Top Gun in 55 Seconds – World Of Tanks – Fastest I’ve ever seen

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Reaper20k having that once in a lifetime moment in World Tanks in his Easy8…

Music – Inception – Time (Hans Zimmer)


  1. There is no doubt quicker Top Guns out there somewhere but this is

  2. Great play. Brilliant editing with fitting music.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together and sharing it with us

    Have watched it 3 times already and am still amazed.

  3. Make that 4. I turned up the volume sat back and enjoyed. It made my head

  4. 5. Its an Easy 8, I thought you should have used the soundtrack from
    Fury. But no, this music is actually better.

  5. Watch out guys, Mick’s out for a Radley Walters for commenting on a single
    video. :P

  6. Nice vid plumb. :-)

  7. Good effort and nice little vid plumb. What tank was he in? Was it the
    Sherman jumbo?

  8. Super awesome!! I once had 7 kills in 137 seconds 😀 check it at the start
    of this video:

  9. 6. (and still tingling)

    This should be sent to WoT official YouTube channel for their Best Replays
    of the Week segment. I’m certain they would find a category for it.
    Although, sadly, it probably wouldn’t include the aptly fitted soundtrack.

  10. I showed this to my wife and she was impressed with it also and she is not
    a WoT fan. I know guys, shock, horror. But it’s OK, the divorce papers
    are in the mail.

  11. Epic….
    Shart on face…
    I need to game a little more…

  12. This is where, I’d say challenge accepted! But knowing my luck it would be
    more likely for me to get 6 teamkills …

    Well done to you Reaper20k!

  13. The tone of your voice was like a Presidential Plumb address to the nation
    after an alien invasion.

    The world as we know it has changed forever! Awesome vid.

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