TOP MISSILE SQUIRT | Strf 9056 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

TOP MISSILE SQUIRT | Strf 9056 (War Thunder)



  1. For that matter I can’t wait for the South Korean K2 tank with the high elevation gun that can guide its rounds like artillery on top of the enemy tanks.

  2. Cris Alfred Panlubasan

    Oh god. That guys from the fisrst clip is so mad. HAHHSSHHS


    phly it goes on top itself

  4. Family Friendly


  5. I love it when she squirts.

  6. the 40mm sounds like the german half track aa

  7. as i know, top attack atgm’s are useing a normal heat charge, but it faces down, and has a metal detector (or i dont know how it is called in english), and when it is over something, that contains a lot of metal, it detonates it’s charge(s). some of these type atgm’s also have a charge, that faces forwards (like a normal atgm), and the tow-2b (aero) has 3 charges (2 down, 1 forward). but if i am wrong, everyone can correct me

  8. Hilding Thurdin

    Yes very good pronunciation for being an American

  9. How do you watch around without moving your turret i don t know and i don t mean binoculus ?

  10. Christos Ioannou

    Its like the TOW missiles KungPhy!!!

  11. What a dumb stab. 😀

  12. Hopefully we’ll see BVR combat come to WT soon.

  13. Dude, playing big ass maps in tanks is like going on a race track, in a tractor. Mussolini mobiles take the point and then the gamemode changes to “ha! Now it’s attack vs defend”. Remove macaroni, they ruin the gamemode. Or add something where speed doesn’t matter as much.

  14. Phly is it True that you live in Nederland now?

  15. Old boy Bill penetrating some juicy turrets.

  16. About time they included drops

  17. Hey Phly, have you heard about new tank sim game GHPC ? I’d love to hear your opinion on it

  18. i cant get the decal!

  19. Phly go in one bomber mission and check out the load selection

  20. 9:20 I am almost sure I head Phly say, Why did I select that penis? Very strange, my wife said the same thing.


  22. mahadisal ahadani

    I don’t really rely on the armor, I rely on more about and concern more about not getting hit.

  23. R.I.P russian main 5th era free to plays
    (that’s me)

  24. So apparently the BILL has a shaped charge angled at 30° From the nose of the rocket and detonated by proximity fuse.

  25. Your Tax collector

    I got my tank Twitch drop from your stream ^^^^

  26. Giulio Imparato

    i seriously hope they add the VMB freccia (6×6 with 25 autoturret and 2 of those kind of missiles) at something like 6.0

  27. Spoiled Moronic Man-child

    you got really close with the pronunciation of Stridsfordon, just one thing: both o’s in ‘fordon’ sounds like the ‘oo’ in the english word ‘doom’

  28. Your friendly Joe

    Do you know what would be amazing? MORE GAME MODES!!!!

  29. I really wanna know why are there some premium tank on PC that aren’t on xbox or ps4 and same thing with those 2,why are there vehicles on certain gaming platforms

  30. Challenger 2F video?

  31. Hey Phly, keep doing that turret traverse sound HAHAHA

    I’m doing it most of the time, I hate myself 😆

  32. Every time you can’t pronounce a Swedish tan just call it the Strudel wagon

  33. 『NTR』尺口卄 Gaming

    What a missile squirt amazing

  34. Phly: “I´m pushing up just for content”
    Core concept of this channel summarized 😉

  35. Yo Phly, you should play sea battles as the Italians! Itll be pretty cool.

  36. Don’t cry about the launchers folding down if you won’t take the time to learn how the technology works.

  37. Julian Morrisco

    Twitch drops! Incredible! Amazing! One thing, WTF are twitch drops?

  38. AlexSan4655 Ps4


  39. Preposterous Altercation

    God this game is so beautiful, but as with such things, the community is fucking disgusting and vile, and its because of them that gaijin abuses their own playerbase and then everyone just acts like its just friendly banter! When the community is cohesive we get what we want, when they mocked us saying we all wanted “free abrams” we focused our effort and focused on a topic, we got a positive response from the devs (looking back, the changes are hardly noticeable). Think about the recent fixed bug, “return to battle” on that desert map, where in air RB you would spawn on the new airfield, only to spawn in the air with your flaps and gear out…. Did they even test their own creation at all, does gaijin play their own game, and if not why can’t the game be considered open beta? I think this would all be a cheap excuse for not just laziness, but greed, they won’t put the effort in their work to make the game playable from a game standpoint, they will leave it as it is, basically the layout of a mobile online grinding paypig game; where the devs cater to wallet warriors who have everything in the game, so the “ww2” game constantly adds “new top tier” stuff endlessly,not only is it pathetic, its fucking obvious. *They just want money, they don’t give a shit about their own game, someone needs to BUY war thunder from gajin!*
    If not, the disgusting community of this game should get its shit together and fucking keep it simple and straight, quit begging for vehicles past WW2, lets fix the fucking game first.
    And thats the worst part, you don’t really get a place to discuss any of this, and im not making a disgusting reddit account; the game is fundamentally broken and unbalanced by fucking design, and people defend it, people climb stairs with broken limbs, to eat fresh shit, straight from gaijins prolapsed asshole, and they defend that shit, and they expect you to explain some fucking concise argument to dispel them from gaijins bullshit money grabbing.
    Its one of the, no, probably THE best game I have ever played, but like TF2, the community is utterly disgusting, and unlike TF2, the devs don’t give a damn about the game.
    Okay epic, I bet youtube will remove this anyways.

  40. rohan pisharoti

    The video title IS oddly sexual

  41. The missile was suppose to detonate at the end of the laser beam it was riding,but Gajin literaly made it a braindead version of VT fuze

  42. 11:20 Randy Savage is that you?

  43. crusader aa mk 1 war thunder phlydaily

  44. 11:19 im preety sure i heard that somewhere before

  45. I just call them stridfighters

  46. “first time ever” laughs in the rocket bt-5 i got from twitch during thunder league

  47. dang swedish getting 75mm at 1.0 rb

  48. request, attempt #41
    b18b with the m/49a + the m/40 setup because i think its nuts and any tank, maybe the mad max truck WITNESS MEEE

  49. Does someone have tips for the mig 19s i just cant get it to work in the new update?

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