Too Fast & I’m FURIOUS! (War Thunder)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Blitzkrieg! Realistic Battles end too Fast!
War Thunder Gameplay 1.55 – Pz III, Pz IV & Ju- Schnellbomber

Thanks for watching!


  1. first like

  2. hi Brandon

  3. Hey Baron! 😀

    I have a CB suggestion; what do you think about a 4M GAZ battle or race? O7

  4. 2 yeessssssssssssss suck me

  5. lol intro

  6. that bomb much accuracy such damage

  7. I like how this game looks, but I don’t know pretty much about it because
    i’m a WoT player. Can you guys tell me the difference between them (beside
    the obvious thing that War Thunder looks waaaaay better than World of
    Tanks) ?

  8. I feel like some of the RB battles just end WAY too soon, before you even
    have a chance to counter attack and retake an objective. What do you guys

  9. What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m still not sure what I want to do
    yet…maybe see the Revenant. You?

  10. panther g

  11. this is going nicely, duhhhhh! Lo that killed me

  12. play company of heroes 2 plz

  13. Why do you so often use APCR? They may have the most penetration but they
    do FAR less damage than other rounds. Only bring a few as they are only
    needed for things like KV-1s and Churchills. The APHE rounds can deal with
    more or less anything else that you will face at a that BR.

  14. 0:36 Looks like Baron woke up from a very, very bad nightmare…

  15. That sound you made sounded exactly like that fish from spongebob in that
    episode where he smelled really bad it was like *bomb goes under tank*


  17. How about, when your team has capped a zone from the enemy every third (or
    something) point deducted from the enemies stash is brought back to your
    teams stash?

    I really just lost the name for the points when I was about to write this

  18. Swastika is a English word, in german it is Hakenkreuz

  19. sure baron lets do that

  20. RIP Paul ;_;

  21. Hakenkreuz.


  23. Άκης Γκεμίσης

    Nice video, especially the intro, but man, u should learn to use those damn
    BINOCULARS!!! It will make your life a whole lot easier!

  24. I want a total deatmatch battle wich you win only if you kill all the
    enemies or the time finish

  25. since you started playing RB it got me into it. now I cant even play arcade
    the same. I tried arcade and I just didn’t see it as fun anymore.

  26. I as a true german can say youre speaking german very well baron take my
    compliment :)

  27. Whenever I fly bomber in War Thunder with a forward facing machine gun I
    always wanna dog fight lol

  28. duuuhhhhh!!! i laughed my ass off at that

  29. “Thought I had bushes turned off.”

    That’s what she said…

  30. If you make games longer people start whining about que times……cant
    please everyone

  31. Remember to use your binoculars when you play RB :)

  32. in German you neither say swastika nor shwashdiga you call it hakenkreuz

  33. Maurice van Hemert

    Baron you rly have to checkout Flamu on youtube, this guy is amazing with
    worldofwarships. He rly deserves more subs imo.
    I like realistic, but sometimes im having a hard time getting a descent mm,
    and i dont get it why in arcade you get more earnings ?

  34. i hate it when people start to spawn camp

  35. kv1 B german premium

  36. The panzer IV is not a glass common it’s a glass front plate

  37. I have a Panzer drei shell :)

  38. I will play warthand et with my frend

  39. It was a pleasure fighting beside you Baron. Shame about the quick cap.
    Onwards and upwards my friend. 07

    -NZL* Mr_Tomtastic

  40. Don’t know if anyone said it already, but we don’t say swastika in German.
    We say Hakenkreuz, which literally means hook cross^^.

  41. hadrian cs copley smith

    Who thinks that the high explosive anti tank fin stabilised shells that the
    t10m Leo 1 m60 and t54 1951 is to op for people who are trying to get tier
    five tanks

  42. 0.35 is at that point wen Baron no (he got fck up)
    that Bomer was screming ..surprise bomb sex :))))

  43. Hi Baron! i haven’t started tanks yet, what country’s lineup do you

  44. I feel like that too baron and I thought you were in a match with me but it
    was someone with a fake name

  45. since when are german planes with swastikas in this game and wy arnt they
    on the190s

  46. That last match was only quick because both teams abandoned their home
    caps. The match could last a long time if some defend

  47. Bring out the b-17

  48. Didn’t they patch out the low res bush exploit a few months ago? I remember
    a jingles video saying it made him give war thunder ground forces another

  49. Jjklo

  50. Tank realistic battles, awesome, plane realistic battles…can someone give
    me a helping extra hand? The plane is flying upside down!! Why am i going
    backwards!! Give me more power!!! Where’s my Scotty???

    Or something to that effect. I feel like i should have an extra hand and
    extra eye during those for some reason.

  51. I’m so happy you’re back to doing more RB!

  52. 500kg*

  53. YoungFilmProductions


  54. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Hell yeah im watching that shit I wanna see leo fight a bear.

  55. lol 50’cal can kill glass cannon :P

  56. baron your intros are the best

  57. that doe

  58. I really do enjoy watching your videos Sir, Keep up the great Game play!

  59. FallOut4?BaronLetsPlay!

  60. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    DIY, If you press E until your tank gear is at max, your tank will
    automatically drive forward.

    automatic foreward driving, without pressing w(or whatever you use for

  61. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    what’s my favorite tank? Well Baron you weren’t specific on what time
    period. My favorite tank is the Polish Pl-01

  62. pz.iv h plzz

  63. Favorite tank is the Panzer 4

  64. Hey Baron, can you do video of tiger 2 h, see if you can win a single
    battle in this br, I cant anyway:(

  65. Do a challenger or avenger video

  66. Gejin does dis all de tiem

  67. “Duuaaaahhh” -BaronVonGamez 2K16

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