Top Tier Experience 6

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  1. 0:44 priorities 🙂

  2. Top tier tomfoolery

  3. Great video my favrite the strv 122 PLSS. And can maybe make a video to the cv90120 if you have it? Have a nice day

  4. No, top tier not fun, absolute. 8.3 ok. 9.7 only puma and bagelpz. Other.. boring, pain, stupid

    • @Xela not necessarily so, he might just not enjoy the experience modern MBT warfare brings, like APFSDS neglecting most of the armour, laser rangefinder giving a newbie the advantage a veteran had in finding the range to a target, helicopters firing missiles from 8km away at you, jets obliterating you from space etc

    • Skill issue

  5. Letting the Sturmi live like a true hero 🙂

  6. Suffering of the top tier

  7. The ztz99a and wz1001 are so fun

  8. where are you finding so stupid enemies??

  9. That 2A6 at 1:27 is the kind of player I think of when I hear Russian bias.

    • @Otter Evil I won’t deny that it’s bullshit when a round kinda just disapears, but I think this is a case where gaijin are just pretty bad at coding/game development and people take it as something intentional.

    • That’s funny because gaijin balances around an algo based on player success, which means when a Russian tank 9.7 dwarves a Swedish tank 10.0 on stats, it’s because Russians are bad. Spookston made a video in a Swedish variant of a Russian tank and remarked the Russians couldn’t pen him because they don’t know their own weaknesses. Keep laughing chuckles, I main France and my repair costs are insane because French players aren’t garbo like the bads who flock to OP Russia.

    • @Jububoo Baroo least obnoxious France main

    • @Jububoo Baroo I would say the most important thing with the Top Tier Russian face off is people consistently tell you just aim for the weak spots. The ones that you have to actually aim for or else two inches to the right or left they just get absorbed. Then majority of NATO tanks its just aim anywhere but the turret cheeks and you’ll pen/kill everything in the tank. Especially when you get into those close city fights where they’ll be coming in swarms and majority of the snapshots like to go straight into UFP of the T-80BVM.

    • @Bacon Murderer Personally, I think the weakspots on the T series tanks aren’t that small, especially with full stab and very good traverse speeds. The conisistency of 1HKO on T series tanks is much higher than against the vast majority of NATO MBTs.

  10. Damn 30km/h reverse speed, can’t wait to get past my 99-III

    • The II and III any good? They seem like t72’s

    • @ShikikanAz Better ERA placement, much much faster forward and turning, the same round as the ztz99a and wz1001. Even tho the reverse speed is still abysmal, i really liked them to grind. 10.7 is also pretty good now after the decompression as you only face max. 4 11.7 in a uptier while also getting a lot of downtiers due to the 10.0 and 10.3 players.

  11. i appreciate that you spared the german sig

  12. when u play versus bot

  13. 3:35, ignores teammate getting absolutely gang banged.

  14. Can you play the King tiger tank ?

  15. I was on the edge of my seat after you ignored an enemy crossing in the middle at 3:30 lol

  16. Oh, im un the same escadron of You

  17. sweden needs an mbt at 11.0, my lineup currently is 10.0, 9.3, 10.3 then it jumps to 11.7, maybe they will give them a Leclerc or an Abrams

  18. I am just jealous of that reverse speed.

  19. China Number One !

  20. @Shaan Soundarjee Agreed, I use backups, that way I can have 6 identical tanks.

  21. the chinese voice actors sound so dumb

  22. Many say chinese toptier is fun, true?

  23. just so you know he lost ton of SL after each game

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