Too Hard Without Platoon? – Halloween 2020 Gameplay | World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event

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World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event – Mirny-13 Guide and Tutorial. Halloween Event Coins, Tanks, Special 3D Style Camos, Special Members and more. World of Tanks New Halloween 2020 Event Rewards and Guide. World of Tanks The Immortal E-100, The Boss Tank. World of Tanks Mirny-13 Halloween Special Event, Hornet Gameplay.


  1. How do you find the event so far? Chill, Casual, Grindy, Good, Fantastic, Bad? Which one?
    Anyway, which tank would you like to see me testing next? T49 I bet, with some pooper shots.

  2. It certainly is a speshul gamemode. Especially in the higher difficulties. Some of the tanks practically spawn on you. You get stupid bots on your side screwing the chance to win completely. If you want to complete the event, you are going to have to pay money. F*** WG

  3. Syahareen Sha Rani

    No one gonna ask that Ghost Town map looks better than the original ?

  4. This game mode is filled with braindeads, literally unplayable if you dont have a platoon

  5. I play one game in WT event(and i had 14-15 coins left)…. This i think i will miss competely. Last interesting Haloween event was that with double-tureted tanks…

  6. 10k gold and you get all the rewards, ez suckers ^^ kappa

  7. In my opinion this is one of the worst events wargaming has made. Incredibly hard missions to get coins for not very good prizes. Plus you can only play three games every 15 hours for free to play players. After playing 6 battles I didn’t win any, I only got to phase three once, and half the time I didn’t even get to phase 2. Way too hard and way too expensive for mediocre rewards


  9. Ramming in the medium and heavy tanks help

  10. pay 2 play event that you can barely win

    this is pretty much gambling with a bit of skill involved

  11. Having played a lot of randoms. Someone needs to be the general. Stay together, take the shortest path, and if possible stay to the edges. You can not win if you don’t. and remember the magness has a large number of defenders.

  12. As I expected, it’s grindy and the rewards are not worthy, imo. I’d rather play something else than play this mode for rewards I don’t care about.

  13. 5 093 589th view! 😉 🙂 xD
    Seriously what’s up with all these “first!” and 2nd view people smh😑

  14. this event just another homefront event that everybody hate it. and they add this into a halloween event. how disapointed it is

  15. Fehérvári Dominik

    I play to get resources xp and credit and not buy resources to being able to play

    Pay2win shit every premium kids buy everthing and dies first ….

  16. Freshwater Spaceman

    Have you thought about covering any other videogames Dez? You’re a personality with a loyal following nowadays. I follow WoT because of you now, not for the game which is obviously in a state of decay. Wargaming marry some nice ideas to awful pay-to-win nonsense and it really shouldn’t be rewarded with the quality coverage that you give them.

    If you do branch out to games outside of Wargaming’s toxic ecosystem I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by the folks, like myself, who’d pay attention.

    Cheers as usual,

    A disgruntled WoT fan.

  17. I started yesterday also in the NA server.
    I’m not a fan of the tank reset. I can’t afford to recharge after a tank

  18. Played 10 games 1st day never made to 3rd level….

  19. Not worth it, the commanders we get in twitch prime drops or personal missions. Paying to play is just plain stupid for a “fun” mode.

  20. Another boring event no one asked for with crappy rewards…

  21. 225k credits to be able to play ONCE? or wait 20 fucking hours? FU WG!

  22. is this not the same as the mt-25 Halloween event ? We collected greenstuff and so, and there were some sleeping tanks.

  23. You know, it’s almost as if there is a global pandemic meaning that many more people will be at home, and there will be increased hours of play, leading to a mechanic which stops people from being able to use those extra hours to get the rewards for the gamemode.

  24. I like this event.
    The only thing that pisses me of is the cooldown mechanic.
    Like really? What is the point of that.
    (Other than making ppl spend money ofc)

  25. its not too hard, but the ppl are the problem- they dont read instructions and just run into the invincible tank

  26. Really? Do you honestly think that things that have played 23 000 battles but still don’t know how to left click will learn how to play this mode in few days or weeks? I’ve been having a break from WoT, I’ve maybe played 20 battles at low tiers during the last 6 months, but yesterday I decided to take out my T110E3 with the turbo charger and it was fun. Of course I need credits to play T10 tank, so I played a few games with T8 premium tanks and guess what I saw? 46% WR retards too stupid to deal any damage. 44% clan leander with 23k battles in SU-130PM, doing 0 damage as top tier because it does not know how to camp in a bush after trying for 23 000 times. In every battle in our team there were at least 2, sometimes even 4, 46% super stupids who can’t learn even the basics like left clicking. And now WG supposes us to work together? Humans learn, animals can learn, even plants react and WG needs to ban those who are more stupid than plants, the ones who sit in the corner actively AFK because they are too stupid to do anything else.

    WoT could be the best game there is, if WG just made sure that every player, who enters a battle and is a member of a team, is actually playing. AFK bot in the base gets 48% winrate, still the game is full of things with less winrate, even if they use their “brains”.

  27. I mean…. at least it’s currency you can actually aquire in game….

    However I do wish the cool down was maybe an hour or two at the most.

  28. Well done and nice explained, and you got lucky to find teams in platoon while you were in queue.
    It left to say that:
    -There is a bar in top of Minimap that shows how far is inmmortal from you if gets Fulled its bc its right next to you
    -You can use the time left in the match to farm more mirium i mean every phase gives you 5 Minutes to collect mirium so you can maybe Farm the Mirium for the extractor in 2Min and go to Phase 2, But if you use the Other 3 Mirium to keep farming you can dispose that miriums for next Phase, this is good because in Medium and Hard Mode Camps are harder so if you already farmed Mirium before only will need to end 1-2 Camps to end the last Phase.
    And well yes, its another Wargaming Platoon Event, Easy Mode it is like it says, really easy to Win, but Medium and Hard mode, no way 3-4 Can carry, need to be 5 to keep alive and farm easier, Even Medium mode can become “hard” if you find many E50s in camps xD, and Hard mode… WELL GG like it says, its really hard, but not impossible, Good luck in battle <3!

    PD: Btw can you make another video about Farming Test? About credit farming?, RN im going to look your video about 1Hr Of Credit Grind with Preferential MM, but its 2 years ago
    With full Boosters as possible:
    -Premium Account
    -Premium Tank
    -50%/100% Credit Booster
    -Platoon Booster

    IGN: JeffDaKiller_

  29. I’d rather get a few uninteresting rewards and to be able to fully enjoy this game mode than to have a sh*t ton of rewards but no time at all to have fun. Be only reason we can’t play it a lot is because everyone would get great things for free otherwise….which seems UNFORGIVABLE for wg
    Completely messed up people keep on completely messing the game up

  30. and another event to skip

  31. Its just sad to see, so much effort into the map and cool abilities and tank skins. Then their financial department goes and slaps a shit paywall on everything…

  32. The design of this game looks like death stranding

  33. LOL im paying 225000 credits for recover!

  34. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    If you have the odd AFK player, you lose.
    If you have somebody not going with the team, you lose.
    If you have somebody that only just started the game, you lose.
    If you want to play another round without waiting, you lose.

    If I play randoms with top tier heavy platoon each 1k games played and 42% winrate, I lose.
    WoT seems to give a lot of ways to lose.

  35. It is team dependent because they want to encourage the use of their new battle comms system

  36. I have 19 mio Credits in the bank but NO I wont spend them on a halloween special!!!!!!!

  37. They have to increase player count to 6 as 5 is less and it should honestly be open only to platoons, Random people and just idiots

  38. I haven’t played this game in a while, but I’m honestly not opposed to the idea of events that promote teamwork over lone-wolfing. The problem is that WoT as I remember it does very little to promote it in standard battles and the like, so random players are wildly unlikely to work together. The presence of win rate percentage and XVM (genuinely fuck that thing) makes it even worse.

    So you introduce modes like this that really need you to work together with others, in a game that has internal and external factors that massively discourage it in favor of trying to increase stats.

  39. So you have to pay gold to play the good tanks, pay silver if you want to play them more than once and get rewarded with shit that you already have tons of in your garage if you have played any events previously. Mkay…

  40. Absolute fucking garbage game mode. It’s truly embarrassing that I play World of tanks. This game mode is INSANELY hard to win without a platoon because you have people splitting off on their own and dying, it’s bullshit you can only play 3 times a day without paying credits, it’s a fucking joke that once you pay the 25k creds on one tank, they ALL go up to 75k, and it’s fucking insanely stupid that the Leo/E50M/etc skins cost an absurd amount of gold. This game is dying and it makes me so so sad since it’s a game I’ve played since 2011. It’s not a question about HOW they can fix the game, but WILL they fix the game. Everyone knows what’s wrong with it. 3 clickers, +/-2MM, 15-1 games, constant gold spam, incredibly OP tanks, etc. So many easy fixes.

  41. consumables just take too long

  42. Sorry but this … Like really ? Paying for playing ? and the rewards, nothing interesting.

  43. I had 5 Kits of Recover Commander for free…

  44. almost 2.5 games F..ked up by “vandering” players, luckily one of the games vanderer died before time run out and we were able to enter next phase. WG should fix it some how so one player cannot F-up others game.

  45. Mode is great. How you play it is stupid.

  46. I dont like this Event of 2020, the Events of 2017 and 2018 were more casual and fun, they had useful rewards too for the daily/weekly playtime like Equipments, Consumables or in 2018 a bonus for more credits and experience earned in the time of the event.

    Checked the Rewards … hmm, 5 different nonhistoric Tier X 3D Skins, 5 unique crewmates, 3 different nonhistoric 3D-Skins for german tanks (Tier 8 to 10), some badges, some nonhistoric 2D Skins.

    Dont wanna be ungrateful, but this 2D/3D Skins rewards arent a bit interesting for me. With the actual state of WoT and my skills, i dont really enjoy Tier 9 and 10 battles, its more frustrating than fun.

    This unique crewmates with 3 skills may be interesting, but their appearance is appalling me. Wear this stuff in a hot cramped enclosed room and you will start to scratch at the hatch to get out in some minutes.

    WarGaming, im not really surprised by your lack of empathy, what the average player want. I will play maybe some games with the WoT-friends, but by myself, i wouldnt touch it.

  47. In the beginning I thought its only 20 minutes but turned out its 20 hours

    Thoes things make me hate world of tanks

  48. I played 3 times. It sucked. Every time someone spoiling the game by wondering around and then there is no chance to win

  49. once again, need visa to fully play and enjoy

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