TOG 2 D-Day Landing! – War Thunder Christmas Special!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. franch tanks

  2. The best gift I gave, was a box of chocolates to my mom

  3. of course i see rogue one

  4. i always play mowas2

  5. Where is the Men of War Mondays Baron???? Where is it!!

  6. I want to see a RU251 in Warthunder

  7. I think all the Britishers amongst us would love to see the Vulcan. It
    dropped both conventional and nuclear bombs, so you guys wouldn’t have to
    model nukes. B-52s are also fair game, but the Vulcan is beautiful. Google

  8. Definitely the Churchill AVRE ultimate British derp with 152mm of frontal

  9. Jingles would be mighty proud.

  10. I want WarThunder to bring out some Polish, French and Italian tanks it
    would be pretty sick!

  11. can they please make the m50 ontos 6 barrel 90mm recoilless rifle tank

  12. Merry Christmas !

  13. I want a Yamato 😀
    …. so i can BLOW IT UP WITH TORPITZ!

  14. the TOG ll of course Baron!! TOG ll is most OP TANK IN WOT. Y not in war
    thunder?? It is fastest tank in WOT and in the world.

  15. is this real?

  16. sherman skink that would be so cool

  17. Baron you guys should create the american prototype T-57heavy auto loading
    tank #make merica gr8

  18. The Angel's Inferno

    my favorite gift was my Xbox one

  19. +BaronVonGamez

    Baron, YES!! The TOG II should be added to War Thunder!! Think of how happy
    Jingles would be especially!! Also, it’s not a bad idea!! That way we can
    see TOG II gameplay for when Gaijin puts it in the game!! BTW, did I
    mention I’m one of your fans?? Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!!
    😀 😀 :D

  20. Xbox 1s

  21. I got a g shock

  22. labtop

  23. M1 Adram main battle tank

  24. I have been playing starwars battlefront and the division alot. I would
    like to see a sd kfz 251 either plain or a antitank or anti air version

  25. +BaronVonGamez

    you should make a SPG or artilery you can actualy countrol like a tank.


  27. Merry Christmas Barron mate hope you had a great day, As to games I do a
    bit of War Thunder, Mount & Blade different mods, C&C generals mod Rise of
    Reds, Counter Strike, Cross out.It all depends on the mood I am in 🙂 hope
    you and your family had a great day together.

  28. mig 29 Barron because it is fast and very good for fighting but ps4 can’t
    do user made mods

  29. A boat. Why? Because we all know we need a drivable boat.

  30. BattleField1 my doodlebobs Xd

  31. my favorite gift was sims4 from my parents

  32. kinda wanna see an M40 GMC just for the hell of it. but a Mk IV Mk V would
    be nice..

  33. i wanna see hungarian tanks couse with them would be a balanced game (3
    axis vs 3 allied nation)
    othervise more german stronk tenks and the italian-hungarian ground tech

  34. DUBSTEP on The Cat (Calen Dell)

    I got a mighty mug and it’s my favorite thing ever

  35. You said “my team can make it” I want the t26e4 but immortal or the p1000
    or the kv6

  36. well I got cod infinet warfare

  37. I want to see infantry, even if its AI i dont care. With some “defend the
    apc’s” kinds missions

  38. I want to see a russian katyusha, that would be totally badass

  39. i have given a 1.5 liter beer botlle to my brother

  40. plz add the WT E 100 the one they had in world of tanks would be kick ass
    to have

  41. The best gift i Got was 30.000 Golden eagles :)

  42. 沈釜霈(沈 14)

    I want to see Russia’s T-14 Armata Tank !

  43. Irgend so ein Type den niemand kennt:)

    I want to See the waffenträger or the jagtpanzer e100

  44. The best present i recieved was Arma 3 from my friend Steve on Steam.

  45. i want to see E-75

  46. i got an rc m1a1 abrams with working supension and i also got fury

  47. Make a mech in war thunder

  48. American t 34 heavy 155 cannon

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