TOG 2 BATTLESHIPS GAMEPLAY (World of Tanks April Fools)

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  1. the tog 2 was real it was created after ww1 but already out dated by ww2.

  2. war thunder will always be better

  3. dota 2 has a enormus esports scene. it recently had a 18 million prize pool
    for TI5

  4. tog tog tog your boat lol

  5. I did it was really good and fun

  6. who els paused the vid to hear the alarm? no? just me? well im stupid

  7. The game with the most number of people playing is crossfire

  8. ive played that.

  9. Um Baron tog 2 is a real tank but it never was used but britain made one
    that is in the bovington tank museum.

  10. There is no replay system on console version of Wot… How was this video

  11. Bovington’s Youtube channel even has a video exploring the TOG. Its a very
    real tank. Very. Real.

  12. OsamaBinWeavel The3rd

    Bovington tank museum has a tog

  13. pleaz bush kemp with stug else I’m gonna eat my hand off!!!

  14. Pleaz play war thunder, if you don’t I’ll commit suicide

  15. please don’t hate me but, the TOG II is a real tank that was made to cross
    trenches and was built just after WWI.

  16. The TOG II did exist. It is not a fictitious tank. It never was. I think it
    is in Bovington Tank Museum in UK.

  17. Baron I would think it would TF2 as that has a huge player span :)

  18. Starcraft II. All installment.That’s my opinion.

  19. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    omg C&C was one of my first games too! that and atomic tank ….and those
    galaxy defender stuff

  20. Best game?? Star Citizen

    I know i know it’s still in alpha but hey it will comes out soon next year
    and the single player campaign is coming this year, yeah so star citizen
    *will* be the best game

  21. PS4 master race and any idea wether or not crossout is gonna be on PS4?

  22. Dots 2 is a big game

  23. I did :)

  24. There is a TOG II at Bovington museum….Fake tank my ass.

  25. Tog II is most definitely not fictitious homie 

  26. hmm at that video the land like at cityskyline and water too

  27. UNSC “PRO” Dodge

    the game long ago i love =
    Battlestation pasific
    old call of duty
    old medal of honor

    old days all game are interesting

  28. Wish my Tog 2 could fire as rapidly as these do. Oh well, super heavy spall
    liner, gun rammer and gun layer is good enough. And yes this tank does fit
    my WOT screen name.

  29. tog2 is very real. there is (or was) one at the The Tank Museum. Jingles
    out a video out where he showed it several years ago.

  30. I missed this event because apparently my free demo time was up

  31. Personally the best game generally rust or ark survival evolve,
    Most competitive game is cs go

  32. Not sure why everyone is all up and riled in the comments…..the TOG II
    has always been a ship. World of Tanks was just trolling us by making it a
    tank. We played it as both a ship and as a tank in the Men of War Monday’s
    TOG II assault on Normandy, making it the first time the TOG II ACTUALLY
    SERVED AS A SHIP, which she is naturally. All I’m saying is the MOW video
    was inspiration for WOT to have the TOG II sailing as a ship for the
    console version’s April Fools day event.

    The TOG II has always been a ship, but we played it as a tank. And maybe by
    sheer luck or divine providence the MOW video was the first time the TOG II
    has sailed as a ship. Thanks for listening….all dissenters will now be
    sent to the Gulag. Good day.

  33. Im not 100% sure but isnt CoD the biggest game atm? They’re trying to make
    esports big part of cod now but CS wins that category for sure. If we’re
    talking about total playtime then LoL wins any game.

  34. Maybe Melee Kills

    #1 Game in both player count and e-sports is definitely Club Penguin, with
    Webkinz as a close runner up.

  35. OMG he talked about dota 2, screw lol

  36. The tog was made in real life.

  37. Daniel Carabott Damato

    pls baron read before you talk you can go watch the tog at bovington I
    think its in Britain tho

  38. y no gameplay

  39. click bait

  40. bigest game is probs dota2

  41. Michael Pettigrew

    it isn’t fictitious. there’s a tog 2 at the bovington tank museum

  42. BaronVonSuperPhly :p

    There is a tog II in the bovington tank museum in England, I live in the uk
    and have visited the museum and seen it. It’s big and impressive but you
    see it up close and think why? Haha

  43. 1), TOG II is a real tank.
    2), you did not inspire the creation of the TOG boat, you cocky little

  44. I played it; it was a blast ?

  45. TOG II is as real as it gets. They have one in the tank museum in england

  46. TOG II is real baron, and its absolutely massive!

  47. +BaronVonGamez Tog II prototype is in the Tank Museum in Bovington Camp
    Royal Army base in Bovington, Dorset England. Jingles and Quickie baby have
    been making HMS Tog jokes for years. Jingles has made TOG II warship for

  48. pretty sure Tog boat was around before your tog video.

  49. The tog is a real tank look up bovington tank museum tog 2.

  50. TOG II is real, my god.

  51. The biggest games, at least for eSports, are definetly League of Legends
    and Dota 2. Just look how many people stream it on a daily basis on Twitch.
    CSGO is also up there, but not quite as much. Here in America, I think CSGO
    is bigger, but internationally LoL and Dota wile their asses with CSGO’s
    competitive scene, at leats to my knowledge

  52. Alexander Snowden

    Baron no way did you inspire it. The mighty Jingles has already been
    calling it HMS TOG for about a year.

  53. CMDR A dapper kiwi

    tog is real as shit lol, like I’ve hugged it


  55. Thomas Wildrabbit

    The TOG II was a failed concept never used in battle, but nevertheless
    prototypes were indeed built and tested.

  56. baron the tog II exists, look it up. there is one in bovington

  57. you are very late the the party Jingles and Quickybaby made the TOG II
    thing so dont try and call it your idea and the TOG II is a real tank there
    is one here in the UK so look up your facts and dont say thing you did not
    come up with.

  58. One word summaries this April fools GLORIOUS

  59. Why does it say gameplay, when you are not playing? T_T

  60. Baron go to jingles channel the tog2 lives and stays in the tank museum I
    can’t remember how to spell the name of it but jingles has a video that
    shows it

  61. There is a TOG II at the Bovington Tank Museum in Britain

  62. magicGfinger Grant

    the tank museam has a tog 2 you can go and pet

  63. April Fools is the most disappointing….

    Because you miss all the new game modes they add

  64. and he comment section on today’s video is: “,baron u stupid the TOG was a
    real tank” “baron the tog is a real think Google it” “first” “baron o want
    to get my anus penetrated” “baron!” “such a clickbate”

  65. You know tog 2 is real right?

  66. ChrisRod Gaming101

    Baron try Naval Frontline on PC

  67. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    The tog 2 was actually a real tank! Its not a paper tank!

  68. that was old

  69. Pls baron do research before videos :((((

  70. I touched the TOG II 3 days ago. It is most definitely real

  71. It almost looks like a sub

  72. Naval units in MoW? Baron, why have you mentioned it? Now we NEED those

  73. Yesh!

  74. Did you see Jingles suck at WoWs?

  75. ,,Legal Leggins”

  76. i think minecraft is the most played game in the world.. but lol is the
    biggest with competition

  77. Baron, you think that the TOG II* never existed and you think you inspired
    it? I’m sorry dude what are you thinking?

  78. The one and only remaining TOG II is on display at the Tank Meuseum
    Bovington, England. TOG literally stands for “The Old Gang” because the
    team that designed it designed the British MK Is in WWI.

  79. The comments section tho

  80. Thomas Leavy Steele

    So you could say they were…TOGboats?!
    (I’ll see myself to the gallows now.)


  82. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  83. ItzzDustyspartan32

    HA HA Console players like me got to play this on April 1st!

  84. livin’ the tog life

  85. you click baiting cunt

  86. Rov'age St Laurent

    Both the TOG and the TOG 2 were real, although only one prototype of each
    was ever built

  87. Sorry you didn’t inspire it. Jingles has had fan art of tog boats. And has
    had them for a while.

  88. tog 2 exist you can see hin in an Tank Museum

  89. Brother and Brother Airsoft

    League of legends as well as other mmo’s

  90. Baron Britain actually built the togg 2 and 1 but they never used them in

  91. i find dota and league to be the biggest esports things, CS:GO is big, iv
    seen a bit of COD, rainbow 6 is certainly on the table.

    but yea, world of tanks, war thunder esports are pretty much hardly used.
    when LoL esports came onto youtube gaming, everything went to shit, all
    other streamers were almost unable to stream because mods and viewers were
    unable to watch streams. the servers simply couldnt handle it as they didnt
    expect so much traffic.. so as far as i care, LoL is the biggest that iv

  92. ehhello mypotatoe

    Had it

  93. Yeah you could keep the tank too, really fun to use

  94. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    try Red cruicible firestorm it’s a very good game and very fun

  95. For the love of god Baron the TOG ll is a real tank and not a fictional
    tank,search it up beofre you say it, i can already can hear the others
    saying the same thing.

  96. the motion of the togboats looks just like they are driving on track in
    shallow water. Fun idea though!

  97. It was fun and silly. The HMS Tog II* best Tog.

  98. I dont think you inspired this with your video. it’s been in the making
    long before your video came out with the togs. it was jingles and quickie
    baby who coined hms tog and that stuff.

  99. 0:25 I don’t think that deep deep down you, Baron, Inspired the “TogII
    Ships” Because I know that people have ALWAYS talked about it, and talked
    about it, for many years since the Tog came out, and I also know that the
    Mighty Jingles Made a Video on the TogII Being turned into an actual ship.
    (My Opinion)
    You weren’t the one who “Inspired” War-gaming to make this..
    Instead it was the community who gave them the idea, and “Inspired” Them

  100. Late much?

  101. cod 3 and 4 was so awesome! omg

  102. world of warships ps4?

  103. The Tog II was a real tank and was made in case World War II broke out into
    trench warfare. Since World War II didn’t have much trench warfare the idea
    was abandoned. :)

  104. TOG* II is a real tank, like seriously, could you look up your facts before
    saying them?

  105. The TOG 2 is real, they have it at Bovington. Jingles has been referring to
    it in nautical terms for a long time, no offense Baron but you had nothing
    to do with the devs doing this.

  106. Fun fact: the TOG II never saw service simply because it was too heavy to
    fit on any ships travelling to France.

  107. now baron 6:10 the game with the most active players is WoW . the one with
    the most accounts is Runescape. the biggest esl scenes right now have Dota2
    and cs:go but rainbow six siege is close up . the highest prize pool of an
    esl event had dota 2 and the one event with the most viewers had LoL just
    for some information. now my favorite is Dota 2 but hey everyone his game
    to choose

  108. There were multiple Togs build, one is even still viewable in the Bovington
    Tank museum.

  109. ive been to Bovinton and seen the real tog , i think it uses the turret
    from one of the British SPGs

  110. That is awesome!

  111. baron the TOG*II is real, and the bovington tank museum has one, and they
    had david fletcher(if you dont know who he is shame on you, go to gulag) do
    a video on it, look it up

  112. do a gamd play of WORLD OF TANKS

  113. tog ll is real

  114. I a. The 1.181th viewer

  115. no fucking way i think i was in one of these games holy shit yeah baby…
    now who wants to play real life hang man?

  116. baronvongamez you made the day

  117. baronvongamez you made the day

  118. CLICK BAIT HYPE!!!!!!!!!

  119. hey the guys at wargaming made a poster of the tog under water and they
    made a video that their boss we have to make that

  120. Bovington Tank Museum has one.

  121. Tog 2 is a real tank… and i think it was the hype Jingles has had with
    his community for years is the real inspiration for it.

  122. 2st

  123. fucking first

  124. 1st

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