Toldi III 43M Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Not a great game but itÙs first ace. 🙁

of Tanks for free at http://play.any./SHPHQ


  1. thanks for the review! as a collector, I will be keeping this one.

  2. I like mine OK, BUT I figured out you have to run chocolate and vents and
    hopefully have BIA in order to get that DPM up because it is so sad stock.
    Good news is that it is a premium tank, so you don’t go in the hole much
    with it.
    I keep my rare prems mostly for the x5 events, you can really rack up a lot
    of xp because you average high scores, and with multiple tanks it is like
    getting x15 technically.
    But it sure does struggle against those 5s!
    Nice game here and good look at the toldi!
    Thanks dude.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. DPM needs a serious buff, but other than that it isn’t too bad.
    Well a free garage slot is nice to get for Christmas, and the 150,000
    credits is nice too.

  4. Happy Holidays Irish, and have you seen the promo vid of the Toldi on the
    NA server? they even market it as a free garage slot :D

  5. Wahhhh … this wasn’t supposed to be released until tomorrow ….. bugger!
    Ah well I guess you folks get two videos today ….. Happy Holidays!

  6. Just another lousy time waste from WG and there are so many interesting
    tank lines to explore instead of building these garage slot holders

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