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Source: QuickyBaby

To double or not to double, that is the question… that I’m answering today when you play your double barrels in World of Tanks!



  1. I love the tank itself, but i hate the little shift the sniper camera makes when firing them, it throws me off.

  2. 2:25 WTF 5 crits + 2 aditional crits XD 7 crits with one shoot ?

  3. I want that tank but it’s not in console yet

  4. I’d say the tier VIII is2-II is also very nice. Low alpha is compensated by both good reload time and double shot making it great for tracking enemies and delivering a devastating salvo when needed.

  5. dissapointed, hoped to see only double shots XD (joke, nice video, thanks quickybaby)

  6. I got an ace tanker with IS-3-II yesterday. I think i only have turret unlocked, everything else is stock, from IS-2-II, even the gun. Tank is broken.

  7. IS3-II is strong. 3 marked it recently and really enjoyed it.

  8. I love my is3-II,so much fun. Great, reliable guns and an extra punch when you need it. Besides, it has great armour that works like a charm.

  9. In my mind there are better HT but I started to grind this line just for the fun of blasting people with a salvo, I figure it is not a game winning strat but I don’t play them for wins I play them for lols.

  10. Most retarded system from WOT….
    It’s not autoloader to wait for another shell, it’s 2 barrels with loaded shells – it should fire first and second almost at the same time.
    And why reload of a shell is reset if you fire second barrel? These are two different barrels….

  11. Whenever In doubt fire a double

  12. Just started playing this game, thanks for all your videos, I’m really enjoying them and learning a lot! Cheers my good sir

  13. Double is also worthwile if you aren’t pressed and get an opportunity to hit someone that is not aware you are aiming at them. They will become aware once they get hit, so you might as well hit them with double.

  14. Love the daily videos! Keep it up!!!

  15. Can you do a video on the Obj. 705A? It’s a really underrated tank!

  16. QB, like the camo on tour ST-II, looks awesome:)

  17. Can’t wait to play them on console :’(

  18. What is your setup for this tank QB? Been having trouble figuring out what to use on it… Some suggestions would be very nice! Thank you!

  19. Luca Nicolas Stefan

    The assumption that shooting the second shot lowers your dpm is pretty bad in my opinion. If you always wait for the full reload of the second shot, you are just a regular tank. If you shoot the second shot after the cooldown, however, you basically get 50% off the reload for your next shot compared to what an identical single-shooter would get. Sure, then you are empty, but your dpm isn’t really any lower. You just got a 50% off shot Plus, it’s very easy to find 20 seconds in WoT when there is nothing to shoot. This isn’t like an autoreloader where you get worse DPM when you go deeper in the mag. This tank doesn’t care whether you have a shot or not loaded (sorry if my explanation is a bit convoluted), it still reloads just as fast. Just shoot the second shell whenever you can, try to double when it’s an easy shot – paper tanks, short range, static targets, and so on.

  20. Hey, Q.B. what’s your favorite tier ten? Mine is personally the IS-7

  21. they need to buff that intra clip reload so it can compete with vz 55. vz is superior in every aspect maybe except side armor but if enemu knows that st II has tier IX armor on front hull they will pen you every time so that part should also be buffed a bit and as said before intra clip reload or flat reload speed buff

  22. 880 alpha… hehe well qb in grand battles i db shot a kranvagn for 1030dmg

  23. To double or not to trouble would’ve been a great title

  24. Yeah i just got done 3 marking the IS-3-II and I loved every bit of it getting it done in 96 games, I was consistently getting 4-5k plus damage combined making for a very EZ yet fun 3 mark !!!

  25. Double Barrels Gun= Dirty Birthday Gifts! ONLY!

  26. quickybaby you are getting older 😁 not 120 mm but 122 mm guns, love you tho.

  27. I somehow how 614 damage with an obj 277 once. Is that the max damage shot

  28. It’s just sad the tanks are so inconsistent, the IS-2-II has bad hull armor and is sluggish, the IS-3-II has good turret and hull armor coupled with good dpm and mobility for a tank it’s size and the the ST-II barely has any dpm increase over the IS-3-II and the armor isn’t much better then the T9 ST-I and the mobility is atrocious.

  29. Please play a game with At15 or Tortoise i will say this evey video until you make one

  30. How do you fire them both at once? What key(s)?

  31. 2 barrels tank is not the best tank to play but i’m pretty sure it’s fun to play

  32. Anqui John Wenjel S.

    double is a lot better as finisher ahahhahaha

  33. double or nothing mate :v

  34. Where did you get that style?

  35. i never duble unless i ll be safe for the next 15 seconds
    i shoot only one shell at a time
    i keep the second shell of vunerable tanks or for a chance to get a kill

  36. QB’s enemies:He might salvo me if I try to peek
    My enemies:RUSH CYKA

  37. like the old say: Double your gun, double your fun

  38. Yeah let’s gooo QB

  39. So they took a tank from t9 gave it 2barels and it still rocks in t10. And they couldn’t give Strv tanks 100mm of front armor as irl. That good old russian tanks bias..

  40. No crew shown again cheater on WOT account with full load out top level crew again and equipment all bonds

  41. I love ST II and IS-3-II. IS-3-II is godly in frontline

  42. Love my 703 II at tier 8. I always double barrel when I get the chance, if you’re not then might as well play another tank. I would probably really like the STII also, if tier 10 in general wasn’t shit.

  43. love how much you put video’s lately

  44. what is this funky ass skin

  45. When I double, it seems the chance for both to hit (let alone pen) seems to be awful. So, I am conditioned to only double when the target area is enormous and weakly armoured.

  46. Y does the ST-II looks so sad

  47. 1:48 So ST-II is doing badly because the worthless IS-4 can now work as a heavy, but because the ST-II has the special gun to make up for the difference it still needs a buff compared to the IS-4?
    Have you spent too much time in Russia maybe? 😂

  48. Excessive usage of gold ≠ skills. And that is what this game become: OP tanks with no weakspots.

  49. i wish I had World Of tanks instead of WOT Blitz… it lookes so colorful

  50. Royco Cup-A-Soup Gaming

    Double the gun, double the fun

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