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Source: SirCircon


  1. So stressful, this game should be fun not a sweat feast.. Well done circ.

  2. tak ma tek, Jaffa

  3. helloooo youtube lmao jk

  4. “Still didn’t do that much” lmao

  5. that replay was a Kek above the rest.

  6. Sircon you seem to upload a lot of videos featuring the m41 90, you like it
    that much?

  7. All the keks

  8. Wow, scouts are so good at the moment, just like they have been for the
    past couple of years. I’d much rather take a M41 90 into a game than a
    T-54, E 50, or M46 Patton.


  9. you hav gud camo? xaxaxa, no problem, get spotted.

  10. wellcum top tier battls – mor skil, mor balanc, comerade.
    historiclly accurate, no problem.

  11. GOT HIM !

  12. Funny have sn00ze has taken so much environmental damage…. he positively
    sounds just like circon these days lol :D

  13. Question: Why do you have a comma in your reload timer, were there should
    be a peroid?
    Answer: To piss off all the Americans.

  14. That laugh from Sn00ze was hilarious

  15. So salty without booze.

  16. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wow that T10 MM and Top DmG with 3.3k?? What was their 140 doing all game
    long xD

  17. The Sanity Assassin

    “Suck my f**kin schlong E5, f**kin no aiming, I have no cammo…
    apparently. Great mate.” Circon 2016

  18. how to play e5: drive forward, spam heat, bounce shit

  19. Gross Domestic Plums

    caught Circon’s video this early, thats rare

  20. 11 games, 2x class 3 and my first class 2.

    I’m yellow noob but this tank is very good VS T10 flank and big view range.

  21. Circon starting to get annoyed with WoT?

  22. How to play the T110E5 according to this game: Fire nothing but HEAT at
    light tanks. Very effective use of ammo.

  23. Did Someone say my name??

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