Top 3 Tanks Going Brrrrrr… Best DPM Tanks in World of Tanks 🔥

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The Best DPM Tanks in of Tanks – Strv 103B, Tortoise and FV217 Badger. World of Tanks The Badger Gameplay, The Best DPM in World of Tanks. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tank Destroyers.

Today I am going to play with top 3 highest or the best DPM tanks in World of Tanks, to see how useful that DPM actually is.

Enjoy the show!


  1. I acually have none of these tanks yet, but I am actually doing the badger grind now. Until tier 6 i really liked the tanks with the great frontal armour, penetration and dpm. Really looking foreward to Tortoise and Badger. However i am a bit critical towards the strv line, because i dont like to switch between the different modes on my strv S1. So this grind will have to wait a bit.
    EU-Server: hoellenlord

  2. the strv is mine favorite same name na

  3. Tort, I use turbo/vents/hardening. It’s just fun.


    Shout out to a fellow Alaskan below in the comments.

  4. What about ISU-122S
    With improved equipment it was almost 5k dpm.
    You should try to boost this tank and play !

  5. Nice video as always, but just so you know, this video was posted 14 hours ago an the giveaway ended 2 days ago. I never checked, but my friend let me know just now, but was too shy to let a comment. Probably the video was late…

  6. Continentales[H_K_K] EU so my favourite is the badger because it can bounce everything and at the same time do 100000dmg if they want to fall back behind cover! Because of this I love the badger the most

  7. I think the Tortoise is the best with the exellent combination of armor and Dpm. Under 6 seconds reload to permatrack most of the times.
    Nickname: Muckimaus
    Server: Eu

  8. Robin Van den Dorpe

    tortoise is definetly my favorite tank out of the 3, even though I never actually played it before, I’m at the AT-15 and some 60k exp away, I like it because it has the best flexibility and armor in my opinion, especially with the many closed and corridor maps the strv feels anoying to play a lot of the time

    IGN: _Tanjiro_Kamado_
    server: NA

  9. strv 103 b because i love the dpm and the armor that this tank has also i really like tortoise but its slow
    papa32ni EUfff

  10. own bought strv and badger … i play them rarely … They litteraly make me grow white hair when i look at the accurasy ( stats ) and the real accurasy with RNG ingame XD

    Server : EU
    IGN : DrinkCola

  11. I like the STRV more because of the extra mobility .
    EU: CIOCdinBN
    Thx for video man and for the giveaway.

  12. I would choose Tortoise because of the high DPM and an accurate gun, the is great as well, the speed is the only drawback for me but it is still very flexible.

    EU: HitboxCZ123

  13. For Mr the Tortoise. Even at Tier X, bullying heavies possible especially with lower plate and commander hatch hidden.
    Kiwi_kid93 na

  14. STRV for sure the best because of high damge battles on open maps like prokharokva or others. You need to be clever of choosing your position to do it. Its like little challange what position you are choosing

    EU: xByTazzer

  15. Bartholomey Kenny

    100 pro the STRV. such a good Tank with awesome dpm an it’s really sneaky 😉
    greetings <3
    Server: EU

  16. LexMotion | EU

    Fav is Tortoise, T9 with T10 DPM that can bully tier seven and it also has some armor that can be usefull 🙂

  17. Always great videos!!!

  18. Badger. Reload time. Just love it

  19. Manuel Funes Estepa

    The advertise was pretty good, my user is mars53 EU server

  20. Tortoise for the win. Tier 9 matchmaking is better than tier X.

    NA ClockworkCannon

  21. EU

  22. Def the tortoise because i have played it the most in the test servers, and i have got almost all my best games in that vehicle . The armor can work but its like a lottery a
    50/50 chance but the gun is just pure gold i`d get tortoise over strv everyday

    Server: eu

  23. Matyáš Frossard

    Tbh the Strv. feels like the best tank to play because it has the most different play style out of all the TD’s in the game

    ID: ForessterJump
    Server: EU

  24. Yunus Emre Aktaş

    Honestly i never played tortoise and badger but i don’t like slow tanks and as i see those two tanks are not that good (specially badger) so my favorite one strv 103b
    Nickname: Grimmster_61

  25. STRV hands down. Very unique tank in the game.


  26. Hate to play against the strv but playing in it is a different story

    Server EU
    IGN Perus420

  27. I will never understand how some good streaming players like Dez, can get Crews like on Strv, with x14, or x13 Skills shown like in 2:00…? Or do i missinterpreting something?

  28. My favourite tank from this video is Strv beacuse you have amazing gun and very good speed.
    Server: EU

  29. Laurentiu Spoiala

    Strv, because I am grinding it right now, I am on tier 8, love the camo and the penetration
    Server: EU
    IGN: aivasilache

  30. My favorite is STRV because it have troll armor and really good depression.

    EU : jardovi1

  31. Martin Macháček

    Tortiose 100% !! It really surprised me.


  32. I prefer badgers because of their high DPM and fairly hard armor, according to my play style

    ID: sheryo_MLG_fighter
    server: Asia

  33. My favorite TD is strv. I think it has the best gun. Armor is useless if you don’t hit your targets.

  34. trần việt hoàng

    My fav one is Tortoise, which have no real weakpoint like Badger. The cupola is trollist and hide-able behind cover. The gun is fine for tier 9 tds.
    Sever: asia
    Ign: IMT_Reaper

  35. Its actually hard to decide…the Strv is good for sniping and fun on big maps, the Tortoise and Badger meanwhile are nice tanks to just push or abuse enemy heavies who peek without having you on vision…overall all tanks got some pro and cons

    Chokuki (EU)

  36. Favourite tank is t49 and i dont think i need to explain!

    Server: EU
    Ign: luissinomati25

  37. Favorite from the video – definitely Strv because of camo, dpm and hulldown playstyle. Much Love!
    Archangel_1914, EU server

  38. Hello! My favorite is the STRV103b. The grind to it was also fun. I still frequently play the UDES03 quite often. You will feel like screaming, “Doot, Doot, Doot!!!” but in the end will be very happy! NA Server: IGN is Zenvice a player from Sussex Wisconsin. Thanks for the fun content and info on a gaming phone!!!

  39. Definently the strv cuz ive never had a t10 tank and I hate to play against it
    Eu: Progamer247

  40. My favorite of the 3 is the Strv-103b, accurate gun, high standard shell penetration, good camouflage, enough speed to relocate, this tank just fit more to my play style rather than the other 2.
    ING: Oxium

  41. Σωτήρης Χατζής

    Oxtapous eu server… My favourite is strv. Great gun handling, very good camo and of course the best mobility comparing to the other two competitors. Armor is kind of trollish and u cant depend on it

  42. Maxdan (Sweph) EU. STRV103B, in from Sweden and is in love with the tank, and my father worked with The S tank

  43. Since out of those 3 i hate to play vs tortoise the most it has to be my fav xD. Troll armor combined with high dpm ftw!
    Eu: CroAce

  44. Server: NA
    IGN: BlueWolf24

    I like the Tortoise, I remember when I was grinding to get the FV215b (183) before it was removed, and I had a lot of fun with the Tortoise. It has good armor, and the gun is great.

  45. Badger, because it is only vehicle out of this 3 that I have. Badger helped me to finish last mission on obj 260 lately in quite nice battle leaving only graveyard of tanks behind, its just brutal dpm machine with great armor if hull down.

    Thenostheonmk2 EU

  46. STRV 103B – I love to camp on red line like I rly noob 😀 ^_^
    EU server – WhiteTiger__93

  47. ALBOASIL Mohammed

    my favourite is STRV because it’s dpm , accuracy and good camo alboasil3344 NA

  48. Dead crew member so best to play with only 90% crew? Or is that not correct

  49. The combination of a great gun and armour makes the Badger the best one, also the 480 alpha is nice, but it’s what i like, everyone’s own choice.

    Server: EU
    IGN: SirEggsy

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