To Make Abrams Better…

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  1. *these are already modified texts to NOT replicate same mistakes from people

  2. @shanearnold1999

    Is that the squirrel form over the hedge

  3. If this is true it is very based

  4. Yunno pretty sure this wouldn’t happen if they just did… From the start.

  5. Major skill issue

  6. @user-ww7si3dw3c

    I love how natofans are crying about russian bias while having stat boosted tank and 1:100 count bcs fuel tank explosion on OBT’s.
    Get better

  7. Got any docs on the merkava?

  8. @user-ni9jq6by3f


  9. My favorite part about this is that it has happened multiple times and not only with american documents. War thunder is basically an internation neutral espionage agency at this point

  10. It needs it man bc USA suffers in war thunder I don’t even play USA no more bc of how bad it is

  11. @para_magnus2200

    Remember, the SEPv1 and v2 never had DU. The SEPv3 however did. It will come. You’ll get it soon.

  12. What tf do you mean again?

  13. Basement guy’s estranged brother

  14. This is brought up on military opsec training

  15. When you make an inaccurate weapon system powerful, humans will then post classified documents which makes the opposing system more powerful than its proceived image.

  16. @EdwardLockhart-yw5in


  17. Who knew video gamers are a threat to America

  18. @lizthedumbfloofbutt3121

    If war thunder can’t make a game good leave it to the players to make non brain dead battle rating decisions and making vehicles actually good

  19. @edwardmartin3549

    If ya be leak classified documents you should get capital punishment

  20. “Again”

  21. @samualbhuiyan2308

    War Thunder player base strikes again

  22. Jokes on you i can read blueprints

  23. Well now. Haven’t heard that in a while.

  24. Still got destroyed by Lancet so yeah

  25. @Jake.tm_politics

    Was it an insider threat or just a random person?

  26. The same thing would be necessary for the Leclerc because its armor makes no sense, just to give an idea, the chassis armor of the first version is equivalent to the Leopard 2A5, and in any case the armor plate on the Leclerc looks like a Leopard 2 and clearly not like what is currently in the game. If the problem was only the chassis armor, for example one of the main differences between the Leclerc S1 and the Leclerc S2 apart from the air conditioning, it is the reinforcement of the turret armor, except in war thunder nothing changes.

  27. @samuelchiloyan9171

    “*deep breath* DO NOT SEND US CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS. This is not reverse psychology. For real, i’m running out of jokes about this. We cannot use them (it’s sort of “turbo illegal”), and the people posting them can get into serious trouble.”- War Thunder

  28. I swear Gaijn better have a “Days since our playerbase leaked classified military documents” counter on the wall.

  29. @alphadeltaroflcopter

    gaijin- “You need an authentic source to get stat changes.”
    Consumer-“Ok then what are your sources?”
    gaijin – “My source is, i made it th fuck up!”

  30. @YourLocal14YearOld

    Leak the documents. NOW!

  31. @danielkjerrumgaard1897

    I swear if Russia out does all of americas armoured vehicles we can thank war thunder 😀

  32. @xaver_zundwerk6893

    Still the dont use the amour in reality

  33. There must be a law for any us military branch do not allow them play War Thunder😂😂😂😂

  34. At this rate, it is better for the military itself to leak its own documents

  35. What’s the movie that has those squirrels again?

  36. Thats a 700mm worth of armor righ there

  37. This still seems like an ITAR violation which is 20 years in prison per offense and 12 million fine

  38. @bananaraptor7747

    Oh, you wanna commit war crimes?
    *uses classified information to make vehicles realistic*

  39. Shit Thunder

  40. It’s annoying because the Russians have no restrictions to giving up their design ideas, which means all russian tanks are practically awesome but actually trash😂

  41. Lame

  42. War thunder is too Russian biased to make that happen, thats why f16c ain’t got aim120 yet

  43. I know this too well…

  44. @shadowdragon4137

    War thunder be like” do not leak classified government documents I’m running out of jokes about this it’s sort of TURBO ILLEGAL!!


  46. “again”😂

  47. “Again”!? 💀

  48. Gangnam Style brings back so many memories

  49. Video gamming is bad btw

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