TOP 7 BEST ROUNDS / War Thunder

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

When we’re making videos with any sort of a top list, they are usually about different vehicles of Thunder. This not of those videos; today we’ll be speaking about ammunition — or, more precisely, about tank shells with the biggest penetration rates.

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  1. PzGr 39 forever !

  2. Lol not a single British vehicle on this list Gaijin, your hatred of Britain is why I stopped p(l)aying this russian garbage.

  3. Can you Indian and Israeli tech trees

  4. I love the 2nd place shell. The gun on that m10 gmc just feels violent

  5. and if you do the worst 7 rounds, they are all APCR

  6. why do the Chieftans have so bad rounds and the challangers

  7. Dont know bout you guys but russian 100mm from t44/54 line is my favourite by far

  8. they forgot the Hesh 183mmbut yeah i know its british

  9. Hi Bruce i know that you and the development team are very busy, but i wonder if there is any chance adding a Swedish tech tree into the game?

    Some examples of tanks are the: Strv L-60, Strv m/39, Strv m/31. And for the premiums:T-37A( A russian light tank with amphibious capabilities ), SdKfz 140( A Czech light tank ).

    Some examples of planes are the: FFVS J 22, J 3, J 21( SAAB 21 ), Tp 12 and SAAB 17. And for the premiums: B 3( A german civilian airliner which was remade as a bomber by the swedes ), S 16( An Italian/Swedish made Reconnaissance aircraft which could also be used as a light bomber, Torpedo bomber and a Light transport aircraft ).

    Try #5

  10. Lol, I’ve played ze gherman nation with tanks am playing now at tier 3. Guess what?? Everytime an enemy hits, my tanks goes smokin, cripple and be destroyed easily while me on the other when i hit an enemy, mah boi gherman shell just bounces off even penetration indicator is green or just do a lil casualties.

    I legit can only destroy fellow german tanks, like dude wtf

  11. The best shell was that French one which had a sensitivity lower than the actual penetration

  12. gayjinn the loser fucks’ collective

  13. M103 with apbc when???

  14. Ye the pzg 40

  15. And First place iiiiiiiiis the M103’s 498mm pen APDS round, oh wait thats not in the game 🙁

    Well it would probably lead to the M103 being a 8.0/8.3 tank.
    At least it’s number one in my Heart 🙂

  16. christian dedelis plays

    Umm necks roket

  17. No depleted uranium round for the m1a1

  18. My beloved 100mm de rupture made the list, I’m happy.

  19. no pzgr 39/43 F

  20. M10 definitely got a deserved mention, I always top the kill board when I’m in that tier with that TD. Unmatched kill potential.

  21. Can’t believe you didn’t show the 183mm+17KG explosive mass Shell L1 found on the FV4005!

  22. because a 85 APHE shell is much better than a 180 millimeter HESH round

  23. American M82 90mm ??

  24. You forgot both the Shot Mk.8 found on the Achilles, it’s a better round than the M10’s solid shot M79 and, because of the high weight, even in post penetration better or equal to the M62 shell!

  25. game for overgrown failures in life.

  26. Take out g lock and let us repair our tanks while driving unless it’s the transmission or engine

  27. I guess you can say this is a well “rounded” list…hahahaha….ok I’ll stop

  28. Obusse de rupture hon hon

  29. The 85mm is actually made of rubber

  30. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    How about the 183mm HESH?

  31. i think they missed the games best shell, 183mm hesh, fit a pz 2 in the barrel…

  32. Epic Is-2 commander

    Where are the ghost shells?

  33. Basically episode about some unbalanced shells in game gg wp

  34. AAAaaand not a single japanese…

  35. Please add the L27 to the challenger.

  36. they say “sometimes even take out a vehicle with a single shot” but thats like every aphe round in game

  37. Something something Silver Bullet something something slicing through outdated T-72s.

  38. first place belong to sdkfz 221 with 28/20mm shell !! =)

  39. Ummmm…. shouldn’t this be “Book of records. Tank Shells”?

  40. #fixthegamein1.91

  41. Youtubär Elefanteneichhörnchen

    What about the Panzergranate 40 for the 20mils. They are at least in my mind the most feard rounds on low BR

  42. #fixthegamein1.91

  43. #fixthegamein191

  44. #fixthegamein 1.91

  45. M82 is way better than that T-34’s round

  46. GuppiApfel JustLeopardThings

    I like the 28/20mm AP shell on the sdkfz 221

  47. Bob L' aggiusta tutto

    The only thing it matter is who have it longer…

    I mean the shell

  48. 165mm HESH from AVRE? but you included sturmpanzer?

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