TOP 5 LUCKIEST PLAYS (Baron’s Top 5 War Thunder Plays)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. Thanks for the support of this Top 5 series. If you have any ideas for
    themes, or other series…I’m all ears. Hope everyone’s having a great

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    Top 5 Fails:
    Top 5 WTF moments:

  2. Nice top 5

  3. Someone better submit cutting an enemy plane’s wings off with their own
    wings and keeping flying.

    Or a friendly plane.

  4. that unlucky tiger2 was me

  5. kinda

  6. sexy transition tho haha

  7. you baron play like a bitch noob

  8. Baron how can u use binoculars tell me

  9. BARON I just got back from Arma Thre Altis life and being super salty but
    this video made me un salty thanks XD

  10. Top 5 kill streaks

  11. How tf can that T-34 shoot upside down? I thought it was a game mechanic
    where you can’t shoot while upside down for all tanks.

  12. Baron plays with the su -100 tank

  13. top 5 kill streaks?

  14. Isn’t the music at around the 6:30 mark from red alert 3?

  15. i got 2 luckiest battle using russian. also that 2 battle have same
    similliarities. they shot me. im on fire and repairing they focus to
    another target. he kill my friend. and then he aim at me. i shot him and he
    dead lol. the end (story of russian tanker to his grandchild) *nb: also im
    a t34 on both battles lol

  16. omg im on his video 😀 thanks for the compliments baron i tried my best
    with the editing!

  17. top 5 most weirdest kills

  18. Top five biased moments

  19. x men movie was good

  20. You should do a top 5 poor souls where like a T-34-85 fights a E-100 the
    T-34-85 dies after callin in artyon his spot the E-100 starts moving then
    an arty shell pops the turrent of the E-100

  21. PickleJarOfDeath

    #4 lol amaze

  22. The first isn’t a T-50?

  23. The xmen movie is pretty good. best part is when they play metallica :)

  24. Why not do armor testing?

  25. Can u add English subtitles to your videos sometimes ı cant understand that
    you said

  26. so I have war thunder and I’m playing my graphics at medium but everything
    it’s blurry, like the surroundings, the HUD is fine tho. why is this

  27. music when the t92 gets killed pls

  28. the sharky gamer

    baron do a top 10 when you get enough from people to do a top 10 because
    some people might like 1 or 2 top tens

  29. SilentGaming M.V

    like my comment – get nothing

    Comment on my comment – People will see your name

    Subscribe to me – Make your subscription box larger with more inactivity
    and aids.

  30. During play number 2 what song is playing. ive heard it somewhere and wanna
    know the name

  31. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    num.1’s music was red alert 3

  32. come back to world of warships! :D

  33. during the 5th one, wasn’t that a T-50 not a T-34

  34. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    3:05 ive gotten my wing tips shot of and managed to land, dam i should’ve
    sent it, the video was lost from my laptop doing a recovering >-<

  35. What is the name of the music at 5:28 plz?

  36. Request: Top 5 Teamkills!

  37. Crusher BR -Nicolas Heineck-

    Baron, the 5th one is a T50, not a T34!

  38. Damn that landing. Well done kameraden

  39. nice editing baron

  40. Hey baron baron. Hetzer luckiest n unlickiest, what dou you say ? Thats
    following the previous hetzer video. Looks like youre not gonna make a Hetz
    life video until gaijin change its BR.

  41. i saw the warcraft movie and it was great

  42. I Don't Understand Math

    Russian Bias

  43. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    weekend is over xD

  44. Baron why dont you play heroes and generals enymore

  45. Grinz low (Grinzlow)

    Man I hate this game it was so much better all I ever do is get killed head
    on by f£&@ing Shermans when I’m in a tiger Head on .sloped armour is
    bulls@&£. As in a 4year old could say wtf when the armour in proportion to
    the barrel is at 85 degrees it manages to stop pull a right hand turn into
    the tank and kill everyone. WHICH is the way I get killed every time not to
    mention letting killed by Cold War era tanks and tanks that didn’t make it
    off paper. I imagine it’s better on PC but this game is amazing, if only it
    wasn’t made by money whores.

  46. Try in custom battles LVTs vs light tanks armed with auto canons or HMGs
    (Panzer II C AND F, T60, M2A2, T17 etc.) (Maybe also 4M GAZ, it pens 10mm
    at point blank, and LVT has many 6mm plates, and then, maybe also some
    other SPAAs)

  47. This is just a rip off of thunder show…..

  48. Top 5 most kills plz

  49. Baron take out the Cromwell

  50. The SoulReader (xXSoulreaderXx)

    Baron, do they have the OBJ 704 in war thunder??? If so.. I would love to
    see some gameplay of that beast!!

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