Top tier pancakes – T34-100

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. whay u play tier 7 and 6 only

    • He doesn’t only. When he does it’s because he enjoys being able to carry teams with useless shitter bots as his top tiers in 8 & 9. Playing 8s &10s is cunted these days. Tier 9 uber fucking alles.

    • super pro player in tier 6 and 7 with noobs kids its so op and arogant ( good terapy for circon)

    • Currently i think tier 10 is just not fun, i 3 marked most of the tier 9’s, we all now how bad tier 8 is atm(+2) all the time.
      So the challenge of playing less then stellar tanks at -2 like this video is my go to atm. : )

  2. 8:56 “We’re pulling this game straight out of the depths of my ass” Circonflex 2k18

  3. another day of watching circon destroy high tiers

  4. Dafuq did i just witness.

  5. Don't believe the following message:

    Is this a repost?

  6. Omg gold n0ob nerf pls wg

  7. My opinion is that I think the T20 was originally on top of that rock face then got spotted, moved backwards fell off and could not get out. It’s called open mindedness. The tier 9’s appeared to be using stat padding strategy 101, is that such a surprise?

    • I almost guarantee that is exactly what happened as I did it once myself in that exact spot covering a push around the far side of the hill, there is a point where you can back up and get behind the crest for cover but if you go like 3 feet too far you slide down and if you don’t have a tank with the right amount of power and ground resistance it’s impossible to get out of that spot without sliding down into the water – as he ended up doing(looked like it was on purpose though as he knew he was fucked).

      Ironically unlike this one I ended up winning that game though as the last remaining 2 enemies ended up sliding into the water themselves trying to get shots at me.

    • Ah, ah, so open mindedness ftw 🙂 I think Circ would have ended in the drink too because I think the only way is to go from top down to where T20 was – which is the reason I had thought of this in the first place, it did not appear the T20 got there from the way where Circ headed. Luckily one dude in Circ’s game likely with instruction from Circ in chat did go cap.

  8. when its so cold in england you pass out… anyway nothing better than waking up to Circon video!

  9. Watching this live was even funnier

  10. Wish I had enemy like T20…

  11. That finish…wow. XD

  12. The stock 85mm on this tank is so fucking horrible

  13. what server does he play on?

  14. That ending lmao ? ???

  15. That was anticlimactic…just dives off the cliff

  16. I acctually enjoyed this tank….

  17. Circon, how did you get that percentage at the middle right bottom of your screen?

  18. Great like watching paint dry

  19. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    4:27 257 hp taken away from a 257. Very nice touch WG

  20. straight outta circons ass


    • matt kely yeah me too man. Tvp vtu is so fucking bad. Its a pain in the ass to grind through that thing thank god it only takes me 30k exp (which is fucking long enough in this piece of shit) to get skoda t50

  22. Tangled and Happiness

    What mod is that? It shows the penetration vs effective armour

  23. The tier 9s just needed a T-34/100 to carry them.

  24. off topic what happy to sub hype sub sound?

  25. Our lord and savior is called Jesus, not Cheesus, by the way.

  26. T20 gets 141 XP for jumping off a cliff backwards…

  27. Circon’s 10/10 diving skills

  28. What the fuck is a pancake? Is that a new unicum?

  29. Udes03 in siege mode looks like a high heel shoe

  30. That T20 has 50k battles and 178.99 WN8 and 45% win rate. 19k games in tier 5 T-34.

  31. That T20 player aced a total of 4 tanks over 49k games since 2012. I just… don’t understand how you can play so many games, be complete trash and still want to play.

    I would’ve found a different game to play years ago if I were them.

    • My only explanation is that he’s either a little kid who doesn’t give a fuck or then he has some health related issues.

  32. T20 who goes there wtf ?

  33. I wish console had in game MOE display

  34. Why would anyone sub? People that sub are just paying for a false sense of friendship. Kind of sad.

  35. WOT core motto and sales slogan: “There is no medication for human retardation.”

  36. Help I have beer but I’m all out of _snus_

  37. I mean the tier 9s pulled it together, if they kept doing what they were doing you would have lost. So Imo it was not just u who won the game.

  38. That T20 tho…

  39. I wonder if the T20 got to the top of that hill .. backed up to far went down the hill .. and maybe was stuck there and could not get out???

  40. how weird , i had the same evening , thewhole eveing , i wonder about tomorrow :s

  41. dude you get crumpy when you dont get what you want,, sounds ok to you ? ,,, sounds routine to me , like your styl??
    allays same spots… am getting old ,, or you ? +°

  42. Double Double 4G

    Circon, have you ever considered playing the Churchill 7 with the Derp?

  43. Wait, is the top tier heavy 1-2 line lowground standoff a thing again? I thought we were past that.

  44. That creepy Udes outline. Man what I wouldn’t give to take the udes out of the game lol

  45. Where do you get the mark percentage mod?

  46. “Such bullshit he hit me”

    Well, your ass was in the breeze so yeah, no so much.

  47. That t20, what a pro

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