TITT Rozanov Preview, New Map Oyster Bay and Map Rebalance | Update 1.20 Patch in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

New Supertest Tank TITT Rozanov, Oyster Bay Map and some Map Rebalancing to Airfield, Steppes and Mines are coming with Patch 1.20 in World of Tanks. World of Update 1.20 Patch Test Server.

Information from:
– World of Portal and in-game
– Maps: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/
– https://.gg
– Background battle replay played by: Yiannis84

Update 1.20 test server is live and it features some very interesteing for the supertest players to test out. Tanks like -B, Latta Stridsfordon, ST-62 Version 2 and TITT Rozanov. Also, we are going to received a brand new map and some map rebalancing to Airfield, Steppes and Mines.

What do you think?

in action / мир танков :
– Many tanks!


  1. So this is the tank actually being tested in the 1.20’s test server by supertesters… If that DPM would end up being true… LUL.
    Anyway, I hope you had one fantastic weekend. Suffering from a nasty stomach virus, but still wanted to share some info with you. Stay Strong!

    • Thanks Dez, hope you get better really fast! 🙂

    • @Niko or they dont want you to up your dpm with higher dmg HE shells? idk

    • Tell wargaming I designed a American TD called the Virginia 69 with 10 degrees of gun depression reverse auto loader that fires 150 mm rounds no turret I can send them the drawing’s of it.

    • Hey Dez do you have an information on when or how the Udarniy will come out? I want to get it since it looks visually like a 260 (I like tanks for their designs mostly) but am worried WG will toss it into a Black Market event.

    • It seems its something like 122TM,good armor,great gun handling,garbage mobility and dpm.
      So Rozanov have great dpm,decent armor/penetration and terrible mobility?

  2. looks more like a TD than a medium

  3. The name suits it

  4. 1300 X 1300, but huge amount of unplayable area, so probably 1000 X 1000 overall.

  5. Alternative Vehicle description: built in late 60s as a tank capable of fighting in arctic condition, its wide tracks designed to provide maximum traction for ice and snow. It’s weight distributed evenly due to the odd hull shape to distribute weight equally on ice sheet.

    I made it up ofc

  6. Hans Peter Wunderlich

    kk wg, introducing the TITT, next patch the buttloader mechanic (i was born with it) will be released and the honk button. i d really love to get an 3d clown skin with red nose on the gun and krusty like hair on the side of the turret. or how about 1880’s horse pulled canons? or the selfdestruct button for heavy splash damage?

  7. Oyster bay its a map in the console edition from the beginning of the version, so it’s not a new map strictly talking, but it’s good to have a new map on pc

  8. So Wargaming finally got around to making a Titt tank

  9. So now we are geting premium TITT tanlk.What is next, US wheeled tank called KITT?

  10. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Each change and Grille 15, a pushed over vehickes that is long time underperforming, has less oportunities to play. Nice balancing! I can only say –” fuck you, Wargaming”

  11. The oyster bay map actually looks really good, its not just 3 corridors with zero flanking ability

  12. Samuel Aaron Felipe

    Nice name. Lol

  13. Battlefleet Unlucky

    The thing in TITT Rozanov, i think í for mine flail.

  14. that oyster map is a old wot console map it plays ok

  15. Always nice you videos but I’ve to say it’s very annoying to me you show another tank gameplay when you are talking about a new tank. I’d really prefer an image of something like that an not unrelated video.

  16. The next premium tank is called the TITT….is WG even trying anymore?

  17. Lol WarGaming Horny Moment 🤣🤣💀💀

  18. picturesque sounds like picture-esk, no que sound. que can often make a k with a hint of an e sound

  19. That crazy DPM on the TITT, if boosted to the absolute max it goes over 5k. Crazy.

  20. Wot adding batmobile 😀

  21. There one streamer in Vietnam got ban because of the Tank name…

  22. More paper in the game more fun!…. not

  23. Have not seen that map during testing either. Bizarre it got so many recommendations if one not everybody was able to test

  24. Oyster Bay would be cool if you had a draw that the volcano would erupt and kill every one! 😀

  25. Its like BZ-176, no one needs such overpowered tier 8, they make the game much faster and everyone wants slower games

  26. Still waiting on KV-2-3 showed loong time back.
    Lol i see now ewerysingle person rename this tank to Tits Rozanov if end in game:):)

  27. A turrtless medium? Looks more like a TD to me.

  28. World of RASHAN tanks….. Puke

  29. 5:16 I think if WG nerf DPM to lets say base 2800 and not allowing using turbo this can be balanced wehicle.

  30. 5:18 Also did anyone notice where he aiming and where projectile hit tank?
    Pure Russian balance:):)

  31. WG: Ivan i dont think we can give Rozanov tank 700 alpha damage, people are fed up with that

  32. I name that new tank the “DOLLY” PARTON.

  33. Good to know that WG still cares about bringing in more tanks, instead of taking action/steps against those stat cheaters.

    After these rocket powered tanks, thse TITS don’t look so silly after all..

  34. That Object 704 replay looked so weird to me. Every time a shot was fired the crosshair wiggled like crazy.

  35. All I saw/heard was the obj704 snap shooting everything

  36. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Another tank that i can’t wait to send back to the garage.

  37. new map looks like it was inspired by an armored warfare map

  38. Rodrigo Damian Franco

    its a tank with tits simple thats it xD

  39. игорь фетисов

    ЛЖИВАЯ игра! РИКОШЕТ и НЕ ПРОБИЛ,-ПОСТОЯННЫ при сливах, % пробития ЗАНИЖАЮТ, разброс увеличен.

  40. its called TIT because it hazzz Bwewbs !! lol

  41. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    what we need is more russian medium tanks realy wg???

  42. More premium tanks… yay….

  43. Question, Wargaming can pump out new (stupid) tanks all the time but they can’t make a decent map or fix the match maker. We are constantly getting blowout matches, 5-15 or 15-5. Their player base us diminishing like the brains of our young.

  44. Thank you for the information! Waiting for the P.P.-Fantasy tank now!

  45. That new map looks very similar to an old console map that I have forgotten the name of..

  46. airfield heavy side got buffed. Wayyy higher mountains mkes it more arty safe.

  47. Titt?!

  48. Even more vehicles we don’t want and we don’t need…

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