TOG II – “Slow & Steady Brings The Pain!”

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Source: Bo Gaming

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The TOG II has finally arrived and premiered at a battle rating of 5.3. This is definitely worth getting from the stand point of a collector. There are 2 configurations that you can select run it in and I hope you enjoy the video!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)


  1. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  2. On this episode of ‘Bo brings 5 HE rounds and uses none of them while being bullied by open-topped AAs.’ XD

  3. Bo can I play with you sometimes bc I want someone to play with me in war of thunder

  4. Like I tell people in World of Tanks Blitz. “Mess with the TOG, you go in the bog”
    Also people like to call it the “Hot TOG” xD

  5. This is the crew I wish I had.

  6. Are the sponson machineguns operable?

  7. It’s TOG it’s TOG it’s big it’s heavy it’s wood
    It’s TOG it’s TOG it’s better than bad it’s good!

  8. This is a certified Toggers moment

  9. TheMightyWookie351c

    Stopped the vid and zoomed in on your recruiting poster, nice…

  10. anyone notice that Bo has a habbit of just driving into people at the worst possible time keeping them from running away

  11. Kneel before TOG!

  12. Solid shot is abosolutely horrendues

  13. TOG of War, War TOG

  14. I just had a Game with 11 togs, it’s a plague

  15. When first time i see this tog tank in wotb i call it big worm🤣🤣 because the body is so long like a worm

  16. When Britain think ww2 Will be the same things use a Trench defense but they wrong and make this tank but sadly this tank never went to action in ww2

  17. I feel like tog would be a tank that would come with a warning terrain indicator

  18. tog 11 is probably my favorite goofy tank ,another great vid cheers mate

  19. Hey bo, there is a new mode with u-boots can you play it please.

  20. This is fantastic – I’ve seen TOG II at the Tank Museum in Bovington and wondered what on earth it would be like in combat.

    Kids – never get a committee of boffins to design a tank. It will almost inevitably suck, especially when it was designed for the last war.

  21. That Russian Guy 🇷🇺


  22. Can you guys play the mig 29 g in the German tech tree

  23. 3:23 Sturmlings view of a sherman: AND THE ARMY GOES ROLLING ALONG!

  24. This is definitely a TOGGERS moment.

  25. i love the recruiting poster

  26. That tog is so fucking loud its practically an enemy magnet as it moves

  27. Get rid of the armor upgrade. It’s nothing but a huge weak spot screaming shoot me.

  28. @12:20 If someone would care to remind us all why we always carry a few high explosive shells…

  29. Sturmling’s little chuckle was so wholesome

  30. This will be a great addition to future hide and seek events 😂

  31. land whale

  32. Bo you can penetrate the front of the jumbo easily

  33. i get to watch myself die twice in this video!

  34. You should play the f9f-8

  35. My buddy and I got lucky and had a random match with yall today poor Bo got bombed right next to me in his Panther

  36. This tank was made in 1941, Germans had the Panzer 4 by that time and the Soviets had the T34………

  37. I just got a idea for a future Hide n Seek video. What if the Hiders hide in ww1 vehicles or just tier 1 or tier 2 vehicles hide from lurking Tog II’s?

  38. Is that a WW1 tank?😂😂🤣🤣

  39. So there’s a pancake tank, now a Coney Island hot dog tank, what’s next, a burger tank? Pizza tank?

  40. “3rd degree burns from the comfort of your own bed.”😂😂😂

  41. Sorry but I can’t stand this tank😂 much rather my tiger

  42. Togg Shaker

  43. this tank is like the Char 2C but less fun

  44. Jingles would be proud lads

  45. I feel like war Thunder should actualy just start adding ww1 vehicles i mean, come on!!

  46. Early game maus

    Also you missed the chance to say
    “Who do you think your togging to?”

  47. Don’t play WT, but do play WOT, still awaiting the day the tog ends up back in the shop. spent so long with no money get it by time I finally had a little jangle in my pocket it was gone…. Cheers Bo and friends!

  48. 2:09 game over

  49. Remove rhe Great War Pattern, it adds unnecessary weak spots to an already bad tank

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