Tiny Batchat – Batchat 12T

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  1. First BBy <3

  2. Who is his platoon mate ?

  3. “i love your content circon!!!!!” -gets killed by circon inmediately-

  4. Second! Also love you circon

  5. This game when the tank you are playing is not bottom tier shows you a hint at what this game COULD be. I don’t even mind being 1 tier less than other people but two tiers is just murder and mental abuse

    • Ilmari Miettinen

      wood1155 i totally agree, +1 mm would be much better

    • wood1155 I also really want +1-1 matchmaking, but I think we’ve got to wait for pref matchmaking tanks (kv5, Churchill 3 etc) to be changed first before we see +1-1

    • I’m an easy man to please. Just make 5-10 to at least shows up as frequent as 3-5-7 and that would be decent enough. Even better if it and same tier MM becomes rarity

    • Xelianow ignored ? Hell no they always shoot the low tier first. Arty always focuses on low tier heavies and scouts

    • marko trzun yes that’s the problem but at the core it doesn’t break the preferential MM of those tanks it just extends it to every tank. They actually already broke the preferential MM of some tier 3s that only saw 3-4 maximum, but now all tier 3s only see tier 3-4 maximum

  6. Notification SQUAD UP BOIS

  7. Marthijn van Oorschot


    • Balc0ra's Gaming

      Considering WG are gonna remove +1 MM from pref MM tanks after 1.0. Starting with the KV-5. Don’t count on it. Then again +1 MM is not ideal for half the tanks in the game even. As Circon seems to forget there are super heavies on tier 8 to that he can’t do anything vs head on. Then again….damage is not the main job of the 12t.. even tho he does it well.

  8. Richard Stefanits

    I had a recent game in an oho, I have not fired more than 3-4 shots but I managed to pen with two he shells on a bc12t and a 1390 🙂 I literally died laughing and could not focus on the game after those hits…

  9. It’s almost as if not being down two tiers makes the game more enjoyable. Almost.

  10. Gotta love same tier battles and 5-10 matchups… so much better than 3-5-7 🙂
    BTW nice Achievements mechanism: Circon had the sniper scope on Type 59, Snooze entered into his shot, didn’t even get tracked let alone damage dealt (the spaced sloped armor absorbed all), still Circon didn’t get High Caliber for dealing 4k (>25%) damage…

  11. Playing my favourite tank and killing it!

  12. Favorite tank in the game

  13. Nerf, having fun in a wargaming game? I thought the endless grind was enough reward in and of itself…

  14. 3:10 The irony of u being in a light tank is crushing circon

  15. Momcilo Popovcak

    what is that mod he is using that show armor on spot where you aim ?

  16. Scipio Africanus

    I’ve had only about a 1000 games, but why does it seem like almost everyone playing this game is a moron? Like, it’s not that hard. Especially positioning seems to be a problem. It’s like no one uses their minimap.

  17. Totaly agree with Circ here.
    And the issue with type 4 and 5. That shit needs a nerf at worst, at best the crap Japs should be removed from the game.
    The complete bullshit with the gold HE, and the fact the tanks are just about imune to HE themself.

  18. Downvoted: we don’t need more videos of good players at top tier for the match – especially not with the best spawn location for that side. Show overcoming challenges, like tier 8 in tier 10 matches.

  19. Thing is, it’s not _just_ the tiers you face. Nobody has fun facing type 4s, type 5s, 183s, and arty. The only tanks they’re sort of OK to fight with are traditional TDs like the 704, which can camp a bush, actually pen them (sometimes) and not die to a single derp shot (usually) because they have some armor.

  20. Re uploaded ?

  21. Talk about an underrated tank. I’ve been sitting between 90-93% on my MoE on the BC-12t for like a month now, but it seems like it’s a really hard mark to get.

    • vvav it’s a FUCKING PAIN, I learned that I can do 500 damage and 1.7K assist and it will go higher than if I did the opposite, when you get to 90% it’s all about assistance if you have a high overall damage in the tank

  22. Great, now ill never 3 mark it?

  23. Circon do you play any clan games? Would love to see some of those.

  24. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    One the one hand you are so right…on the other…i bet with +-1 MM you would sit at 80%WR seeing how you can even carry in a -2 Tank. So having a Unicum at your side almost is a sure win…i´m kinda torn between those Options as much as i hate beeing constant bottom tier myself 🙁

  25. Tiny Bat Chat is tiny

  26. Circon got scared when the SU fired rofl

  27. I’ve been trying to three mark this thing and it’s such a pain in the ass, I sit between 90.05 and 91.30, I’ve never gotten past 91.30. However last night I did 500 damage but almost 3k spotting the percentage went up higher than if I did the opposite so I guess I just have to not fire the gun.

    • Hernan Dominguez You either damage a lot or spot a lot. Combination of both doesn’t work that well

    • zeroyuki922 I’ve had games where I do 2K+ damage and the gun barely or never goes up, yet I’ve done 1.7k assisting damage and under 1K damage and it goes up .20%. It’s come to point where my average damage is pretty high but my spotting damage isn’t so I either do 3k damage or 1.7K assisting and it’ll go up, however I have to rely on my team to the spotting damage which is the problem.

  28. 6:07 quick mafs

    1100/390=2,82(almost 3)

  29. “OMG, there’s a Skorpion hiding in the corner!”
    Hold on, let me see if I can find my surprised expression. It’s around here somewhere…

  30. As Russians like to call it “Da Blyat chat”

  31. Wow! It’s as if the game is more fun when you’re not placed at a massive disadvantage at no fault of your own and your skills are what determines victory! Who’d a thunk it?

    Maybe everyone who actually played the game and said that +2 matchmaking was crap. “Oh stop whining, it used to be worse”, the old vets would complain back, “we had +4 matchmaking in the day, it’s better now so stop complaining!” As if the argument “it used to be worse” was sufficient grounds to say “don’t bother improving it”.

    You cunts know who you are.

    Not Circon, though. He’s just a dick. But dicks fuck pussies and assholes alike.

  32. “Somebody spot the Skorpion”.. U were playing a scout ffs 😀

  33. aaaaaaaaaah batchT batchT my first tier VIII LIGHT TANK GAS gg

  34. French LTs are a ton of fun to play. Probably me favorite tanks in the game.

    I couldn’t agree more about MM. They really need to prioritize 15-0, then 5-10, then 3-5-7 as a last resort. As it is, the seemingly constant -2 is soul sucking.

  35. lol you almost got nuked at the end

  36. This tiny Bat has a Hard hitting swing!

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