had the same feelings about WoT for the
    past year. I will still watch you do any games. Even let’s plays. 😉

    Did you know this one was your 900th video btw?

  93. well good luck. I also get to the point you are at. I have been playing
    since beta and when I get to the point where I am to frustrated I stop
    playing for months then come back when I want to play again. Unfortunately
    I am a sub for the WoT content and without that I must unsub. Goodluck man.

  94. Hopefully there’ll still be quickies. I love that series.

  95. Hey HighF! it is always nice to hear you voice 🙂 what can i say, i
    subscribed to your channel, thanks to that T-50-2 (the beast it was that
    little tank!) video you included at the end, years ago , and i am still
    here listening to you ’cause i enjoy your way of talking, i like your
    “show” 🙂 Thanks to you and you guides, i started my own YouTube channel
    for Italian players (i suffered some bad injuries to my knee, so i had to
    do something, i had to create a new hobby). Now i can totally understand
    you, i am bored about the game (so many years playing it…) and i have
    little time to record, i know how you feel. I think that you could be a
    nice “showman”, whatever you will bring to us, in the end, i subscribed to
    HighF, and HighF i want! I send you a virtual high five, high five for
    HighF 😛 keep up with the good work man, i won’t leave! Stay Awesome!

  96. Nothing wrong with moving on. I’ve enjoyed your content for years and I
    believe I’ll continue to do so in the future.

  97. You made my cry 🙁 And you wanna say that is over? You will play a s**t
    dino game instead of this? Really… i think i need to wach all your videos
    from the first again and again…

  98. What are you going to do next?

    I quit WoT a long time ago, but I still watch a lot of your videos. Keep
    making videos, even if they’re not about WoT!!

  99. Ryan Anderson (Rhyno7)

    I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I hope you’ll smile if you do. I
    started playing World of Tanks in November of 2011, and had no idea what I
    was doing. YouTube was a thing, so I typed something like “world of tanks
    tips” in the search bar and found Jingles. He had you as “someone you might
    like” on the side of his main page, so I watched a video of your’s and was
    hooked instantly. You don’t try to be someone you’re not. When I listen to
    you speak, you sound confident, relaxed, and genuine, and that is reflected
    in your game-play. I am still here because you are a natural commentator.
    When you post videos that are of interest to you, your excitement towards
    what you do adds to the entertainment value. I’m sure that every can agree
    that the happier you are, the more likely it is that we will feel that
    energy, and feel happier that you are happier; if that makes grammatical
    sense :/ I’m still here because of those reasons. That being said, I want
    to get into Armored Warfare and World of Warships, but I have no idea what
    I am doing; just like how I was when I started World of Tanks. I’ll watch
    what ever you post, and be entertained by it, but if you enjoy AW and WoWS
    that could be a win-win for a lot of players.

    Best Wishes!

  100. Thanks a lot, Highflyer.
    It means so much, for a lot of us here.
    Thanks again, for all of what you’ve done on this channel.

  101. As they say, there are other fish in the sea. There are other video games
    out there. I`ve been subscribed to you for three years, since I started
    playing WoT. Your stuff really helped me improve. Funny enough, I have long
    quit playing WoT, but still come by to watch your videos. I will watch your
    content, regardless of the game. Do what makes you happy!

  102. Thanks Highflyer for all the years.. i remember subscribing to your channel
    as my first WoT channel around 3 years ago, long before theMightyJingles
    appeared to my little world :), watching almost every one of your uploaded
    treats. Getting from “dubbed” vids to by voice commented ones and then
    showing your face, i dont like the idea of you getting somewhere else, but
    i hope to see you still around, just with other games. o7!

  103. Good luck in your future endeavors. Loved the tanks content but will check
    out your new stuff too.

  104. Øv… :-(

  105. Alexander Addison

    Best of luck, I’ll stay subscribed, I’m interested as to what content
    you’re going to put up, I’ll probably watch it regardless of whether I have
    designs to play the game… as for wot content providers you were the first
    I watched and for a long time the only one I watched, your early videos are
    the reason I played chaffee and by extension light tanks and American
    mediums… had so much fun doing so way back when I was so proud back then
    when I managed to kill a maus in my little chaffee. without your content I
    would never have improved as much or at least as quickly as I did, I’ve
    still got some way to go but whatever I feel your frustration with the
    game, my brother and boss at work are trying to encourage me into creating
    my own content for WOT but I just don’t want to load the game up anymore
    the satisfaction just doesn’t match the memories now.

    thanks for it all.

  106. This video made me both happy and sad.

    Happy because at least I know you are still alive and kicking, and sad
    because the video reminded me, that once the time will come when I will
    stop playing WoT too.

    I found your channel back in early 2013, when I was a WoT noob and I was
    searching for tutorials, and since then I always watched your videos. I was
    a little worried when you disappeared without a word, but thankfully
    nothing bad happened. I understand that you quit World of Tanks, I took
    breaks from it from time to time too, but when I watched videos made by
    you, Jingles and other youtubers, after a period of time I felt like “Damn,
    I should play WoT again.”

    I hope you will give one more chance to WoT in the future, preferably after
    the reworked artillery mechanics.

  107. thumbs up Christian, I have really been missing your content and I am very
    much looking forward to watching your new stuff. I totally get your
    frustration and the only thing to keep yourself a happy pony is to move on.
    So keep the good stuff coming!

  108. relax my friend, not going anywhere 🙂 good luck with your next games :D

  109. Thumbs up mate!

  110. T(h)ank you for all the great stuff you showed us/me.
    I am looking forward to your videos and I hope there will be some events in
    WoT (like Dreamteam-Evenings) where we will see you, too.

  111. I remember the 1st time i watch your WOT TIP videos . They got me
    interested in WOT , and i had been playing WOT for more than 3 years now. I
    know i said this many times on the Facebook group , but i will say it again
    : Thank you :)

  112. It’s your life. It’s your channel. If you don’t like what you’re doing,
    stop doing it!

  113. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    SPG killed another utuber !!well WG when u going to remove

  114. I miss you Christ . Been a long time since you left your Facebook group.

  115. SuperShermanTanker

    You can play any game want and post it to your channel I like to watch many
    types of games being played on youtube

  116. I saw it mentioned before, but you did not post for such a long time, that
    due to your long history of illnesses lately, I (people) got worried what
    was going on and if you maybe needed help. I even tried to message you.
    Just glad you are apparently all ok. 🙂 As for the content, go ahead, let’s
    see what you can find 😛 And till lykke for being healthy Christian :)

  117. You know what? I stopped playing WoT about 1,5 years ago after I got sick
    of WN8 hunting arty just like you are now. The only reason I watch(ed) your
    WoT videos is because I like listening and watching you as a person. The
    game is not really interesting to me anymore, but I still watched the vids.
    The fact that you are going to play different games is a great thing as far
    as I am concerned.

  118. YOU NOOB…WE LIKE YOU NOOB! keep some vids up for our free time and we
    will watch them…don’t worry dude you will be at gamescome, maybe not with
    WG but with other companies

  119. Capt_Rock_Savage lV

    Not going any were and looking forward to your new channel format. Peace

  120. i can really understand your decision and i’m glad you made a video about
    it. I myself took a break from WoT, because I’m so much into WoWs right
    now. Would be really cool, to see some more WoWs stuff from your. Or other
    stuff, i don’t care. As long as we hear from you!

  121. Frederic Champion

    Well, that’s your channel. You can do whatever you want with it. You are
    not the first (and won’t be the last) one to change your content after many
    years. Some of us will quit because they like WOT only, other will stay for
    your new content and I think that it is ok this way.
    Good luck for the future of yourself and your channel

  122. Jon I (Irelandmann244)

    Do what you feel is right for you Highflyer, I’ll still be watching no
    matter what you put up :)

  123. I am sorry to learn of this news; I’ve really enjoyed your videos – the
    wittiest channel by far. The very best of luck with your new venture.
    Certainly I will remain a subscriber and look in from time to time. Above
    all, STAY AWWSOME!

  124. I’m still going to watch your videos on multiplayer games. Of course I’m
    hitting the unsubscribe button if you start making silly commentary that
    doesn’t benefit my brain cells. I’m glad you said you won’t do that.

  125. 100% support for my friend ill watch what ever you play! 🙂 look forward to
    ur next video.

  126. I totally understand how does it feel like to be dead bored with a game
    (WoW player for 10 years…), so I think that’s a good thing to move on and
    take a look on another games (and play WoT once in a while). Funny thing –
    even a shitty player like myself got his 30 seconds of fame on this
    channel, by pure luck and russian player 😛 (quicky #10). Anyway – best
    wishes on a new road without WoT as a main game on channel 😀
    PS. Channel review in a nutshell: 11/10 – would subscribe again!
    PSS. Those guides were too damn helpfull for me. At least I didn’t suck as
    much as one could think 😛 (even though I were in CBT since beginning)

  127. Sad to hear there woun’t be WOT videos, but then again, if you are not
    having fun playing the game the videos won’t be fun to watch. I get that.
    Still thanks for making the content so far, I have been entertained,
    learned alot and I am a better player becouse of those videos.

    Have fun playing whatever you play and I’m looking forward to see how the
    channel evolves.

  128. Hi Christein im just glad your ok.
    Looking forward to your new videos,thanks so much for all your expert
    advice on world of tanks i learned a great deal from you.
    Best of luck to you in all your future endevours!

  129. I’m staying :)

  130. Good luck goldfryer 🙂 Maybe something new is not so bad. Just keep
    enjoying yourself as that is the way for good content. I stay tuned.

  131. It’s not the gameplay mainly the voices. we have missed you and behemoth
    especially since the old wot tips Facebook group was closed. we understand
    although world of warshits is taking off maybe you might play with circon
    ?I don’t know and armoured warfare and all these other games.

  132. I haven’t played WoT for over a year and a half, and I stopped watching WoT
    based videos with it, but I’m still subscribed to your channel. As long as
    you create good content, you’ll have viewers, regardless of what is it
    e: Oh dear, that laugh at 13:20, I know it too well :/

  133. I’ll keep watching you, the same way I do now, with binoculars from the
    bushes at the bottom of your garden.

  134. It happened the same to me, I had a channel that it’s main game was WoT and
    I got very tired and bored of it, so in September I changed it completely,
    but I am more the “let’s play” guy. I know what you feel, you’re awesome
    and I’ve seen all your videos. Keep going man and do what makes you happy!
    We’re always here even if you’re not. Cheers

  135. Highflyer, you was my inspiration to do my actual youtube channel dedicated
    to World Of tanks. I can say that you have been my teacher in the game.
    Many, many thanks for all your efforts, for all the hours you spent doing
    the videos for people like me. I can imagine how hard is for you uploading
    this video. But it is your channel, and only you have the right to modify
    the content 🙂 we will never judge you for this.
    For me, I can only thank you again for all you did, you deserve the best
    wishes for your channel and I’m pretty sure that lots of succes will come
    after this video. Your subscribers will stay here, at your side :).
    My name is Jordi, from catalonia, Spain. MANY THANKS, Christian! 😀 you’re
    the best!!

  136. you’re gonna do ark great, world of tanks and ark even better, also keep up
    the good work mate, wish we could platoon sometimes but am on the NA server
    plus you are the 3rd wot youtuber i subscribe right behide jingles and
    sidestrafe. Your tips and guilds help me so much while i was starting off
    playing wot, now am in the top 80 clans thanks to you and the other wot
    youtubers. So thanks alot and i will be looking forward to your next video.

  137. if you ever play wot, i suggest you play tier 4-6, i personally have a lot
    fun at those tiers, meanwhile at tier 8-10 everyone is spamming gold and at
    tier 1-3 everyone is just too noob and you can have the best game of your
    life and still lose it…but hey i’ll stay subbed and watch your videos cos
    why not :)

  138. Great memories with you’re wot videos sad to see them go, but also happy
    that your doing something you want to do and ill know that ill be watching
    whatever video you put out =)

  139. I’ll still watch you. I must admit I’m getting disheartened with WOTs too.

  140. well you had more patience for that game then me, my passion was gone like
    6-9 months before. i play it still … around 5-6 hours in a month. If you
    feel like it is more of a duty then recreation and fun then it is time to
    change sth.
    I just wonder you like jingles 🙂 i preferred your clips much more… they
    are crisp informative entertaining, instead of hours of blabla and giggling
    maybe give mecharrior online a try?

  141. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    I feel ya. I got so burnt out on War Thunder.

  142. I am sry to annoy you, but I won in one of your contests ( the one with the
    KV-2s and lights) and another guy and me have neither received a gift nor a
    reply to our questions… It would be really nice if you could answer :/

  143. I found you when you had 1,3k subscribers :/ That was a loooong time ago :c
    Good luck anyway, thank you for everyrhing (well, actually you were the one
    who made me almost a unicum) and have fun :D

  144. Nguyễn Trần Anh Đức

    Just come back pls :3

  145. Riccardo Cicolari

    i was thinking about your lacking in videos production.. happy to see you
    around again even if just for say what you had to say highflyer, and even
    happier to see you are coming back in action! i think most of the subs here
    were missing you and the fun you can be.. not just the WoT content u were
    uploading.. love and respect from a long time fan

  146. Ark looks cool

  147. Well so long as you’re the one giving the commentary I would still keep on
    watching no matter the game Highflyer15 :)

  148. You need to be happy, period. Good luck!

  149. Well the WoT content all over Youtube toned down quite a bit and it’s
    totally fine. There are so many games with different game mechanics to
    explore – so go on. I’ll stay around and see where this goes.

  150. Devin “whiteeagle” read

    Don’t worry man, I’ll stick around, I remember watching your scouting video
    with the T-50-2 years ago haha, keep up whatever man

  151. Don’t make it such a big deal. You are just going to make more videos than
    you are doing lately so that’s awesome and it will be diverse as well! Good
    job on the change and good luck further! I’ll stay tuned for more and of
    course hopefully see you in WoT someday ;)

  152. All the BEST , long may u be happy

  153. Sad but I understand and respect your decision. You were one of the first
    Tubers I subbed to and I learned a lot from your stuff. I’ll stick around a
    while but admit I really only watch WoT and AW vids, not even interested in
    WoWS. Good luck with whatever you do!

  154. thank you for the fantastic content you created around WoT. I think you
    were the first WoT-channel I have subscribed. well, it was either you or
    that british ex-navy guy.
    you and your guides have helped me a lot to understand the game and handle
    my tanks. i really like your voice, it sounds professional, yet kind and
    nice. but hey, all the Danes i have met are nice 🙂
    it is good to see you creating new stuff. i was a little bit sad, when the
    wot-quickies were no more. i hope those will be ressurected but now with

    so, definetly, i will stick around and watch your videos!

    gl&hf ;)

  155. I was learning from your videos .. how to play that “shit” …then I learn
    my friends how to play… I can’t leave after that !! BTW: WoT is sooo
    fucked up if you dont play CW or sonething … WoWS is good but .. meh …
    and now AW is going to be released so Our Crew like – 8 people are In
    Heaven … Otherwise – games in RL are the best !!

  156. I couldn’t agree more with you HF! This is exactly why I haven’t played
    once in the past 3 months. So glad one of the YouTubers I watch has decided
    this. Jingles and QB, I love those guys, but I can not stand WoT and WoWS
    anymore. WG hit a really bad nerve with me (I wont go into details, but
    they fucked quite a few people over, including me) so I am glad you are
    getting away from them.

    Im glad to know you are still alive. Its been a while since we heard from
    ya. Looking forward to whats to come!

  157. Good Luck with whatever you do HighFlyer. I always enjoyed your videos and
    look forward to continuing to. You need to take care of you, plain and
    simple. Again, good luck and I look forward to seeing what you do.

  158. I understand you reason to change content on your channel. I’m loyal to
    you. fuck WOT. Have a good day Sir !

  159. Angry, disappointed, crying inside. Unsubbed, I don’t even know who you are.

  160. I may not watch and Ark videos, it’s not a game I’m interested in but I
    will stay subbed. I wish you all the best in the future mate, good luck

  161. Joeben Pajes Engalan

    dude i though that you are dead or some shit happen to you now you back
    post your game you like its your channel man

  162. Just keep up with good work and you will be fine. Im gonna stick around for
    a while. ;)

  163. Why did I expect anything other than this response from my viewers?
    I knew my subscribers were awesome, but this awesome? Come on now. This
    isn’t funny, you’re making me tear up a little bit.

  164. Still remember it like yesterday when I stumbled upon your channel as a WoT
    noob trying to figure out how scouting worked. ….

  165. Well. Not that big of a suprice althougt a bit sad one. When I came to
    world of tanks I found your videos and I don´t think I have watched anyone
    else on youtube that much. I haven´t played wot for 3 months because it was
    just not fun anymore for me. So I undertand you desicion and support it.
    Thanks for all the wot content. See you in some other content or maybe in
    YT TC.

  166. Phly play some Minecraft, Space Engineer, Kerbal space program, War thunder
    , Armored Warfare, World of Warships and some indie game pls :(. I also
    worried what happen to u cause u were not uploading like so long already.

  167. 12:04
    I don’t particularly like hammed up voices but that “hey, guys HighFlyer15
    here” sold me. I don’t know if u can sustain that for the whole
    video/stream or not though.

  168. HYPE!

  169. Katyusha Nonna (deep freeze)

    you do you man ill stay with you all the way

  170. Ark is awesome, go for it! I’ll still be here watching, and im sure many
    others will be too

  171. Jonas “Ponas” Donas

    You were awesome and you will be awesome. Its not WoT that made this
    channel popular, but you did with the content of WoT. And im shure you will
    keep your followers into new games. Ark is a greaaat game to continue with!

  172. Hey Cristian,
    I was wondering if u could do the occasional Armored Warfare Guide. I dont
    know if u like this idea but as we dont have sth like that yet I would
    appreciate some guides on this new game.
    Stay as you are :)

  173. Just do whatever you want to do, whatever you enjoy. If you’re not having
    fun, what’s the point? Enjoy yourself and many people will follow. 🙂

    Actually, as you appear to be back now, time to resub!

  174. Still better than not hearing from you at all.

  175. Don’t worry Christian, I’m sure most subscribers will stick with you!

  176. My friend, just do whatever u want. I ll watch all videos of u. Just upload
    something ^^

  177. Krešimir Turkalj

    I’ll stay at least for month or so, I see no harm in that. 🙂

    PS: WIll you be taking suggestions for which games yo will do guides? I can
    name several that are fun and don’t have a story.

  178. Great decision! WoT is getting worse anyway (In my opinion)…so yeah,

  179. Casper Vang Jensen

    How about WOWS?

  180. Hey I used to take part in your tank companies with dorjan and the rest, I
    feel much the same about WOT so I am looking forward to seeing some new
    games, Wish you all the very best.

  181. Roald Ankaa Ziggy Adriaansen

    Burnout on a game is fairly common to me, the best is always to just take a
    long break and play other things instead, sometimes one goes back and other
    times not.
    May I perhaps suggest Eve Online if you are after pvp? It is also a very
    good game to make guides for if that is what interests you the most.

  182. Stay awesome Christian. :)

  183. If I can watch PHJ playing CKII and enjoy it I am sure I can enjoy you
    playing whatever floats your boat too. We simply came in search of
    entertainment. Good luck!

  184. That ending, goddamn it ninjas cutting onions :(

  185. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Mate, DO new stuff. DO new series, and you will discover, that your
    community of followers will just… enrich.

    Don’t be afraid.

    Stay awesome.

  186. I perfectly understand your decision because i also got fed up with WoT. I
    like your content not because it’s wot but because of you as a
    person/youtuber. I must admit i miss your vids and streams and i’m looking
    forward to new ones 🙂
    i will miss quickies of the week, i liked them. Any chance you’ll make them
    once in a while?

  187. You know what cames into my mind listening you? I am “here” from almost the
    beginings… and omg your english changed a lot! 😀

    Sorry for this silly random thing.

    oh… and I stay ofc. GL HF15

  188. Just move away from this piece of crap of a game, you’ll feel much, MUCH
    better. Whatever you do on this channel, I’ll watch because we watch this
    channel because YOU do it, not because it’s WoT. For my part at least.
    Carry on dude :D

  189. Pavel Secka (BolginNT)

    Why do you make it sound so melodramatic… its not like you are leaving
    for good :D. Leaving WoT behind (well…mostly) is pretty understandable
    since WG made zero effort to keep the oldschool playerbase around. Only
    recently with AW behind the corner we can see some hints of effort from
    their side. Anyway keep up the good work and good luck in the future 🙂
    Sure I will stay subscribed.

  190. Noooooooooo!!! why you do this Christian?? Why man? No more tanks, no more

  191. Best torpedo dodges at 6:30 x’D

  192. life is to short to do things that u dont like for a living, hope u find a
    nem game that ull enjoy just as much as u did with wot once. subs will come
    and subs will leave bot some of us will stay whatever u do. keep up the
    good work ;)

  193. omg you are alive!

  194. Im not going anywhere (not right now, anyhow 😉 besides having you play
    something you are not really interested in would not make for good videos,
    imo: play what youre interested in. Good luck with the transition :)

  195. Ark looks interesting. That on steam? What about planetbase?

  196. as long as you upload SOMETHING. just as a sign of life.
    haven’t played WoT myself for quite some time now. don’t really miss
    shouting at my screen…
    keep being amazing and don’t worry too much about the background 😉


  197. I watch you because you are fun to watch
    So keep uploading the god damn videos , stay entertaining, and we will
    watch. ;)

  198. sell me your acount

  199. this is sad why you quit something that you love and supported by many fans
    by me and everybody else iven jingles or other people why……….

  200. Hey man, I really enjoyed your guides and videos for WoT. I don’t care what
    games you upload on this channel in the future though, you’re a cool dude
    and I like the content you put out there.

  201. Brother, do what makes you happy. Your videos have brought me and my sons
    much enjoyment.
    Please one last time, give us a “BAYUM!”

  202. Good! To hell with WoT.
    Have FUN again man and I’ll stay subscribed for the time being tho I
    totally don’t like Ark… we’ll see, maybe you play/post something else
    interesting to me once in a while.

  203. oh yes ARK i love that game

    maybe you could play cs:go(<3)
    Kappa only a joke

  204. ARK ARK YEAAAHHH mate you are awsome i fully undurstand you just make
    videos what ever you want just make the viedeos they are like drug

  205. GL with the channel, I’ll keep watching!

  206. I look forward to the channel diversification, simple as that.

  207. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in! And “It doesnt
    matter what you play, I’ll still watch you”

  208. Addi zockt (Pony Clark)

    I perfectly understand your desicion. After all, it’s your channel.
    Although, I don’t think that I’ll watch your videos too often, as I can’t
    use guides to games, I don’t play 😛 But I will definatly stick around, as
    your guides got me from red to yellow WN8 rating (Now, after 3 years I’m
    finally green :D) and I like your commentary. Stay awesome by beeing
    yourself and do what you want!

  209. well, armored warfare is going open beta 8 october, so if you make some
    guides of that the people that came here for WoT will also stick around to
    watch those. bc i think everyone playing wot and that knows about armored
    warfare coming out, will play it. so yeah. just a tip and I totally
    understand your decision, you can only enjoy a game for that long you

  210. Very sad, but fully understand. Good luck going forward and I look forward
    to seeing content on games I may not even have considered.

  211. arty kilsl the fun of this game.

  212. Dinosaur game reviews ?? whaaaA?? Guess you gotta switch it up every once
    in a while …..

  213. I’m a WoT guy. Good luck on your new endeavors!

  214. It was an honour to tank with you!!!

  215. Hello HighFlyer Play what you want and if we like it we will watch it. Best
    to you Sir and Thank You for all you have done to Help us/Me anyway. Have
    Fun doing what you LIKE and keep it Real.

  216. So when are we going to see som ark videos?

  217. Holy f-ck i thought you fell severly ill or smth bad like that. Good thing
    you are okay. Kind of sad you burnt out on WoT, you were the 1st WoT
    youtuber i went to when i started to play the game.
    Anyway, best wishes.

  218. yes SOMA

  219. cmstront plays World of Tanks

    +TheRiisingSun , such a shame, but understandable. Thank you for featuring
    me twice in your Quickies, and for letting me (and many others) play with
    you in platoons, not many streamers do that. I will miss it. All the best!

  220. There is no need to stick with one game, id love to see world of warships
    or completely other games myself ;P

  221. Perfectly normal mate.. 🙂 Hope the best for the future! And…do you have
    a cold?

  222. your life your decision, yeah man I like your content, but your personality
    kept me he here :D

  223. i dont even play the fucking game and still watch and support all the big
    people of wot community so will i do for you
    BTW you were the first wot youtuber that i ever whatched. you taught me the
    basics and now.. well we both dont enjoy the game as much as we did

  224. Oh, I forgot that I subbed to you :D

  225. ¡First!

    Hello Christian!
    I have been a subscriber for a looong time, I sitll recommend your videos
    to whoever starts in this game, so you will still probably continue to get
    views from my recommendations, I personally think you are a very good
    teacher, and my brother plays Ark, so I will totally recommend you to
    anybody that plays Ark.
    I personally understand your choice, it is hard to find the game
    interesting after a lot of games and getting 1 shot arty, or your own team
    mates killing you. Don’t worry is part of the game, if there is another
    game (let’s say AW is in open beta in 2 days) just picks my attention, I
    will change the game I spend most of my time on it, I mean, I was a WoW
    player (more than 2k hours played) and I left it, and I don’t regret it at
    all!I found a lot of very interesting people in the game and outside that
    are still friends of mine just please don’t remove this videos, I still
    recommend them to anybdy that starts playing WoT.

    I am sure you can create very powerful content, and High Quality content,
    because you do, you have the skills, so I will wait for your upcoming
    videos, even if the are not WoT videos (Please don’t make WoW videos… :P)

    I hope the best for you and your channel, you deserve it.

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