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Source: War . Official .

Almost every nation has at least a few tanks that were designed with a big emphasis on armour. A lot of those machines are rather slow… but pretty tough.
Here are seven most well-armoured vehicles in the game!

# #LockedOn


  1. You shouldn’t show all the vehicles in one scene on the beginning it kind of ruins the anticipation of what vehicle will show up on the list…

  2. I have small peepee, but

    1. your mom

  3. What about the is7


  5. Maus players unite

  6. The Maus might’ve made sense as #1 on the list like 3 years ago.

  7. What has the most armor? Every enemy vehicle that come within 50 miles of me

  8. *_Very thicc armor_*

  9. GroßDeutsches Reich

    Everything here should have been russian

  10. I prefer to use the term FUPA, Frontal Upper Plate Armor


  12. Marie Jo Garcisto

    Please make a video how to use the 2nd gun

  13. People always say WT is Russian Bias…

    If it is then they should already have a T-14 Armata.

  14. [:Greek .-. Player:]

    Maus vs 6 ww2 tanks if you can command it well you are the winner

  15. I have played em all

  16. thegamer crack/TGC

    Hail world of tanks( after he run away)

  17. After all you said, i think you dont know your own game Gaijin…

  18. make MAUS great again!!!!

  19. Can all vehicles be test drived? #2

  20. Tbh the is3 is the best for it turret amour going from 200mm-550mm of thickness

  21. 5:35 rarely encountered in game
    Me: joins in a 8.0 game and looks at the killfeed
    Is 7
    Is 7
    Is 7
    Is 7
    Is 7

  22. Alvar Santamaria Treceño

    The t34 e1 is so good, I don’t use any other tank since I unlocked it ?

  23. Warthunder i want u to consider adding the market to consol players as this event is becoming harder for ps players as we cannot trade or buy the parts we need to build the plane

  24. Definitely not Italy.

  25. Eric_The_Viking the Justin Y. version with an axt

    What with the Leo A5?

  26. Press any button to use the machine gun of the top of the tank vehicle

  27. This question has most likely been answered before but I still wanna know. How do you think about multicrew/player tanks?

  28. An m36 GMC faces a maus head on? Are you joking me WT? No one would be that dumb. 5:06

  29. Where’s IS3, where’s t10m, where’s black Prince, wheres Churchill, come on WT, pls look through all the tanks you added to the game and then make a video pls.

  30. The turret on the T32E1 is actually 280mm since it’s cast not rolled

  31. the most armoured tank ever is bob semple.

  32. The Chaffee is slow, has no armor, bad gun, bad accuracy, not that small, but can spot. Balanced, as all things should be.

  33. M22 SCOUTING

  34. shmoaeel alksraney

    top 7 saddest anime stories.

  35. Mr. Snuffulmuffin

    *laughs in russian*

  36. Don’t joke around with the IS 7 lmao.
    It has all the goddamned specs.
    It has a great Firepower(4 working machine guns, 1 semi – autoloading 130 mm naval gun, with a penetration over 250 mm), maximum speed of 50 km/hr for a 68 tonned heavy tank, frontal hull and turret armor reaching up to 330 mm to 380 mm, great mobility. That tank is no joke.

  37. Judging how armor still not a thing it really don’t matter

  38. They didn’t take into account of the stalinium plates that further increase the armor value

  39. I need the Yamato

  40. Whole is series above is2 and the t95 are pretty cancerous when you have to kill them long range with a 88mm.

  41. Wow, they’re so delusional they completely forget about HEAT-FS

  42. -Tiger- *UBGRADE* -Tiger-2- *UBGRADE* -MAUS- *UBGRADE MAUS HAUS* V2 🙂

  43. Armor is a reactive measure, let’s think proactively. Transport Helicopters that can’t carry troops, Scout helicopters that are too conspicuous to scout, and less armor than a snowblower, but enough ammo to take out half of DC.

  44. More like Top 7 Vehicles made obsolete by the spam of HEAT rounds.

  45. Maus, for sure. What can possibly beat 200mm flat turret armor at 7.7?

    Gaijin at this rate just remove all the Maus’ armor so at least AP just passes through it.

    Btw- you forgot the Churchill VII.

  46. Any tank can kill the mous so long as you bounce your shot off the bottom rear of the turret and the shell can pierce armor higher than 60mm of homogeneous steel the shell Pearce’s the body, hits the drive train and if your lucky, can start a fire you can then pepper the tank until it burns down

  47. IDK how but i got a free E100 after the event ended? I didnt even REGISTER DURING OR BEFORE the event

  48. The most armored tank can be pinned anywhere by pretty much any tank at it’s BR…That’s ?

  49. No Armor is the best Armor

  50. Tamás Kerecsényi

    a.k.a the 7 most useless tanks in the game, thanks to the high-tier heat-fs and apfsds spam

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