TL-7 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The TL-7 T9 premium American tank destroyer in World of Tanks with an autoloader and fully traversable ! Here's all you to know!



  1. Hey everyone, today’s video was 100% played from the Asia server on my personal account! I bought this tank for myself last year through loot crates. It will be new to the EU/NA server very soon! Enjoy this full review!

    • jeffrey leatherman

      Did i hear the tanks they are offering in the boxes with one of them re named IS-3 i from is-3A so you will get that tank if you have all the other ones like i do vs just getting the new tier 9 if its a guaranteed tank after 50 boxes. If i heard that correct that’s pretty low of wot because obviously nobody has a is-3i

    • I play on the Asian server and 6th sense often doesn’t trigger when I’m convinced I should be reset. Always thought it was just the way it was, interesting to see it happen to you.

    • welcome to the jungle mate, its a complete shitshow over here

    • @quickybaby WG is forced probably to loot boxes as an easy way for getting money because of WAR in Ukraine, Splitting up their Company, Escaping BELARUS and Inflation.

    • “Non Disclosure Agreement” Definition like :

  2. john stevenhaagen

    ping terrible when i go off anz. I think it is another reason not to play higher tier tanks along with ping and fawlty mechanics as you had with sixth sense.

  3. FYI fellow yanks…Cheeky: impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way.

  4. That’s my everyday ping, probably a big reason I’m not even at 50% win ratio. LOL

  5. tank prices in the premium shop are getting stupid pricy

  6. The milking of the players must continue

  7. louis winterhoff

    Whatever happened to wot’s marathon events for new premiums? I actually can’t remember when the last one was or even what tank it was for. WG really trying its hardest to empty our pockets here.

  8. I’m on the HK server everyday and I rarely if ever see this tank.

  9. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    This tank is not Very op but it still hard to dig out

  10. yup, AU server has no players, forcing me to play on HK server with that horrible ping daily

  11. i didn’t know that ping is measured in millimeters 😀

  12. The HK server always does that with the delayed spotting issue. So you learn to play always lit XD. Also your ping is only 20 higher than what we play at on the HK server. (250 ping is 20 more than NA for us here.) Thanks for coming here to do a review.

  13. Got banned from your twitch channel for asking a question so see ya. Unfollowing you every where.

  14. 11:50 now you know how I have to play when i’m on NA server.

  15. The ping he gets is still better then what I got when I was young using an umts-stick at my parents place.
    Only option we got in those days.

    Talking about 330ms most of the time with spikes to over 1000ms.
    This was during WoT Beta times.
    Glad they are over xD

  16. Why do all of these new tanks always need to be auto loaders?

  17. W.O.T is turning like a freaking casino its reminds me of EA battlefront 2(at the beginning) Thats why im not playing the game anymore i just watch videos cus this game is freaking timeconsumming(if free playing) or cashconsuming because you’ll become addict to buying and buying new tanks and new tanks until u freaking spend in 3 months 2000$!

  18. Well QB, even playing from Singapore, the Asia server is horrible. the ping went from average 10-25ms to 50ms, then when the server doesn’t want you to play, it goes up to 200ms.

  19. Slowly turning into blitz with lootboxes up the wazoo…

    But at least there’s no clown cars and arty (yet) there

  20. this is literally tier 9 American gsor 1008 but weaker than T54E1

  21. what I am hearing is, typical American weak copula, keep the tank moving on a ridge line, but don’t expect to hit anything. Stop and shoot to hit something but don’t expect to live long.

  22. EFF the lootboxes. big middlefinger wargaming

  23. I play with 200-300 ms of ping all the time. I live in Asia but choose to play on the EU server because I made my account when I still lived in the UK.

  24. Armen Aghadjanian


  25. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    When you play in ASIA, you must prepare for the some reckless maniac players, some time it work against the one think too much about strategy and cannot expect the action of them.

  26. Yeah, that’s a TD just in name, this needs to be played as a medium.

    Looks like something perfect for my playstyle, but while I don’t mind paying for premium and/or Plus, yeah, I’m not forking over money for loot boxes with no gold in them.

  27. I think I might of put it in comparison with the Char Futur 4. Just basing it off of the gun and teir.

  28. Remember when you could buy new premiums right of the store? For a tier 8+ that’s been awhile. New nations coming, buy the new premium for it and get going. Now? Hope you get lucky in some crates. I bought 5 the last time and got the Jap TD at least.

  29. i know the pain of hong kong server ping i have so many times where i ping drove way too far out and died or missed an easy shot to the delay but its like 10mins ques in Australia server or worse ping on my na account, its a painful choice of consistent games of mediocre to bad ping or very few games on good ping

  30. The only content i care from WG is “full techtree rework”, where they make every single tank to be up to the 2023 standard.

  31. On every game there is someone complaining cause thats what the world has came too. Game Devs go to college to put out crap and love to hear live steamers complain. Be great to see people get REAL job. Oh i know why they can’t handle it

  32. I much more liked the marathons compared to these loot boxes.

  33. Honestly I’m inured to the crates but one thing *really* pisses me off: No more gold in the crates. That was the sole reason for purchasing them.
    Now they’re just straight up gambling and should be made illegal as such – without a solid measure of intrinsic value such as a guaranteed gold amount.

  34. Regarding ping…thats good for me ><

  35. Dan Alexandru Ene

    Is it just me or seems like on the Asia server the games are still slow paced like used to be back in the time? I know when i played on the Russian, it was quite annoying having to finish in 5 min, so like on the European nowadays…. Don’t take me wrong, sometimes it becomes boring having to sit and wait… But somehow it was more relaxed and you got more time to think about your actions rather than going Yolo every second and conclude with a lose….

  36. how else would they make money? they have to sell you crap. and since there always are morons that will buy whatever polished turd they offer, they will sell it. until somebody says stop. that somebody will have to be you CC guys. you are the whales leading the floc (or whatever the whales form)

  37. Indigo Chaplain

    As a player of Asian server, I honour your ‘BRAVE’ play.

    someone ask me why did you say word BRAVE
    Well….. check this clip and go play the server…..

    Straightly, seek and hide WOT ver.

  38. I wouldn’t mind the TL-7, but gonna be a hard pass for me, to buy the lootcrates.

  39. usualy buy 5 boxes no more got lucky last time and got thr KA RI, but ye it stinks locking stuff behind these boxes..

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  41. Jadgtiger prototype is crying in the corner and the astron Rex is complaining because both of them were not mentioned

  42. Thanks for the review, I actually remember that stream 🙂
    I guess I’ll try to get my hands on this machine, although I don’t see any news announcing the loot crates for the Mars event. It’s weird thing to say, but I hope they actually arrive, because I’ve been restraining from purchases specifically for a new crates pack (to possibly grab a couple of missing vehicles into my garage)

  43. QB have you seen WOT blitz? This loot box thing is very normal there… And WOT is headed in that direction

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