Tiny Overpowered Tank Goes ULTRA MAD!πŸ”₯ | World of Tanks Type 64 Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

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Couple weeks ago I featured one of my best battles with AMX 13 57… Today let’s take it down a tier let’s jump into Type 64 and into one of the highlight battles during the 3-marking session. Never give up, never surrender, even if you were put down to a one-shot after the first minute of the battle.

Enjoy the Show!


  1. Dez, what are your hopes for the well deserved reward this year ( if we will have it)

  2. 1 view 1 like 0 comments i think this is as early as i will ever catch you dez !!!! where is my reward ? heart me plz

  3. Describe your HIGHLIGHT of a battle in 2021?

  4. Had no idea I had this one in the garage :O

  5. Verry nice game dez. great job.

  6. Now that’s how you earn that medal πŸ˜‰

  7. The only real downside of this tank is like other chinese tanks, the low ammo capacity.

  8. type 64 is a tier 9 light tank

  9. We are here for that excitement! gg DEZ πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

  10. Nice game and great result under adverse circumstances.

  11. even before watching the video…
    i had this tank as a rental for 10 battles… managed an average i have on some t8 tanks!! i loved this tank. it felt great but still kind of balanced…

  12. I hate to play against type 64s,
    Especially when i play amx 12t, because you just can’t damage enough from a full magazine to destroy it, so if you are alone, you’re pretty much doomed.

    • Don’t brawl in the amx12t, fire 2 and run away

    • @Mickleblade The problem is, you can’t really run from a type 64, especially in a situation where your teammates can’t help you. You can outplay them, but they are still very annoying to play against.

  13. oh boy that was a battle, gg wp

  14. Insane battle!

  15. I thought this was about Mario 64

  16. Nice to see a clean fadin,gg.

  17. The factory must have built mine on a Friday afternoon, its definitely not as good as yours!

  18. Good game bro. Enjoyed the playback.

  19. Beautiful Battle!! Love the Type too. Would love to see the other Replay from u πŸ™‚

  20. after going down to 1 shot insta double tap on 2 key and voala, this game ….
    I’m really happy for quiting this game but luv you dez and i wanna see you in other games to

  21. I don’t know why but I find T-50-2 much better than Type 64 in spotting and accuracy, both have 3 skills crew..

  22. Amazing!!! Great game Dez!! What a joy to watch. Thank you for uploading this!

  23. Grats for legitimate fadin medal, Dez.
    Some notes:
    1. That massive damage received at early game could be avoided by turning the tank backwards, which a type 64 driver should do most of the time during passive scouting since it has no front armor anyway and compared to other light tanks it actually does not has the best acceleration. Anything you could do to avoid damage asap is important.

    2. I was three marking this tank as well a few years ago, before I ragequit due to severe mark drop thanks to a series of one shots by enemy M44, including a blind arty shot to not obvious bush in Malinovka. Now that both HE and arty were nerfed I might try marking this again.

    • just fyi HE was nerfed against armor, so effectively buffed against light tanks

    • @Mr. Sandman Yes, that’s correct. However, the number of people who use derp oriented tanks is decreased so the risk of freak KV-2 OHK snapshot you from distance is lessened.

    • I was sooo close to 2-marking the T92 light tank. I was within 2%. Never been close to 2-marking a tank before. Then I had three battles in a row where I got spotted and one-shot within the first minute or two of the battle. No fault of my own, just really bad luck. I dropped 12% in those three battles. It took me TONS of battles to get up close to 2-marking the tank (I was grinding credits). I was so mad I basically quit playing the game. I haven’t really played it much since. 3 battles out of 250 or so shouldn’t be able to drop you over ten percent.

  24. pay2win cancer tank

  25. πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜€πŸ‘Š nothing beats my pimped out t50-2 bond vent, coated optics and binocs

  26. Nice LT gameplay ! Intense and skillfull. More like this Mr. Dez πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  27. 3300 damage i would take it

  28. While tier 7 light has about 370m view range, this tier 6 tank has 400m.
    I know it’s a premium but…

  29. That tank is fckn nerfed!!!!!!!!! I remember when it was old light fighting with tier 9, now turret slow rotate, not much accurate and with that it have little ammo a lot of times I have ammo empty in the end of battles.

  30. Iv been getting now out line in game a lot recently. πŸ™‚ carry on the good work DZ

  31. Dez, this battle deserves the best ceremonial treatment: send it to Jingles!

  32. GG moto vlog man πŸ˜‰

  33. Makes me want to play again… and then I log in and am bottom tier vs new tanks with all the whistles and bells…

  34. Nice job dez. Trying for battles like this is the only reason I think many players still play and put up with all the crap

  35. Absolutely profi!!!

  36. wow….Very nice…

  37. I like your replay better, you show crew and equipment on tanks played to give players under standing on their game too great game I will be playing this one a little more thanks.

  38. Nice one Dez, congrats on the 3rd mark. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

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