TOP 10 Best Tanks for Ranked Battles | World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2021 Tips

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Ranked Battles – Best Tanks for Mode 2021. World of Tanks Ranked Battles Tips and Tutorial, Strongest Tanks for Ranked Mode.

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Super Conqueror
03:13 60TP
04:45 IS-7 and Obj. 277
06:20 T110E5
07:25 Kranvagn
09:15 STB-1
10:20 Progetto Mod 65
11:26 Object 430U
12:30 Leopard 1
14:55 105
17:30 Honorable Mentions
20:55 Conclusion

Which tanks are your favorite? Which tanks do you like play with?


  1. Well, it turned out to be more like a Top 11 or 12 or 13… Anyhow, hopefully you enjoy and it is a bif helpful even. 🙂
    Have an absolutely fantastic day!
    00:00​ Introduction
    01:15​ Super Conqueror
    03:13​ 60TP
    04:45​ IS-7 and Obj. 277
    06:20​ T110E5
    07:25​ Kranvagn
    09:15​ STB-1
    10:20​ Progetto Mod 65
    11:26​ Object 430U
    12:30​ Leopard 1
    14:55​ EBR 105
    17:30​ Honorable Mentions
    20:55​ Conclusion

  2. Tank doesn’t matter, its the idiots that play it matter.

  3. Dez forgot to mention the Jg. Pz. E 100

  4. Branko Dimitrijevic

    Nerfed progetto and 430U? They are just below average obj 140 is much better than 430U and you can pick some to replace progetto.

  5. Grimfang Wyrmspawn

    How is it you’re coming out of sniper mode as, or even before, you fire and your shot still goes where it is aimed? It completely screws my shot if I do that.

  6. only fake only pl shit ingame!

  7. I can already say that I was here before 10k views, so no need to sub for the 100 mil views 🙂

  8. T57 heavy works very well

  9. i’m here before 100 million views!!!! ✨💪😌✨thanks for the wot update dez

  10. For me will be Kran 60tp 121 Progg maybe TVP and 13 105

  11. Is it worth doing Season 3 if you haven’t done seasons 1&2?

    • That’s where I am, but from what I understand you will still get lots of credits, the gold, and other stuff for climbing all divisions. You won’t get enough tokens for the Concept 1B, but the tokens convert to a fair amount of bonds depending on the league you place in.

    • @Calvin Livengood cheers! Will give it a go.

  12. Just played my first 3 Ranked battles and managed 3 good matches in a row using the 121. Top 10 (9th) win, a top of the team loss and a 4th on the team win. Was pleasantly surprised how it worked with no premium ammo.

  13. Let me guess…mostly armor meta tanks and tanks with high pay2win (gold round) options?

  14. From uk and my first tier 10 is super conquered can’t wait to try ranked i am also close to centurian ax uk medium but am now realising its not very good compared to other mediums its premium amo is 200pen 🙁

    • You are mistaken , the Cent 7/1 has 200 pen HESH for premium but the T10 CENT AX has 268 APCR 330 HEAT and 105 pen HESH so you have a good selection. The ammo is the only good thing about the tank and you should avoid it in ranked imho.

      TBH I would say do not play the Cent AX in ranked , it is severly outclassed by almost all other T10 meds and the other day I snacked on one in my STB1, was an easy kill. Super conq is a solid choice, try to have fun and do not take it too seriously.

    • @Lee Greenway ah ok that makes sence. Thankyou i will still unlock iy anyway as im so far down line but probably stick to my super conquer for ranked. How does the grille 15 perform in ranked as im think about doing that line next.

    • @Freddie T I purchased Grille the other day but have never played it. The problems with TDs in ranked is that you often have your best games in losses , to carry the game in TD is hard so makes it hard to earn chevrons.

      Play the tanks you are comfortable with , I find it hard to do well in TDs ( Other than Skorpion which is amazing ) so I don’t play them in ranked.

  15. I’m not really sure that the T110E5 should be on the list, not with that big ass weak spot on top you can see from a mile (1.6 km) away…

  16. marquitoescort2011

    Udes 15/16 dez. No wrong in there.

  17. Well… It’ll either be my T100 LT or my WZ-132-1 for lites because EBRs are ffin’ cheat codes. AMX 105 if I have a six pack of IPA handy to wash the autoloader taste out of my mouth…

  18. Tvp still op

  19. what a surprize that the most broken vehicle in the game, makes the top 10.

  20. I really like to the WZ1115A, destroyed some tanks but its all about how u play it, its a good allround tank with good dpm but theres something with me and artys, managed to get shoot by artys 11 times one game and that was really frustrating😅😂

  21. lmao 0 production value
    messing up your script every other sentence
    not re recording your mistakes

  22. O.o very gut warum mach’s du die Videos nicht in deutsch ?

  23. Where is obj 140? I think its way better than the 430u

  24. And then WG say FU and you bounce and miss all shoots…

  25. Just put a turbo in IS7 and youre immediately a medium

  26. Surprised you didn’t mention the CS-63, it’s pretty well rounded medium for me 😀

  27. always wonder what’s good about the APCR on Kranv, less angle normalization and even worse shell speed than that of many AP on T10 HT.

  28. I love his TD choice 🙂 Best ever!

  29. today was the start of ranked….as someone in chat said today they dont know what it is that makes people play different in Ranked…its downright sad ….its a good concept but clearly not working as intended leave it up to the jokes of people to ruin the game mode for everyone…its just a total shitshow..its takes everything that is wrong with this game and multiplies it 10 fold…not much to say about it really…the people are terrible they go out of their way to blow wins..i just dont understand the logic other than the people who play this game are complete and utter idiots with very low iq’s…i used to play this game for a bit of fun but now its just a waste of time..theres no teamwork at all , people play selfish, abadone flanks, eveyrthing possible that you can do to blow a elad or win they do..idk why people do this other than to me they just want to ruin other peoples fun. tehy dont want anyone but themselves ot get chevrons. tehy are afraid to push, afraid to take damage, they run away like cowards..things are so simple but these people just refuse to grasp teh concept of winning…idk why its so hard to understand that if we win nobody loses. frustrating extremly and annoying as can play decent but it doesnt matter its like its you against 29 others tehrwes no teamwork in this game at all the people tha tplay this way should be banned but sadly they arent…they think its all a big joke but in reality they are the jokes..its sad really. not much to say really teh game speaks for itself it jsut gets worse and worse…

  30. this is my third season playing this and it just gets worse..teh rewards are decent but its worse than regular battles sometimes i play only to the second level but last time i didnt bother this season i probably wont either the people are just complete retards…stay away from this mode…if you thrive in the least in this mode youre part of the problem

  31. Hi Dez… Just a quick question if you don’t mind… which Tier 10 tanks would you recommend for a free to play player?… thanks… I don’t have any T10 as yet the closest I am is at T9 with the Centurion 7/1

    • none.

    • @Josef Mužátko lol… very helpful thx 😉

    • @DVT73 dot ok, use tanks with no need of gold. so not heavy (only HE heavy posibble) and td. may be leopard, has nice pen on AP. skoda is nice. stb1. ebr.

    • @Josef Mužátko sorry matey I was just joking with my comment, I genuinely found your reply funny, but thanks for the feedback much appreciated.. will look into it on your advice thx buddy.. I watched the video again and I think Dez mentioned the 60TP would be ok for F2P… what do you think? cheers

    • @DVT73 dot np 🙂 i see you smile. even without gold and average damage around 2K everything you must count average loss -10K a battle. thats wot at tier 10.

  32. Scatterbrain Brain

    Was here before 1 million views

  33. I was here before one billion views <3

  34. can you use tanks from Bond shop?? FV215B

  35. you forgot the best tank of the war – rinoceronte . Kappa

  36. STB 1 is my favourite because of that dpm and armor and that pen

  37. Štěpán Valášek

    What about AMX 30B? Is that tank really that bad? I tried some tier X mediums on test server and this one played best for me, but then I’ve seen the reviews. Is its penetration the issue?

  38. Hmm i dont understand one mechanic in ranked battles. Do you get rank token when i entry to bronze/silver/ or gold league? When yes how many tokens can i get?

  39. Dez, I’ve never played ranked before, my question, as a very average player is it worth playing this game mode? Bearing in mind all the unicums etc will be hammering me constantly 😀 thanks for your great content.

  40. i have no problem with obj. 277 and obj. 140.

  41. Bc and T100lt are also good tanks for ranked

  42. I only play 50b and foch b with 58% winrate frickin love them

  43. may be i gonna play it, if not full of chiefains now 🙂

  44. So basically arty already isn’t good enough to get even a honorable mention.

  45. The list should be:
    10th – EBR 105
    9th – EBR 105
    8th – EBR 105

    1th – EBR 105
    Because everything becomes a clown fiesta with that demonic tank, and still manage to win.

  46. Sebastiaan Brouwer

    It doesn’t really matter which tank you play, because the EBR players will always be on top with XP 🙂

  47. What about obj. 140?

  48. What the fuck is shevron? It is a car as far i know.

  49. Fun= these russians abuse the comunity like they do in real life 🙂

  50. I found out that arty is the best option 😀 everybody just sit still so its easy to shoot and you get constant results, aprox 1 point per game 😀

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