Top Tier America in a Nutshell || War Thunder Tank Gameplay

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Source: Slick Plays

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  1. ill make a full video like the intro if we hit 1500 likes on this one

  2. We need bigger maps for ground vehicles…. we need like a map that you can shoot super far range in the open or you could advance forward in the cover of buildings to cap points and that would be a good map for BR 6.0-10.0


  4. Basically phly said it best, everyone is happy when their country is clubbing. America IMO is doing good, I still see them club out teams. The only thing is the turret armor should be increased a little, however, it still has lol armor from my experience. The thing is a France got a well armored tank with a really good shell, and Italy is trolling with a glass cannon. This is happening while USSR, Germ, USA, Jap, and UK have substantially weaker shells. Which is odd. I always saw the less armor=Better shot for top tier. Such as the Arite, AMX 40 or Leo 2k. But now the Abrams has a glass connon with a fairly good round (I suffered with the leo 1A1A with stock shot at 9.7 and the 2k v Abrams) so in a since, the Abrams has shifted to the same role USSR and Germany had. Shoot weak areas then flank. But to me, the M1A1 should have a armor buff. Leave the Abrams where they are. Any lower it would club 8.0+

  5. I swear in game, I get chat ban. Slick swears, he makes money…

  6. What if we went back in time in a different universe where Gaijin released new top tier vehicles by era. An update for all planes/tanks/helis/etc for all nations. No gap where an AH1Z is added… but not an F18 (hypothetically), an update where jets, top tier tanks, AA, countermeasures are all added for all nations. Planned Battle ratings and scaled maps based on era and historical conflicts….

  7. HA package

  8. you don’t even have speed in the abrams though

  9. Honestly I think America as a hole has just been under performing. The guns are week armor is week and compared to other nations there cannons hit harder there armors better and sometimes depending on where you are in the time line your shells start getting useless

  10. couldnt SEAD be a counter to the current AA meta?

  11. M1A1 is under powered compared to its IRL version

  12. Where was this serious talk when Muh Abrams steam rolled?

  13. Brah a zero two skin?

  14. team america intensifies

  15. The reasons I watch Slickbee: I live his sense of Humor, His music choices, and his knowledge of Top tier and of the game in general is top Tier. If you ever come to NorCal Cup of Joe is one me. Never change Slick! – SRLF Maj. Kushwazee.

  16. m829 should be the stock shell.
    and give it M829A1 or A2

  17. Lol im watching wt vids and i got an ad of wot

  18. Top tier american tanks are a joke .

  19. *Sees driver’s periscope eat a sabot*

    A few things…

    1. This should never happen, the round should continue it’s travel.

    2. I’ve never understood why they modeled the periscopes as they serve no function in the game, they have no positive functions for existing and give no negatives for being destroyed.

    3. Computers, batteries, hydraulic lines, suspension, etc exist. Why not take the opportunity to model these components?

    4. When/If they ever model FCS in modern MBTs we’ll see a seismic shift in the meta favoring western MBTs such as the Abrams. Smoke, foliage, darkness, ect will be completely negated.

  20. Here’s my problem with top tier america in war thunder Mr slickbean


    seriously the IP and M1A1 should have 500-600mm of apfsds protection on the turret slabs and the neck is way bigger than IRL

    not to mention the 105’s getting what are basically M60 ammo when they should get 774 stock with 833 and m900 as upgrades especially with the tanks in the game now

    Also I feel like they need to add new jets to fix the top tier jet mm

    I mean i’ve basically stopped playing wt because it’s just constantly getting my the shit kicked out of me trying to grind the M1A1 with 360mm of pen and less protection than the other 10.0’s

  21. Stalin slap you in the mouth

  22. I’d say america is more balanced than ever really

  23. I whould say the same for 99% of tanks in wt, what ever tier you play you will have people, most people who will pen ur armor, the only tank that I think of, right off the bat, is the is6 who actually had armor (probably cuz it was premium, but thats besides the point), right now top tier battles just resolve around climb on top of a rock and hit the weakspot, get some kills, grab the op anti air, grind lions and voila you played a tank rb match, yaay…
    I wish there was a system like seperating by eras, early ww2, mid ww2, late ww2, early and late cold war and modern tanks

  24. Idk why they add new tanks and don’t test them out better than what they do I mean like the leopard l/44 has a better round at 8.7 than the M1 and IPM1 Abrams at 10.0.

  25. And yeah why is tit that Russian and German and British and French MBT’s have so much more armor I mean every other nation has an advantage even Italy with the best round in the game. America best pen round is pretty much same pen as the other newest German, British, France, And Russian tanks in the game. And not like American tanks get more armor. The every other nation has armor or new armor accept for the M1A1 Abrams. And they don’t even give nations there real rounds. Why does space really matter You could just shoot neck and maybe hit the engine anyways. That is more than enough to finish the Abrams. We have not even gotten a counter for the new missile weapon systems. I stopped playing america because it seems very rude for abrams not to be able to do the things it does irl not saying it has to be the best but atleast balanced enough because all MBT’s Have great speed. And don’t even get me started with xm-1 spam Right after the update! As much as a deal it was it also wasn’t it feels like that was done right after the update to make america suffer at top tier. Almost every other BR in war thunder is balanced accept for top tier why is this so hard for gaijin to fix.

  26. Not only that but they make it so hard to grind for the M1A1 at top tier because your best round for the abrams before that one is 360 mm of pen why havn’t they changed it back to 410mm of pen after this update when they know these tanks have armor to counter these rounds. Every tank has a weak spot but m1a1 just has all weakspots

  27. Don’t even get me started with the ammo racking through the cheeks of the tank different if it was mantlet but not the damn cheeks. Xm-1 spam was just hell like 2a5 95% win rate come on war thunder can you not see this and make balance

  28. I rarely bounce a apfsds in abrams

  29. War thunder says they fixed the economy they only did it to the vehicles they did not change Sl and Rp you get in a battle. I can legit play low tier and get more sl than playing in top tier. I should get 3k sl for one kill at top tier not 1k. Like sl looks like it barely changes when you go from low tier to top tier. Theres still alot of things that must get fixed in war thunder now. Why is it that american tanks cost different amounts at different brs A t95 cost 13k when its armor doesnt work against heat same with the t32 that can get slaped with conventional rounds.

  30. While I would like seeing the HA mod added it would likely be a separate vehicle. I think personally a decompression of top tier is desperately needed. Having every Abrams at 10.0 even though they are far from equivalent doesn’t help people trying to grind. Fighting Base M1 vs 2a5 is miserable. That’s my idea for change is to make the brs go up to 11.0 or something like that. I mean in the old April fools event wasn’t the 2a5 and t90 br 14.0?

  31. These tanks timelines are pretty off we need a new gamemode like historical battles where history actually matters and be more balanced because an M1A1(Ha) would have been in production before the 2a5 im sure

  32. How does france get the leclerc before america gets there M1A1 Ha There should be premium abrams and other premium top tiers for nations like m1 panther. Other variants atleast different Brs for newer tanks with more armor its time we get 11.0

  33. We are not at the peak of top tier there is still lots of variants of tanks the newest version of the abrams being made the M1A3 abrams

  34. And new M1a2 sorry but its not the v3 forgot the name

  35. 12.0 should always be looked forward too as a br in the future

  36. the m1 105 is straight up unplayably bad

  37. If they gave the 105 abrams the actual round they used IRL it would fix the problem, the 105 abrams literally bounce half the time and when they do pen they maybe kill 2 crew if your lucky but you see a Leo , leclair, or t80 facing you in an M1 or IPM1 you better be hitting that drivers port because your not penning anything else but all 3 of those tanks will pen any part of your tank, I say either move it down to 9.0 or give it a better shell to better contend at 10.0

  38. Hiphophedgehog !


  39. modern us depleted uranium apfsds are incredibly classified, you will never know the length of the subcaliber , the base of the dart can go all the way down to the primer cap of the brass casing , incredibly classified can penetrate incredible amounts of steel

  40. The deference between the t64s and the Abrams is mobility , firepower and survivability, the Abrams all of them have mobility and survivability and rounds that can breach any tank in game . The Soviet comparable tank to Abrams(105mmcamon) is t-80b . The problem is that all nation’s outperform them , new rounds that make kontat5 irreverent . We should have put the cut of date at 1980s not 1995

  41. The repair cost is just ridiculous

    • Miroslav Penchev

      Its realistic enough tho…..its fair to make russian tanks cheaper than the abrams by half…..In real life its something similar…plus lets not get into account the survivability of the abrams!

  42. I personally don’t like the M1A1…. I’d rather go into battle with the 105mm M1 than the IPM1 or the A1 for the simple fact that its faster and more maneuverable comparable to the 2a4/2a5 if not better. The shell might not be the best, and it has no armor whatsoever compared to the T-80s/2a5/heavy turret armored vehicles, but its got what the M1A1 doesnt have. Speed and maneuverability.
    I want to grind the ADATS out but I just… no… Playing US top tier is just the most painful thing in the world… at this point I would rather pull my teeth out with a pair of pliers.
    I’d love for repair costs to be reduced even more for all nations at top tier, and to have France on the US teams all the time at least….. But knowing Gaijin, 2a5 players are gonna start complaining that they have to fight the lolclerc and get roflstomped by them.

  43. Yea about sums it up…

  44. Lets be real america is currently really bas

  45. The Wild Walrus King

    Personally with the m1 and ip ind like to see one of two things either br lower it better rounds it’s needed

  46. Miroslav Penchev

    The americans have the ability to one shot russian tanks with the current stats and they want a buff?? Where is the balance in that? I know many of y’all want actual realism but if they do buff the round and the armor of these american abrams tanks then nobody will play russians cause its gonna be an absolute cancer to fight these superior tanks….The Abrams alrady has high survivability due to its spaced crew and y’all want more armor and better pen on the round??? Come on guys dont be rediculous!

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