Top Tier For Beginners || War Thunder Gameplay

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  1. I’m at teir IV on German ground forces and man is it tough. For some reason Germany just decided that armor is a thing of the past so anything that even looks in your general direction just nukes you to hell.

  2. Can we get a video on tips to grind russia please slick?

  3. I have reached top tier years ago but it still feels like ebola i can’t make SL….

  4. Tip:
    Don’t fucking touch top tier

  5. any chance we could get this fine content in 1440p?

  6. One thing I really recommend is binding a button for the transmission mode. Manually setting a high gear when going down hill means you lose no speed to the shit ai driver. You can also hold gears for longer getting more power/torque when crossing medium terrain. The challenger 1 is a tank that benefits MASSIVELY from this.

  7. Cloгох Блять

    T-80U is so fucking sexy, a Russian tank with ERA spam that doesn’t look like something with just a lot of triangles.

  8. yo would love to see some more mango compilation tho

  9. Seeing the direction the game take since 2-3 years, my best advice for new players would be to not invest themselves too much into WT, both mentally and financially. If you try to take it too seriously you will end with a big burn.

  10. Hmm I suppose a couple of tips I think are important at higher tier or top tier is understanding that that you are vulnerable at any range on those maps. Don’t assume you can drive around in the open and the other team either won’t see you, and you’ll blend into the background terrain or won’t be able to shoot you accurately from extreme range. MBTs tend to have high zoom scopes and laser rangefinders and some even have thermal sights now. As soon as you spawn in keep in defilade and behind cover as much as possible when moving and certainly when you stop to look around. Secondly your tank will likely have some good magnification on its sight, use it and your binos to check whats out there and what might be coming over the horizon to shoot at you. Now this doesn’t mean that you spend all game creeping around, but be aware that rumbling straight towards the cap point, over an open field, shooting tracer at your buddies usually doesn’t end well for you or your team.

  11. Russian top tire is nothing new . At last play other nation and not russia germany

  12. Some sound advice there and really enjoyable gameplay!

  13. Small tip with 2-plane stabilizer :

    As you move, you can feel your hull shaking. When you just don’t have that tiny bit of gun depression, try moving your tank back and forth. You might be able to get that brief amount of time to shoot at the enemy. Also works without stabilizers, but it is much harder and timing(luck) dependent.

  14. I would LOVE a map serie of videos!

  15. Thanks for the video Slick, keep up with the good videos.

  16. Damn slick, you really do have a way with words. Your bars are dummy thicc str8 fire 😀

  17. I don’t need tips I’m here for your voice

  18. Top tier tip don’t bother lol it’s shite.

  19. pro tips for playing top tier ground battle are don’t play it unless you flying chopter at the begining.


  21. 0. dont play top tier.

  22. What about the part were you spend 120$.

  23. All this advice applies to the whole game pretty much.

  24. Step 1: DoNt, Step 2: Enjoy cáncer free wt :3

  25. Yo Slick, are you gonna address how BS moving the helipads to the airfields is?

  26. I know you have already made a video on how to do scissors, but i still dont understand how to do them, could you please make a more accurate video about them and about defensive flying and defensive manouvers in general ??

  27. Slick, are there any sale packs that are worthwhile in your opinion? Thanks for the videos

  28. When i play top-tier russian my team die and i’m fucked. We lose and i am angry as fuck, + i have 10-20 fps at minimal qualiti and i’m not talking about itali map “(i have -100 fps)”

  29. Top tier tip #1 play sim because you wont get pixel sniped by a buy putting the center crosshair right above the ridgeline

  30. I have played warthunder for 2000 hours and the best tip i can give to all players is dont waste time and your money on warthunder

  31. 9:08 cool music what is it??? i love it

  32. Slick
    Gaijin admits that Ka 50 is overpowered and pay to win in the new Shooting range.
    Please make a video about it so more people notice.
    We need a huge shitstorm.

  33. I switched over from AW to WT to play top tiers…
    Havent even gotten through the hardest grinds yet, and its still taking considerable days spent just getting half a tank grinded out.
    ohhhh boy….

  34. Well done, like this one. Maybe a new type of video like that but focusing on nations tips ? Or with others Br of the game idk, continue !

  35. How about tips for Semi- top tier :)) 7.0 to 8.3 or something like that

  36. 3:10 Uhhhh slick…… Uhhhhhhhhh. Do they really not see eachother lmfao.

  37. yeh tbh im justing watching this just cause its you good vid lmao

  38. A lot of this is good advice for any tier.

  39. A small tip from myself – you can adjust your scroll wheel sensitivity in in-game settings for more precise dial on your crosshairs distance for accurate dart shots.

  40. I dont know why im watching this when im not even at BR 5. It was entertaining thought.

  41. Thank you for the info, really appreciated. The last two kills in particular were amazing. I watch your videos every day or so. I managed to get from 6-10th place in my team to the first 4 on most of the games. I play WT on PS4 so it’s kinda a bit more difficult to aim better and stuff compared to PC players, not to mention the difficulty in binding numerous actions to the controller buttons. Any specific tips on that?

  42. 4:51 u play cancer its a tank at his spawn its disgusting really high br with that map. Its something boring si if all player so what you do its unplayable

  43. >america will roflstomp you any time you play Top tier

  44. Top tier & beginners?
    -choose one.

  45. Do u guys think the m1a1 or m1a2 is bad in war thunder, and what u guys think is the best tank in the game?

  46. I keep losing lions when playing 2a5, hope this video helps

  47. Now that China is in the game give us our NATO member Germany back you dirty reds.

  48. Just an average Sukhoi 33

    I’ll save this to watch in the next ehh 5 years from now

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