TOP 5 WTF MOMENTS (War Thunder Baron’s Top 5)

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  1. I heard my name? Are you talking bad about my people?

  2. my crew XD is #2

  3. i killed friendly planes with artillery a few times, not as impressive as
    number 2

  4. whats the music playing in the background of 5?

  5. whats music 1:50?

  6. Barron you have become my favorite war thunder player you actually
    understand that your suppost to have fun and that means a lot

  7. do this every 3-5 weeks please do wtf until there are no more wtf moments.

  8. meanwhile I’ve killed like 5 ALLIES planes with arty because fuck you

  9. TheUnrivaledGamer

    My friend hit a bomber with an arty.
    Too bad he never got it saved lmao

  10. What’s being going on with the hate with Gaijin. Can someone help me out
    with the facts here, because everything is just thrown at me lost in
    translation style?

  11. number 2 is a perfect representation of war thunder

  12. Sundays and your current format is great!

  13. I have killed friendly planes like 5 times with artillery in arcade battles
    and it’s so annoying

  14. War Thunder Idea! Baron and his team can build a custom mission where the
    Russian Navy Bias is put to stop when Democracy comes knocking on Stalin’s
    Black Sea doorstep with a beach storming with Chrysler TV-8s

  15. top 5 pilot snipes

    you take plane submissions right?

  16. That kv2 -.-

  17. What about top 5 bushes?

  18. Every Wednesday that was when Stalin was born he will bring glory among his
    fellow comrades bringing the best of luck to everyone.

  19. Jonathan Velazquez

    Top 5 sexiest moments

  20. Jonathan Velazquez

    Top 5 songs
    1 darude sandstoem
    2 darude sandstorm
    3darude sandstorm
    4 darude sandstorm
    5 darude sandstorm

  21. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    wonder if you would also do a top 5 maps, planes, tanks, etc at times too
    for those slow weeks were you can’t get cool and silly moments like such

  22. It’d be awesome if you could add planes to it as well..

  23. CptFlyingFort NmY

    Great series Baron, it’s awesome you give back to the community by giving
    members a chance to be featured in a video. Just a thought, announce the
    next video so subscribers know what type of replay submit.

  24. I was playing with one of my friends and his brother and I shot down his
    little brothers bomber twice with artillery

  25. I was playing with one of my friends and his brother and I shot down his
    little brothers bomber twice with artillery

  26. top 5 funniest chat moments in War Thunder

  27. top 5 rage moments

  28. I remember killing a plane with mortar, to bad I didn’t save the replay

  29. do u think they’ll eventually make it so that if u lose all but 1 crew
    member u hope out of the tank and can run up to enemy tanks and Chuck a
    grenade in to the enemy’s tank, it would be a cool addition and besidr the
    already have ground infantry uniforms

  30. I feel like there to much talking

  31. darkangel12435/ myhairyn1pples

    what kv 2 has an mg/

  32. top 5 personal favorite tanks

  33. Baron, what do you think the next topic will be for the next top 5?

  34. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    costume game doom turtles vs ATGMs pls

  35. Baron, I think I remember watching one of your videos, where you killed a
    friendly plane with an artillery strike. I dont remember what video,

  36. I have played the game for bit over a year, and I have killed three planes
    with artillery.

    They were all allied though…

  37. Fail Fridays?

  38. Tomáš Kořínek

    I killed friendly plane with artillery :(((

  39. Tomáš Kořínek

    I killed friendly plane with artillery :(((

  40. top 5 goof shots

  41. Ones the artillery-shell flew very close to me. Nearly hit me too, so it
    just missed me, but I saw it too.

  42. I shot down a friendly plane with arty once :T

  43. top 5 “you got gajined” moments

  44. top 5 “you got gajined” moments

  45. i kiled a plane with artileri once :v but no one bealive me

  46. I had one time in RB a friendly spitfire flew through my artillery strike
    and died :(

  47. War Thunder Günlüğü

    ım war thunder pro gamer

  48. Top 5 #gonesexual

  49. Well I have killed 3 planes of my own with artillery and I have played only
    around 160 hours in tanks. I think I have a good luck for a stormtrooper.

  50. Number 4 is funny as hell!

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